The Personality & Love Compatibility Of A Leo, Explained.

The Personality & Love Compatibility Of A Leo, Explained.

If you search for the word "dramatic" in the dictionary, you'll find a Leo's photo next to the definition. Although these hotties love a little bit of soap opera madness, their need for excitement stems from their fixed fire nature that keeps them shining as the bright star of the zodiac. Ruled by the Sun, Leos naturally shine and excel at all that they do. Their courageous hearts and infectious optimism make them influential leaders and power players.

Born between July 23rd and August 22nd, these summer babies enjoy the warmth of the Sun on their skin just like their symbol, the Lion, who is often seen lounging around the Sahara in the daylight hours. These big cats are commonly referred to as "the King of the Jungle" which is a fitting title for the star of the zodiac.

Physiologically, Leo rules the back and given their regal-like quality, these individuals tend to attract a lot of loyal followers that need guidance and even protection. As big as their hearts are, these fierce lovers will quickly pounce into attack-mode if someone they care about is picked on. Oftentimes, Leos tend to be that person that stands up to bullying. Usually, this is an act of vindication for the victim but sometimes there can be also be a hidden desire to assert their dominance as the head honcho.

Given their association with lions, their hair is often exaggerated by its length, thickness, and even color—with some Leo folks preferring lighter tones. You can usually spot one of these glamorous babes in a crowd by her statement jewelry, sun-kissed skin, and bright clothing.

The Leo Zodiac Sign: An Overview

This assertive zodiac sign is often considered the back bone of many organizations, friend groups, and families. Given their natural leadership qualities, the Leo has the ability to keep others motivated while working towards a common goal.

As a fixed sign, these individuals can be stubborn at times making it almost impossible to compromise with them. If they haven't matured yet, these fiesty bosses can throw a tantrum if they're not in charge. Once they've evolved enough, Leo understands the importance of encouraging others to share their ideas and allowing them to take the lead sometimes.

Due to their sunny disposition, these charismatic socialites tend to be the life of the party. Whether they're enthusiastically sharing a story about their latest run-in with a celeb or showing off their impeccable dance moves, they're bound to captivate you with their child-like joy.

As the star of the zodiac, Leo loves being the center of attention. If they feel overlooked, they run the risk of acting out to get their needs met. Instead of creating unnecessary drama, it's important for them to find a healthy outlet to express themselves and receive that attention they crave.

Leo Best & Worst Personality Traits

Best Leo Personality Traits:

  • Self-Reliant
  • Warm
  • Brave
  • Driven

Worst Leo Personality Traits:

  • Prideful
  • Stubborn
  • Egotistical

The Leo Zodiac Sign in Career

As THE big cat of the zodiac, Leo works best when they're doing their own thing. Not one that usually likes to take orders from others, self-employment is usually the best path for these determined go-getters. If entrepreneurship isn't their thing, they also do well in positions of leadership (and not just because they tend to be the most popular) but because they have skills to do a damn good job and the ability to inspire others to actualize their potential.

For the most part, Leos love to be in the spotlight but they don't mind nurturing others strengths and talents as well, making them impactful mentors, coaches, and motivational speakers.

Given their larger-than-life persona, they are naturally gifted in jobs connected to the stage, entertainment, and amusement. Just like the Sun lights up the sky, these radiant beauties possess the power of captivating our attention with their bold self-expression and creativity. Whatever field a Leo chooses will likely result in much success and recognition. Many of their achievements can be attributed to their courageous spirit that compels them to take risks and master their craft.

The Leo Zodiac Sign in Love

In love, this affectionate zodiac sign loves to shower their significant other with words of affirmation and gifts. But this doesn't come without them vetting you first. Due to their generosity often being taken advantage of, Leo has learned the hard way that even their giving must have limits. To be their happiest, they must have a partner who is equally as generous (if not more).

Leo needs a partner who doesn't mind stroking their ego with lavish expressions of love. If these sultry lovers don't feel worshipped, then it's a hard pass for them.

Being in a relationship with this fixed fire sign will test your patience at times given their stubborn, know-it-all nature. Sometimes it's best to just let them lead than to pick a fight. This doesn't mean you need to be a doormat; however, these feisty individuals do like a little push-back that could eventually lead to some frisky play time in the bedroom. When it comes to sex, Leo typically likes to dominate and they take a lot of pride in satisfying their lover.

Oftentimes taking on the role of the protector, it's important to make Leo feel needed and appreciated. When they feel unimportant, this can result in depression or other illness.

Overall, these regal, but cuddly, lovers make loyal partners. Once you pass the test to get into their heart, you'll experience their softer side. It is through their devotion to the commitment that fans the flames of a love that can evolve and stand the test of time. Astrologically, Leo is typically compatible with other Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius).

Famous Leo Celebrities

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