How Each Zodiac Sign Pairs With A Leo In Matters Of The Heart

Leos rule the heart in Astrology, and they are no strangers to love. They love big, they love bright, and they love with all they have within them.

Leo In Love & Relationships

A Leo's love can be akin to a romantic comedy. They take on this type of dramatic flair in life in general, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Leo is all about the theatrics, and a relationship with them is full of fireworks. Leo protects, nurtures, and enlivens their relationships, and a Leo in love is a sight to see.

When it comes to who Leo is most compatible with, it’s essential to know that Leo is looking for an equal, someone who can match their energy and their loyalty. Leo is a fixed fire sign and takes love very seriously. It might be the area of their life they take the most seriously. They will have their fun and dance the night away, but at the end of the day, a committed partnership is what this sign is looking for. If you can match Leo's drive and excitement for life with their ability to love fiercely, you might be the perfect person to rule alongside this royal.

Leo Compatibility: Best & Worst Love Matches in the Zodiac

Leos are known for their strong sense of self and are one of the more self-confident signs. They do not like to have their egos bruised and can entertain bouts of jealousy in love if they are not getting the attention they feel they deserve. A Leo gives their all, and if you aren’t giving the same, they will take this personally. If you are willing to pour your entire heart into the relationship and receive this same type of devotion in return, then a Leo is a good match for you.

Who Are Leos Most Compatible With?

Leo + Aries Love Compatibility 

Leo and Aries make a great match. This is a happy duo and one that can stand the test of time. Both Leo and Aries are on the same wavelength, and they feel this right away from each other. They similarly approach life, and they are the type to make the best out of anything. This type of energy is precious to them to have in their lives, and they create a passionate relationship together. However, these are two people who love hard but fight even harder, so the love will be strong, but if disagreements arise, it could overpower it. This relationship will only work if egos are kept in check and there is unconditional love.

Leo + Taurus Love Compatibility 

Leo and Taurus are a unique pairing because you can’t see it at first. Taurus wants to enjoy life at home, and Leo wants to be outside. This is a relationship that grows with time and one where it either works or it doesn’t. From outsiders, this couple seems like an odd pairing, and it’s the type of relationship where they will often tell others, “It works for them.” Where this relationship thrives is in the fact that they are both fixed signs, and once they are in it, they are in it. They are loyal to the relationship and also put each other on a pedestal. However, at the end of the day, their stubbornness may get in the way of what the relationship could be. They will not easily give up on each other, but there also may not be enough to keep them together.

Leo + Gemini Love Compatibility 

Leo and Gemini make good friends and lovers. They value each other's perspectives, and at the end of the day, they have each other’s backs. What makes this relationship work is that they are both so different and don’t step on each other's toes or interfere with each other's personalities, which is important to both of them. They let each other be themselves, and there is an underlying energy of unconditional love here. This is a couple that stands out at an event or party due to their cool aesthetic, PDA, and friendly banter between everyone in the building.

Leo + Cancer Love Compatibility 

Leo and Cancer are an underrated duo. Leo, ruled by the Sun, and Cancer, ruled by the Moon, have a deep respect for each other that is not talked about enough in Astrology. Although very different from each other, they each have their place, their purpose, and this feels good to them. However, this is a more moody relationship than most. Since these two are often on different wavelengths, wanting to do different things, there could be a lot of ups and downs here with emotional storms. Depending on the place these two are at in their lives, this could work if they are both willing to commit.

Leo + Leo Love Compatibility 

A Leo and Leo combo is more common than you may think. It makes sense, though, a sign that is known for loving themselves and having strong self-confidence, falling in love with someone who is just like them. Leo loves a good mirror, and it’s not hard to fall for someone who reminds them of themselves. This will be a very dramatic relationship, however, and this isn’t for the weak. They will have a lot of fun together but will also push each other’s buttons and may try to take each other's crowns. Power struggles are likely with this pairing, and the only way this will work is if they act on their heart rather than their egos in the relationship.

