10 Irrefutable Reasons To Have An Orgasm A Day

An orgasm a day...does wonders, chile.


Sometimes, when a married couple comes to me and says that they are struggling with feeling truly connected with each other, I'll recommend that they have sex, every day, for a month (check out "Having Sex Every Day. For A Month. Straight. Can Transform Your Marriage."). I won't lie to you. Some of them end up looking at me like I have totally lost my mind. In fact, oftentimes the initial response/reaction will be, "Who has the time to do all of that?!" I mean, we've all got 24 hours in a day, right? On average, many of us easily spend as much as 2 ½ hours on our various social media accounts and sex? Well, men can climax in around five minutes and it takes us somewhere between 20-25 (foreplay included). So yeah—seems to me that if you've got almost three hours to be on Instagram or TikTok, you've easily got 30 minutes to copulate.

And here's the thing—aside from the sheer pleasure that sex (well, at least good sex) offers, there are so many other reasons why making it a top priority, yes on a daily basis, is something that you really should strongly consider doing. If you hear me but you're not fully convinced, I've got 10 (and there are so many more than this) strong arguments for why sex—and more specifically, climaxing during the act—should become as essential as having three meals a day. Every day.

1. Your Immune System Will Be Stronger


Without a strong immune system, our health is consistently compromised. And guess what? The more orgasms you have, the stronger your immunity ends up becoming as a direct result. First up, sex is a pretty good form of exercise (per 24-minute session, men can burn about 100 calories and we can burn around, pardon the pun, 69) and when we get cardio in, it helps our body to fight off germs and free radicals. Also, the more we have sex, the more our immunoglobulin levels (the antibodies in our blood) increase; if we orgasm, they go up even more. Another cool point is when we have orgasms, we actually give our body a nice lil' lymphatic massage. The awesome thing about that is when this part of our body is stimulated, toxins are able to leave our body easier. And that's always a good thing.

2. Stress Will Be Less


Nothing and no one are worth you stressing yourself out. I mean it. Stress is linked to heart disease, asthma, diabetes, depression, obesity, accelerated aging and even premature death. Well, something that is increased during an orgasm is oxytocin. What's dope about this particular hormone is it's got the nicknames "the happy hormone" and "the love hormone". That's because, a part of what it does, is send chemical messages to your brain to feel better and closer to your partner. Since both of these things help to relieve a significant amount of tension, you can probably get why having an orgasm can have you feeling like you're walking on clouds—and giggling incessantly while you're doing it.

3. You’ll Look Younger


Something that transpires during an orgasm is your body releases a hormone known as HGH. What that stands for is human growth hormone.

Well, the amazing thing about this particular point is whenever you cum, HGH is released. Something that happens in connection with that is your system receives a surge of collagen which makes your skin look more soft, supple and radiant. Right. Folks be out here spending millions on department store creams when all they need is to get some more often.

I've even read that having sex 2-3 times a week can cause you to look as much as 10 years younger over time.

4. You’ll Feel Sexier


When you get a chance, please check out the article, "10 Sensuous Ways To Boost Your Sexual Self-Esteem". There really is no way around the fact that having sex—again, good sex—makes you feel sexier. It's a great way to feel more comfortable in and confident about your body. It helps to affirm aspects of you that make you attractive and special. And, when you're able to give and achieve orgasms, it can bring forth an inner assurance and boldness that is completely unmatched.

5. Less Headaches Will Happen


I'm not sure who came up with the "I've got a headache" as an excuse to not have sex. Whoever it was needs to have this article forwarded to them because actually, right after you orgasm, your oxytocin and endorphin levels surge to the point where any pain that you're feeling is able to significantly decrease. This includes discomfort that is associated with headaches and migraines. As a bonus, orgasms can also increase blood flow to your brain, which gives it more nutrients and ultimately makes you mentally sharper as well.

6. Your Period Could Get Regulated


Is your menstrual cycle literally all over the place? Something that happens when we climax is a flow of blood and nutrients that our body needs rushes down to our reproductive organs. As a direct result, it can actually end up regulating your period. Believe it or not, there are studies which actually support the fact that women who have an orgasm, a couple of times a week, are far more likely to have a period every 26-33 days than those who experience them less often.

7. DHEA and Estrogen Levels Will Increase


Did you know that orgasms can promote healthy hormone production? Let's start with your DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate). It's the hormone that helps men to produce testosterone and women to produce estrogen.

Well, every time that you cum, this level spikes up. That's a good thing because DHEA also contributes to things like stronger brain function, healthier body tissues and great-looking skin. As far as estrogen goes, we need that to stay our gorgeous feminine selves and balanced estrogen levels play a significant role in that. Plus, estrogen is what keeps our vagina tissues in great shape—so that we can have even more orgasms. See how that all works out?

8. Your Blood Circulation Will Get Better


Steady blood flow is critical to our overall health and well-being. Guess what can help to make this happen? Yep, you already know. When you climax, the blood circulation in your body ramps up, to give all of your organs more vitamins, minerals and oxygen. This helps to strengthen your cells, remove excess waste and boost brain power (for starters). Meanwhile, poor blood circulation can cause all kinds of problems including high blood pressure, muscle cramps, heart disease, strokes and organ damage. If you see no other reason to have an orgasm a day, let this point serve as your motivation. It could help to save your life. Yes, quite literally.

9. You’ll Be More Faithful in Your Relationship


Oh, don't act like women don't cheat out here (check out "Women Cheat More Than We Think. What To Do If That's You."). Anyway, I remember a husband once saying to me that you don't want to eat when you're not hungry. His point was, when your sex tank is full, it tends to be more challenging to be tempted to cheat. Many couples totally agree with him. I have been told, countless times over the years, that when sex is good and consistent (both, not either or), there is far less of a desire to "dip out". Guess what? When it comes specifically to orgasms, there's a study which reveals that women who fake orgasms are far more likely to cheat than those who don't. I mean, if you'll lie in one area of your relationship, what's to stop you from lying elsewhere? Besides, how long can anyone go acting like they are fulfilled when they really…aren't?

10. You’ll Sleep Like a Baby


I don't know about y'all, but back when I was gettin' it in, there was no sleep that was better than following a couple of orgasms. It was literally like I was dead to the world in the best way possible. That's not some random happenstance.

When you orgasm, the endorphin levels (including your oxytocin and prolactin hormones) in your body increase. At the same time, cortisol (your natural stress hormone) ends up decreasing. Plus, your pituitary hormone vasopressin is triggered when you climax and that can make you want to catch some extra zzz's too.

Yeah, while a lot of people are out here thinking that sex at night is due to convenience, another reason so many of us are fans is because it is one of the most effective ways to get a good night's rest too!

There you have it. 10 solid reasons to strongly consider having an orgasm, not every once in a while or even once a week—but every single day of your life. Your mind and body will adore you for it. Science has just proven it.

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