How The Full Moon In Virgo Will Impact Your Sun, Moon & Rising Sign

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When the moon is in Virgo, we heal. On February 24, we have a Full Moon in this earth sign, and this is the Snow Moon of the year. Full Moons are the time of the month for closure, culmination, and letting go. Add Virgo into the mix, and we are entering a Full Moon where deep healing and renewal are taking place. Get out in nature, connect to your inner goddess, and let go of what doesn’t resonate with your soul growth.

February Snow Moon 2024: Full Moon In Virgo

Virgo is self-sufficient, and the seeds you have been planting in your life and the intentions you have been setting for yourself, are ready to show fruition. We are moving through a time of recognition and clarity, and the answers you need to move deeper into healing and abundance are coming forth now.

Virgo is the goddess in Astrology, and during this Full Moon, do as the goddesses do. Stand in your power, focus on your well-being, and protect your energy and boundaries. It is officially Pisces Season, Virgo’s opposite sign, and as they say, opposites attract. A lot of things are coming together in the grand scope of things, and it’s all starting to make sense. Pisces is the heart, Virgo is the head, and there is a mending happening here now. Jupiter in Taurus will also be in harmony with this Full Moon, and Jupiter is loving, expansive, and full of grand gestures.

Although Full Moons are about letting go, we are gaining a lot of good fortune in the process.

What Should You Do During a Full Moon?

During Full Moons, you nurture your world and take a little bit of weight off your shoulders. It’s not a New Moon, and setting intentions aren’t meant for this time, however, creating a nice little healing ritual is. Light a candle and focus on where you want to let go in your life. Write a list of gratitude of where you feel like you are truly aligned with yourself and your well-being, and want to give thanks.

Get out in nature, meditate, and let the healing energy of the moon connect with you. With absolutely no planets in retrograde, what happens now has all the possibility to continue to grow into something more.

Read for your sun, moon, and rising sign below to see how this Full Moon will be illuminating your life.


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What the February Snow Moon Has in Store for Your Zodiac Sign


This Full Moon for you, Aries, is about your health, your daily life, and your overall well-being. Where have you been feeling restricted from living your best life? Have you been taking care of yourself the way you want to, or are there some changes that can be made right now? You are thinking things over during this Full Moon and are ready to let go of the fears that have been keeping you away from living in your true power.

You feel like your hands have been tied recently, and this Full Moon is here to unravel them and free yourself from this limiting energy. You are more powerful than you know, and the Virgo Full Moon is guiding you to healthier spaces, routines, and mindsets. You are free to do what is best for you, Aries.


The Virgo Full Moon is aligning positively with you, Taurus, but there is still a lot to think about right now. This Full Moon is happening in your 5th house, which is your heart. So, emotionally, you are moving through a culmination right now and need some time to process, accept, and settle into your energy. Clarity is beaming, and it’s changing the way you are looking at things moving forward.

A lot is coming together for you, and you are ready to let go of a lot right now as well. This time is reminding you to spend more energy on the things and people that make you happy and to take your joy more seriously. Discover where your passions can take you, communicate from the heart, and be free of the stressors that interrupt your happiness.


The Full Moon of the month is opening a new door for you financially and when it comes to your stability in life, Gemini. Full Moons overall are about closures and culminations, but the closures you are personally moving through right now are ultimately creating a new beginning in the process. Home, family, and your safe spaces are where the energy is for you right now, and it’s about developing here. Where have you been looking to make an opportunity into something more, and how can you dedicate yourself here?

Dreams are being fulfilled during this Full Moon, and you are the one leading the way for yourself. You are feeling in tune with the energy of this Full Moon occurring in a fellow mutable sign, and you are ready for the healing and transformations that are taking place right now.


Your guidance for this time is to rest, let go, and heal the mind, Cancer. This Full Moon is bringing in a major culmination in your life, and even though you are happy to finally close a chapter, you are still working through the energy of everything coming to a head at once. You have been piling on responsibilities and perspectives, and it’s time to let go of some of this energy for the sake of your peace of mind.

Take care of the things you have been putting off, and trust that you can. You don’t want to move forward into new experiences with old baggage, and this Full Moon is helping you lighten the load both emotionally and mentally, before moving you forward again. Talking to someone about how you have been feeling, can be a first step towards feeling a burden lifting.


This Full Moon is one of abundance and financial culminations, Leo. The work you have been doing and the seeds you have been planting are coming to fruition, and you are receiving the rewards and achievements for your efforts. Life is coming full circle for you right now, and you are happy with where things stand. This is a good time to write a list of gratitude on where you feel the abundance in your life.

