6 Domestic Cities That Are Perfect For Your First Solo Trip

6 Domestic Cities That Are Perfect For Your First Solo Trip

Traveling in general brings out a sense of excitement for everyone, but for me, solo travel takes it to a new level. Every once in a while, it’s worth disconnecting from your everyday routines and spending time with yourself in a new place. Being able to wake up when I feel like it, eat what I want, and only do the things that I like is a level of enjoyment that I love. Solo travel doesn't always have to be about relaxing and self-care, either. Sometimes you just wanna meet new people and have some fun adventures in a city that you don't live in.

There are many benefits to taking that leap and experiencing your first solo trip, it’s just a matter of booking the trip and going. But how do you choose where to go and what to do if you’ve never traveled alone? Or what if safety and fear are holding you back? This is where research and considering your own interests come to mind.

Visiting another U.S. city for your first solo trip is a great way to ease into solo travel and find out if it’s really for you. Choosing a domestic location before jumping to an international country allows you to get your feet wet while staying close to home.

One way to choose is by selecting a destination that mimics the city you're from so that it feels more familiar and comfortable. Another thing you might consider is a city with easy-to-navigate public transportation so that you can get around without issue. Whatever it is that you need, there are plenty of places within the United States that make for fun and memorable solo trips.

To help you make a decision, I’ve highlighted six domestic cities that are perfect for your first solo trip.


Being the city that gave us Beyoncé should be enough reason for you to run to Houston. But if that’s not enough, Houston has a lot more to offer. This bustling Texas city is filled with rich culture, delicious food, and the kind of vibes that most places can’t replicate. I recommend Houston for the fun traveler who likes good music and a good time. If you want to tap into true tourist form, you can check out the NASA Space Museum, shop in The Galleria, and take a stroll in Emancipation Park.

But if you are looking to turn up and have a good time, go to brunch at the Breakfast Klub, explore downtown Houston, and then experience the lituation that is an H-town Day Party. I hope them Meg knees are ready!


Chicago holds a special place in my heart because it was the city I chose for my first solo trip back in 2016, and it changed me. If you’re from a major city and are used to a busy and fast-paced environment, Chicago is the city to pop your solo travel cherry. