What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Work Ethic

Similar to reading your horoscope for love or for fun, there is a lot that your zodiac sign can tell you about yourself when it comes down to your work ethic.


Even though I am dating a Virgo now, for a while, I vowed that I would never date a Virgo. My sister is a Virgo, and although we get along now, we fought and bickered when we were younger. Even more so, although I love my sister to death, we are two totally different people and I could never imagine myself romantically linked to anyone with the same personality. I'm a Gemini and from my experience, Geminis and Virgos don't pair well together. Having a sister as a Virgo is one thing, but the idea of dating a Virgo - those insanely blunt, perfectionists - was a complete 'hell no.'

Similar to reading your horoscope for love or for fun, there is a lot that your zodiac sign can tell you about yourself when it comes down to your work ethic and professional behavior. Now, I'm not saying that you should make all of your career and work choices based off of astrology, but after speaking with Astrologer Mecca Woods of mylifecreated.com, I have learned that there is so much that we can learn about our work behavior by just being knowledgeable about our zodiac sign.

Astrologer, Mecca WoodsCourtesy of Mecca Woods

As Mecca told me, “By looking at a your birth chart (which is kind of like a cosmic map or blueprint to who you are individually) you can see the kind of career you might pursue, your natural born talents or gifts, what kind of work environment you would thrive in, and the kind you would run from."

Even more, depending on our sign and birth chart, the time of the year when our work ethic is the weakest can be determined. According to Mecca, “In astrology when the planets move through water signs, it's usually a time when people seem to be more low-key and less active. Those times of the year marked by the Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces seasons are when we tend to need more rest and privacy than usual. This is because the element of water in astrology tends to absorb whatever it comes in contact with and frequently needs periods of solitude/recharging in order to avoid burnout."

"When we're in these seasons many of us will be feeling the same way. Plus, water is a 'go with the flow' kind of energy. It's hard to buckle down and barrel through assignments under its influence."

I recently came across an astrological sign list by the University of California, Davis. Listed below, I have gathered the pros and cons of each sign, and I've listed how this can relate to a person's work ethic or behavior.

Also, don't mind the Beyoncé-inspired zodiac signs. I'm a proud member of the Beyhive.

The Work Ethic of an Aries (March 21 - April 20)

Pros: Adventurous, energetic, confident, and enthusiastic

Cons: Selfish, impatient, quick-tempered, and impulsive

In the workplace: You don't have to tell an Aries that they are the shit, because they know it. It's very refreshing to work with Aries because they have so much energy and their joyful attitude is refreshing to be around. However, their joyous attitude won't lasts long if you irritate them. Because they can be easy to anger, nagging them or not trusting their work is an easy way to turn an Aries employee off.

The Work Ethic of a Taurus (April 21 - May 20)

Pros: Patient, persistent, reliable, and warm-hearted

Cons: Jealous, resentful, possessive, and resentful

In the workplace: The Taurus employee is an ideal manager because they are kind and patient, which are two major qualities to have if you are a leader in the workplace. On the flip side, when you cross a Taurus, forgiveness won't come easy and this type of bad energy can bring negativity to the workplace.

The Work Ethic of a Gemini (May 21 - June 21)

Pros: Adaptable, lively, communicative, and versatile

Cons: Nervous, tense, and cunning

In the workplace: People say that Geminis are moody because of the dual personalities, but a Gemini's personality is just the best of both worlds. Geminis are amazing to work with because they have a natural ability to adapt to all types of people. Also, they are a likeable bunch and are natural leaders. However, Geminis can easily jump to conclusions and sometimes freak out at the slightest inclination of trouble.

The Work Ethic of a Cancer (June 22 - July 22)

Pros: Intuitive, imaginative, cautious, and sympathetic

Cons: Changeable, moody, and over-emotional

In the workplace: Cancers are naturally creatives and are great to include on brainstorming teams. Because of their nurturing personalities, Cancers are most likely able to make a positive impact in an organization. On the flip side, Cancers can be very moody and over-emotional at times because of their sensitive nature.

The Work Ethic of a Leo (July 23 - August 21)

Pros: Generous, creative, enthusiastic, faithful

Cons: Bossy, patronizing, and interfering

In the workplace: Leos are very energetic and when on a team, they are able to keep everyone pumped up and focused. It is not second nature for a Leo employee to take the lead in any situation, however, sometimes their take-charge personality can be taken off as bossy and demanding, and can be a turn-off to other employees.

The Work Ethic of a Virgo (August 22 - September 23)

Pros: Meticulous, reliable, practical, and analytical

Cons: Overly critical, perfectionist, and harsh

In the workplace: Virgos are very analytical, so they work well on projects that require detail-oriented characteristics. Because they are perfectionists, you can count on Virgos to get their job done well, with minor errors. On the flip side, sometimes their perfectionist mindset can come off as tense and demanding. When working with others that are not as detailed-oriented and analytical, Virgos unconsciously are overly critical and judging.

The Work Ethic of a Libra (September 24 - October 23)

Pros: Charming, easy-going, peaceful, and diplomatic

Cons: Indecisive, gullible, and easily influenced

In the workplace: Libras are one of the easiest types of people to work with because of their “go with the flow" attitude. Libras are known to exude positive energy and this can be felt among their peers, bosses, and clients. Because Libras seek peace and not conflict, at times they can easily be influenced and fail to voice their opinions.

The Work Ethic of a Scorpio (October 24 - November 22)

Pros: Passionate, magnetic, emotional, and determined

Cons: Secretive, obsessive, and resentful

In the workplace: Scorpios are very ambitious and driven. When a Scorpio has a goal, they will work hard and nonstop to achieve that goal. Sometimes because of their “can't stop, won't stop" attitude, they can be considered as opportunists. Also, once you cross a Scorpio, they can be unforgiving and can hold grudges.

The Work Ethic of a Sagittarius (November 23 - December 22)

Pros: Optimistic, good-humored, and honest

Cons: Careless, irresponsible, and tactless

In the workplace: Sagittarius employees see the good in others and are natural motivators. They possess a positive attitude and thrive in making others happy. However, because they work hard at being good stewards to others, sometimes their execution in handling projects isn't well thought through. They are also sometimes perceived as irresponsible because of their lack of direction for large-scaled, detailed projects.

The Work Ethic of a Capricorn (December 23 - January 20)

Pros: Practical, ambitious, and disciplined

Cons: Lack of imagination, grudging, and pessimistic

In the workplace: Capricorns are the ideal leaders in the workplace because they are self-disciplined, pragmatic, and go-getters. They work well in operational type roles because they can easily manage different types of projects and people. However, because of their straight-forward attitude, they can come off as too blunt at times.

The Work Ethic of an Aquarius (January 21 - February 19)

Pros: Friendly, honest, loyal, and independent

Cons: Unpredictable, unemotional, and detached

In the workplace: Aquarius' work well in teams and as individuals. They are also very trustworthy and believe in being loyal to the people around them. On the contrary, Aquarius' can sometimes lack empathy for others and can come off as distant when they get in their zone.

The Work Ethic of a Pisces (February 20 - March 20)

Pros: Imaginative, compassionate, and selfless

Cons: Vague, easily-led, and weak-willed

In the workplace: Because of their compassionate and selfless attitude, Pisces are great to work with because they are very likeable. They are creative spirits, and easily inspires those around them. On the flip side, Pisces fail at standing up for themselves and are sometimes easily talked into situations that they may not wholeheartedly agree with.

Whether or not you are an astrology lover, your zodiac sign can disclose a lot about your work personality and those around you.

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