Cory Hardrict Opens Up About His Mental Health Following Tia Mowry Divorce: 'Crying Myself To Sleep Every Night'
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Cory Hardrict Opens Up About His Mental Health Following Tia Mowry Divorce: 'Crying Myself To Sleep Every Night'

Actor Cory Hardrict is breaking his silence about the toll his divorce from actress and entrepreneur Tia Mowry took on his mental health.

The couple's separation became public in October 2022 when Mowry announced on social media that they were ending their 14-year marriage and over two-decade-long relationship. Their divorce was finalized the following year.

Despite the split, Hardrict and Mowry maintain a co-parenting relationship for their two children, Cree and Cairo. Since their breakup, Mowry has openly discussed her journey into singlehood, sharing insights and experiences on social media and in interviews.

In contrast, Hardrict had kept a low profile regarding the split until recently. While attending the American Black Film Festival to promote his new project, Tyler Perry's Divorce in the Black, the 44-year-old actor shed light on his mental health struggles following his breakup with Mowry.

Cory Opens Up About How The Divorce Impacted His Mental Health

During a panel, Hardrict revealed how stereotypes about Black men and mental health led him to suffer in silence.

The All-American: Homecoming star explained that societal expectations of unwavering strength in Black men made it challenging to express his emotions openly. This struggle intensified as Hadrict grappled with the end of his marriage to Mowry and how it would affect their family dynamic.

"It's tough when you're going through something alone, and no one understands… No one's there for you, and it's just like you know you're a man, especially a Black man. [They be like] you know he tough, he's strong. But you know it was a year and a half crying myself to sleep every night. Nobody see that," he said. "You live five minutes away from your babies. You know what I'm saying because people [who] know Cory Hardrict know that his kids and his family was everything to him."

As the discussion drew to a close, the actor reflected on his journey, noting how the challenging experience had ultimately strengthened him.

“So it’s like I’m stronger than I thought I was. I’m really stronger than that. By the grace of God, it’s like I’m here, and I’m still going,” he stated.

Hardrict's honesty about his post-breakup struggles can be viewed as commendable because sharing his experience may inspire others to speak up about their own challenges and seek support when necessary.

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