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How To Do A Mid-Year Check-In & Evaluate Your Yearly Progress

Believe us when we say we can’t believe we’re already halfway through the year — which means it’s time to pause, reflect, and check in on our New Year goals.

Reaching the midpoint of the year is the perfect opportunity to evaluate the progress we’ve made on the goals, celebrate successes, and identify areas for improvement. A mid-year check-in helps you stay on track with your vision and allows you to realign your strategies for the months ahead.

Because you are the best business you’ll ever invest in, asking yourself the right questions to identify your achievements, challenges, and areas to adjust will give you a new and clear action plan for the remainder of the year. Time moves fast, and with this mid-year check-in, you’ll have a guide to know where to put your time and energy, so by December 31, you won’t wonder where it went.

Let's dive in on the best questions to ask yourself to make the second half of the year even more successful than the first.

1.Start By Reviewing Your Goals:

At the start of the year, you might have had an outlook on what you desired from your year that may or may not still align with where you are now. A lot can change in six months — both good and bad — so take a look at how your goals still align with the June version of you versus the January version of you to see if they’re still relevant. Have any priorities changed? Evaluate these changes and adjust as you see fit.

2.Identify Your Successes: 

Where have you had a win this year? In your physical health? Your social life? Did you start a new business endeavor or get a job promotion? If so, celebrate those milestones. Life can move so fast that we often forget to take a moment to acknowledge our success and quickly move on to the next. Take the time to embrace your wins fully.

3.Set New Goals if Necessary:

Now, it’s time to get back to the drawing board. It’s okay if your circumstances and priorities have changed since setting your goals — redefining your aims is all a part of the process.

Is there a new area of opportunity that you’ve been presented with? Is there a big goal that you’ve found could be broken down into smaller, more manageable tasks? Maybe there’s extra support you might need from a mentor or life coach. Don’t hesitate to ask for help or delegate tasks where necessary because it could take you a lot longer than going alone.

4.Ask Yourself These Reflective Questions: 

As you embark on this reflective journey, consider the following questions to gain deeper insights and set a clear path for the rest of the year:

  • What have I accomplished so far this year?
  • What challenges have I faced, and how did I overcome them in the next half of the year?
  • Are my original goals still aligned with my overall vision?
  • What new opportunities or goals have emerged?
  • Is there a new skill set or system I can incorporate into my daily routine?
  • What resources or support do I need to achieve my goals?
  • When have I felt most proud of myself this year?

5.Stay Motivated and Practice Gratitude:

While life doesn’t always go as we hope, the simple fact that you’re aiming for greatness is an achievement in itself. When we acknowledge our progress from a place of gratitude, it can reinforce our commitment and belief to succeed. Your personal progress is the only measure of success you need; no need for comparison or negative self-talk when you feel like you’re coming up short. When you stake your success up against yourself, you’ve already won.

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