What Astrology Can Reveal About Your Career Path

In astrology, your house placements are equally as important as your sign placements.


Astrology is a funny thing. On the surface, based off of your sun sign, you could appear to be an ambitious Capricorn or a chill Gemini, when in reality, you're the complete opposite. The biggest mistake that many people make when using astrology to learn more about themselves is by only observing the sun sign.

"Many people look at a person's sun sign as the end-all, be-all of astrology, but people who do that are doing themselves and others a grave disservice. When analyzing a person astrologically, you need to look at them holistically."

In astrology, your house placements are equally as important as your sign placements and can reveal a ton about how you experience and operate in the world. "Each house represents a different aspect of life, from travel and romance to career, and every planet in your chart is located in both a sign and a house."

If you'd like to learn what field you should explore career-wise, look primarily at your 10th house placement. Your 10th house placement will reveal a lot about what and where you need to be in order to thrive in your career.

I highly recommend creating an account with Astro.com (or Co–Star) to find your 10th house placement. Then, take a look below for a brief breakdown of what your 10th house placement reveals about what you need to thrive, career-wise.

What Sign Is In Your 10th House?

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Aries in 10th:

You need to be a leader in your career. You have a strong desire for recognition.

Taurus in 10th:

Karmically, you need to learn to let go of your strong desire for prestige and authority. It can sabotage your career success! Focus on the work and providing value, regardless of whether or not you're recognized for it.

Gemini in 10th:

You need to speak and express yourself in your career. You require flexibility and contact with many people. You may find yourself having more than one job at a time.

Cancer in 10th:

Your career is directly tied to your emotions - you need to work in a nurturing environment or to be able to work from your heart in your career.

Leo in 10th:

Behind-the-scenes professions are not for you. You require a career that provides the opportunity for you to receive attention and acknowledgement from others.

Virgo in 10th:

You require a career dedicated to serving others and that utilizes your keen attention to detail. You are extremely analytical and selfless in your career - your primary goal is to make everyone else's jobs and lives easier.

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Libra in 10th:

You have a strong sense of justice. You would make an excellent attorney or judge. You are diplomatic and tactful. You also exhibit strong artistic abilities.

Sagittarius in 10th:

This is an extremely favorable 10th house placement. You are a hard-working, friendly and outgoing leader. You relate well to others and to the public.

Scorpio in 10th:

You need a career that utilizes your strong investigative skills and your ability to face some of life's less pleasant realities, like life or death matters.

Capricorn in 10th:

You are highly protective of your reputation and would thrive in an environment where you can grow or climb the ranks to becoming the boss - whether it's for your own company or a Fortune 500 company!

Aquarius in 10th:

Your ideal workplace is somewhere unorthodox, where you can work with influential people in organizing and fighting for the rights of the underserved. Non-profit work may be an excellent fit. You like to feel dedicated to an altruistic cause.

Pisces in 10th:

You need a profession where you can care for and help to heal others. Your work must appeal to your emotions and compassion for others. Otherwise, you will have difficulty tolerating it.

What Planet Is In Your 10th House?

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Sun in 10th:

You are known for your career. You are authoritative. You have a strong inclination to be a public figure.

Moon in 10th:

You are emotionally invested in your career. A home-based job or an occupation related to family or children is ideal. Your career may fluctuate a lot - it's out of your control. Public note and worldly success is possible.

Mercury in 10th:

You require a job that utilizes your attention to detail and the opportunity to speak and conduct meetings. Anything technology or analytical-focused is a good fit.

Venus in 10th:

A very favorable position, you can achieve success, prestige and prosperity in your career. You are highly creative and easily accepted by the public.

Mars in 10th:

You fare best in a career that requires a lot of physical activity. Engineering, mechanics or the military fields are good choices.

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Jupiter in 10th:

You are afforded plenty of opportunities career-wise, this is the luckiest placement for prosperity and success in your career. You can easily achieve a high position of importance in whatever field you select.

Saturn in 10th:

Everything you achieve will come through hard work. Opportunities won't come easily but you have the natural determination, discipline and ambition to achieve your dreams. You have strong business acumen.

Uranus in 10th:

You need an unorthodox career, your career path may involve several twists and turns. You need to be your own boss because you refuse to conform. You are extremely original and altruistic. You are a humanitarian at heart.

Neptune in 10th:

You require a career related to spirituality or healing others. You may find that others frequently take credit for your work. You must disown your ego and serve others in your career in order to achieve success.

Pluto in 10th:

Your career will transform you and/or others. Professions related to surgery, death, investigation and insurance are excellent choices.

What's your 10th house placement and where do you work?

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