Fulani Braids Are Back Bih, Here's How To Rock Them

Fulani braids are coming for 2020 like they never left.


If there's a style that Rihanna can't slay, I'd like to see it, and her recent appearance at the British Fashion Awards in London is proof of this fact.

Sis showed up to receive the Urban Luxe fashion award rocking the f*ck out of a fresh set of Fulani braids styled by Yusef Williams and Naphia White, and her latest hairdo did not disappoint.

While her Fenty mint green satin mini dress, complete with a matching wrap, gloves, and choker gave us our entire lives, the star of the night were her perfectly crafted cornrows, proving that Fulani braids are coming for 2020 like they never left.

If you're eager to try out this dope style, check out these 6 ways to elevate your Fulani braids that will have you requesting a day off for a visit to your local braider:

Blonde & Bougie 


Solange leveled up this style by rocking them in blonde, making this the perfect protective style if you're looking to give your hair a break from the bleach.

Straight Back With A Twist

Fulani braids are characterized by their unique patterns, which means you can easily jazz up what would be a simple set of cornrows into a high-fashion work of art.

Braided Ponies

Taraji P. Henson looked like a West African queen with her high braided ponies that give a timeless edge to an otherwise traditional style.

A Pop Of Color

Blonde isn't the only option when it comes to switching up this braided look. Try incorporating vibrant-colored braiding hair to have some real fun.

Just Add Beads 

Teyonah Paris/Instagram

Teyonah Paris is here with all the bead inspiration we didn't know we needed.

Braided Bang


Alicia Keys was rocking Fulani braids long before Lemonade and her throwback braided bang will snatch (and preserve) all of your edges.

Featured image by Getty Images.

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