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What We Can Expect From Rihanna's Fenty Hair Line

Singer, actress, and mogul Rihanna dazzled fans worldwide with her electrifying announcement of her newest business venture, Fenty Hair. The 36-year-old delivered the news with a captivating promotional video on her personal and business social media platforms. In the clip, Rihanna showcases her blond pixie cut as she strolls through a vibrant community.

Throughout the commercial, the camera pans to various people with different hair textures using Fenty Hair items, including gel and shampoo. In addition to the video, the mother of two shared her personal journey and the motivation behind her new endeavor, including her love for experimenting with her looks.

"New family is moving in! @fentyhair is pullin up and it's time to finally have the hair experience you've been waiting for," she wrote. "You know how much switching my hair up matters to me. I've had almost every texture, color, length, from weaves to braids to natural- so I am launching a flexible line of products for not only every hair want, but every single product is designed to strengthen and repair all types of hair, which is what we truly need! It's time to play and get stronger by the style."

In honor of the big news, xoNecole takes a look into what we might expect from Rihanna's new hair care line based on the clues the songstress has provided and her ever-evolving style.

Products That Address Hair Color

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The "Needed Me" singer has changed her looks numerous times, one of which is dying her hair. Over the years, Rihanna has rocked different shades of blonde, red, brown, and black hair, to name a few.

With that transformation, it is presumed that the star will drop a sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, and color treatment.

According to the Living Proof blog, the benefits of using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner include the elimination of harmful chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate, which could cause irritation to one's scalp and exposure to a cancer-causing agent known as a carcinogen. Other advantages of using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner include the preservation of one's hair color and moisture retention.

As for hair masks and treatments, The Strategist publication claims that the best products usually "restore moisture, softness and even brighten" one's locks.

Heat Protection Products

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Next on the list are heat protection products. Rihanna's hairstyles at events are usually silky straight or in curls, if not in a protective style. Both of which use heat styling tools such as a flat iron and a curling iron.

It wouldn't be surprising if the "Work" singer releases heat protection products, including a heat protector, keratin treatments, deep conditioners, and hair masks.

The benefits of a heat protective spray and a keratin treatment are that they eliminate frizz, reduce the number of times an individual must use their heat styling tool, retain moisture, and limit breakage. On the other hand, the benefits of deep conditioners and hair masks include restoration of hair elasticity and moisture, reduction in hair damage, and frizz control.

Natural Hair Products

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Natural hair products are the third item fans may expect to see from Rihanna's Fenty Hair line.

Although the Ocean's Eight star has showcased her natural locks only a handful of times, the newly released Fenty Hair commercial makes it apparent that she would also cater to the natural hair community after various models were seen using some of the products.

The natural hair product line can include curl creams, gel, leave-in conditioners, and oils. If applied correctly with the specified amount and protected at night with bonnets or hair scarves, many could have a hydrating, low-maintenance hairstyle that could last for days. All of these measures could also promote hair growth.

Wigs And Weaves

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Last but certainly not least on the Fenty Hair list are wigs and weaves. Although it has not been confirmed if Rihanna will release a wig or weave line, the "Pon De Replay" vocalist is known to switch her hairstyle regularly.

Her most recent head-turning look was in the Fenty Hair video when she sported a short blond pixie cut. Many would also assume a wig and weave line launch could occur because of the mannequins featured in the commercial. Each mannequin in the clip had a different type of wig.

The benefits of wearing wigs or weaves, especially for those within the Black community, are that many can change their hairstyle instantly without damaging their real hair. Another advantage is that an individual can remove it to care for their hair. Both can promote hair growth.

Meet Fenty Hair By Rihanna | FENTY BEAUTY

With the upcoming release of Fenty Hair, it will join Rihanna’s other brands, including Fenty Skin, Fenty Beauty, and her lingerie line Savage X Fenty. Fenty Hair is set to launch on June 13.

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