Watch How This Engaged Couple's Relationship Compares To An Astrology Reading
Kyra Jay

Watch How This Engaged Couple's Relationship Compares To An Astrology Reading

From Myspace to being engaged, this couple will compare the real versus the reading.

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This week’s episode of xoNecole's web series The Real vs. The Reading features Diamonde and Sydney. The couple met on Myspace and are now engaged after dating for six years. Diamonde is a Leo and Sydney is a Libra, which makes them a fun, social couple, and their fire and air elements mean they work well together. However, astrologist and spiritual coach Dani Simone focused more on the couple’s rising signs in her reading.

Diamonde shared what drew her to Sydney. “When we first got together for real, I was all over the place,” she said. “I was moving around a lot, I was trying to pursue my dream.” She added that emotionally, she was a wreck and Sydney was there for her. “I wanted to settle down with you because you just kept me grounded. I was all over the place and I needed an anchor and I feel like she was my anchor.” Sydney agreed that their different personalities balanced each other out.

Dani, who is from xoNecole’s Tarot Reading Lives, collected the birthdays, birth times, birthplaces, and relationship duration of the seven couples featured in season one of the series to curate her readings. Her readings covered romance, challenges, and intimacy.

So, let’s get into it. Diamonde is a Capricorn rising and Sydney is a Scorpio rising. Their rising signs indicate that they both have a way with words, which can be a good and a bad thing. One thing Dani suggested in her reading is that their arguments can lead to them saying hurtful things to each other. In their reaction to the reading, the couple confirmed that they both tend to battle it out with their words in arguments and Diamonde even admitted, “We gotta work on that.”

Watch Diamonde and Sydney's full relationship reading and how "the real" compares to "the reading" in the video below:

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*Both segments were filmed separately for authenticity.

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