The Top 5 Highlighters For Women Of Color

Some of the most hyped highlighters that beauty gurus boast about appear ashy or rather white on brown skin which is not appealing at all.

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Whether you wear makeup everyday or once in a blue moon, I am pretty certain you have heard of strobing. Strobing is a makeup technique in which you only highlight your face without contouring. Strobing makes your face appear fresh and gives you that glow from within that majority of us desire.

Since I am addicted to glowing skin, this is my favorite makeup look during the summer!

I tend to buy a lot of makeup to test out on my skin, and I've learned fairly quickly that highlighters are not created equal for brown women. Some of the most hyped highlighters that beauty gurus boast about appear ashy or rather white on brown skin which is not appealing at all. This led me to go on my own personal highlighter project to figure out what glowing products are great for women of color.

YouTube is a great resource for a variety of things including makeup. There are a large number of makeup artists who are highly knowledgeable on the perfect highlighters that will have your melanin shining bright like a diamond, and so I decided to pull recommendations from vloggers Jackie Aina, Cydnee Black, and Irishcel Puello on highlighters that work best for brown skin.

Here are five of their favorite highlighters:

Becca Topaz

  • Becca is known for making some of the greatest highlighters in the beauty industry. This is why beauty guru, Jackie Aina, recommended this product to me when I asked about her favorite highlighting items. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed- Tropaz will give you that after-vacay glow that will have heads turning.

ColourPop Parasol

  • Beauty blogger, Cydnee Black, raves about ColourPop's parasol highlighter because it does not appear ashy or too white on dark skin. This specific highlighter is only available for purchase in their strobing kits but a good alternative is the KaePop (Highlighter- Glo Up). ColourPop's highlighters are only $8 but are high quality, highly pigmented products that appears as a high-end highlighters. My favorite highlighter from the brand is Avalon because it gives a beautiful, golden highlight.

Anastasia Beverly Hills- Peach Nectar

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills recently launched their own set of highlighters and everyone have been raving about them, including beauty guru, Iris! In her latest YouTube video, she recommends peach nectar for brown skin tones. She states that this specific highlighter will give your brown skin a nice flesh of color with a gorgeous glow. Basically, it is a highlighter and blush in one product.

JCat Beauty- Bora Bora Beach

  • This beauty item is actually listed as a baked bronzer but hear me out. Cydnee had this on her favorite highlighter list because you receive the most gorgeous golden glow from this product without having to break the bank. This gold bronzer is only $8 which is a fraction of the price of many popular highlighting items.

Becca Cosmetics- Rose Gold

  • This is one highlighter that is not spoken about often but Jackie believes that it deserves more recognition and praise. Becca's Rose Gold Shimmering Perfector is a cool-tone pink shimmering powder that will not have your chocolate skin appearing ashy. Plus, this product is a great option for the days when you are not craving a golden glow on your cheek.

No matter if you are wearing a full face of makeup or not, these five highlighters will certainly have you shining bright during the day or night.

And if you need a little tutorial to help you get your strobing game strong, here's a great one from beauty vlogger Missy Lynn.

Are any of these makeup products on your favorite highlighters' list? What is your favorite highlighting product?

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