Truly take the time to soak in the good that surrounds you in life and know that it is here to stay. This Full Moon is reminding you that you are worthy of all you seek in life and that your value is not determined by anyone else but yourself. Everything's coming together for you right now, better than you may have hoped.


The Virgo Full Moon is here, and the power is in your hands right now, Virgo. You are in a powerful place to receive, and you are creating something out of nothing. You are tapping into your inner strengths during this Full Moon and are feeling personally invigorated for what is unfolding for you now. Full Moons are about letting go, and you are letting go of insecurities and self-doubt.

There is no room for doubt where you are heading, and rather than catering more to that energy, you are ready to claim what you are ready to manifest in your life. You are starting from square one in many ways right now, and you are seeing things come together for you in a way where you feel like it is truly possible for you. The past is the past, the present is a gift, and the future is better than promised.


This Full Moon is a time of deep closure for you, Libra. The Full Moon is happening at the very bottom of your chart in your 12th house, and you are moving through a culmination that is changing your priorities and goals moving forward. There is a lot to learn and investigate during this Full Moon, and you are doing the work. Enlightenment is beaming, and your mind is opening to everything that once seemed impossible to you before.

You are focused on what you want rather than what you don’t, and you are letting go of the rest. Your sharp focus serves you well in life, and there is a lot of gratitude for where things are and where you feel capable of leading them. What’s leaving your life is what you have wanted to be released from, and you have more space to allow more abundance and positivity into your life now.


This is a more emotional and eye-opening Full Moon for you, Scorpio. You are coming full circle, and you are ready to release some emotional burdens that have been weighing you down. With this Full Moon happening in your 11th house of friendship, community, and your hopes and dreams, this is a good time to spend some more time with your soulmates, friends, and trusted community.

Life is reflecting to you what you have been feeling within, and you are ready to address your emotional world more deeply. The people in your life are coming in, and there is support around you when you need it right now. Feel all the feels, but don’t let yourself attach to any outcomes. You are free to be, and life is coming into balance for you right now, Scorpio.


Celebrations are in store for you, Sagittarius. This Full Moon is happening in a public area of your chart, and you are getting out there and showing up. This is a time when you are ready to have some more fun, let go of worries, and enjoy the gifts life has presented to you. You are also focused on your career and professional goals right now, but you are enjoying what’s coming into focus for you, and there is more to celebrate than be concerned about.

You have the right people in your life to succeed, and you are stepping forth into your dreams. This Full Moon is a good time to let go of being too serious or overly concerned with your achievements and to enjoy more what you have done for yourself and your life and the people that have been there for you through it all.


There is a lot to think about during this Full Moon, Capricorn. This Full Moon is happening in a fellow earth sign, so you are flowing well with the energy right now, but there are also a lot of different options presenting themselves that you hadn’t seen before. This is a time of diving deeper into your emotional world and discovering what your heart has been trying to tell you. More adventure wants to come into your life, and this is a good time to open your mind and consider all possibilities.

New doors don’t open for no reason, and the reasons for recent experiences in your life are coming forth right now. Honor where you are and what headspace you are looking to move into, and make sure you are protecting your peace of mind. This is the time to broaden your horizons and trust your gut instincts more.


This Full Moon is an awakening for you, Aquarius. You are a more mental sign and aren’t one to get too caught up in your emotional world. However, with this Full Moon occurring in a very emotional and transformative area of your birth chart, you are moving through an eye-opening time right now. This Full Moon is about letting go of perfection and honoring progress instead. Divine intervention is coming in, and where you have been committing yourself and prioritizing your energy is being reviewed right now.

You are seeing where you can dedicate more of yourself and where you can let go so that you have more space and freedom to feel like yourself and like you are aligned with your true intentions and goals. There is some re-working you are doing this Full Moon, and you are healing where healing has needed to take place.


A lot is happening for you during this Full Moon, Pisces. This Full Moon is occurring in your opposite sign, Virgo, and you are going through an emotional whirlwind. Things change, and that’s because they are meant to. Your guidance for this Full Moon is to take the culminations that are presenting themselves right now in strides and to trust that your heart will always lead you in the right direction and to the right people who are meant for you.

With the sun and Saturn currently in your sign, you have the confidence and strength to overcome what has been, and you are ready to move deeper into love and connection. Partnerships strengths and weaknesses are coming to the forefront right now, and you are ready for things to come full circle here overall.

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