Leo + Virgo Love Compatibility 

Leo and Virgo are like two peas in a pod. This relationship may be better off as a friendship in the long run, but overall, with these two right next to each other on the Zodiac Wheel, they both have a lot to learn from each other. Virgo finds Leo intriguing and even somewhat mysterious. Leo appreciates the way Virgo looks at them, and they have this same type of attraction and interest toward Virgo as well. Virgo is an attentive lover, and this is especially beneficial to Leo, who loves attention. These two often find a perfect place for each other in their lives, but as far as romance and chemistry, that is something that may not come right away here and will be unique to each pairing.

Leo + Libra Love Compatibility 

Leo and Libra are an iconic duo. The love they have for each other is undeniable, and this is a couple that has a lot of fun together. They share similar interests, they are both beautiful, and they both love a little drama in love. Fire and air signs are notorious for being compatible, and Libra is the best air sign match for Leo. This is a social couple who will love to spend time together and to be out on the town. This relationship could be borderline superficial, however, and as long as they are doing the work to build a strong foundation aside from aesthetics and vanity, then this is a pairing that can be an endgame for the both of them.

Leo + Scorpio Love Compatibility 

A Leo and Scorpio relationship is not for the faint of heart. Leo and Scorpio are more similar than most fire and water signs, as they both share a passion and zest for life, but this relationship is more so like a volcano exploding than anything. Exciting, once-in-a-lifetime, and terrifying all in one. The strength of this relationship is their sex life, as this is one for the books. Their downfall, however, is that both of these two have an instinctual need for power, and oftentimes this will be at the other’s expense. Leo may be the one who ends up more hurt than anything, and it may be too late before Scorpio realizes the effect they have upon them.

Leo + Sagittarius Love Compatibility 

Leo and Sagittarius are an adventurous, more progressive couple. This is the type of relationship that is high energy and high reward for both of them. Leo does well with other fire signs as they feel like their energy is reciprocated and not shunned, which is important to them. Leo needs to shine, and Sagittarius does too, and they are willing to share the spotlight here, which they are not willing to do with everyone else. With Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter, the planet of blessings, and Leo, the Sun, the star of vitality, this is a happy couple. They don’t ask too much of each other, and their presence is enough to build a passionate love.

Leo + Capricorn Love Compatibility 

Leo and Capricorn are a power couple that will either rule together or take each other down. This is a relationship where they are both striving for greatness and one where they will try to build a life together from the ground up. They both want the best of the best out of life and will see each other as someone to help them get there. Capricorn, being the devoted and loyal lover they are, is easily respected by Leo, who feels the same way about their relationships in life. However, where other signs don’t mind boosting the confidence of Leo and giving them that attention they crave, Capricorn is no brown-noser and will not feed the ego of Leo. Leo may find Capricorn too emotionally distant, and Capricorn may find Leo as just too much altogether.

Leo + Aquarius Love Compatibility 

Leo and Aquarius are opposite signs in Astrology, otherwise known as sister signs. They are very different from the outside, but once they unpack, they both realize there are many layers to both of them, a lot of them similar to one another. Leo and Aquarius both value authenticity in life, and in a relationship, they will take on this type of energy and will see their pairing as a unique one. Challenges arise, however, when it comes to determining who is going to take the lead. Leo is a leader, and Aquarius is anything but a follower. They can often feel like they are stepping on each other's toes, not knowing where they stand with each other. If they are willing to find balance with one another, this will be a dedicated, lifelong partnership.

Leo + Pisces Love Compatibility 

Leo and Pisces are an odd pairing and may just be Leos' least compatible match. The problem here is that Leo doesn’t understand Pisces. Pisces, on the other hand, can fall in love with just about anyone. Pisces is more willing to put aside differences to get to know their partner, whereas Leo is looking for that immediate spark they don’t typically get right away with Pisces. The positives to this pairing, though, are that they are both creative, fun, and warm souls who make life a little better. This is a dynamic duo, but at the end of the day, Leo may overpower Pisces, and this can lead to resentment and disparity.

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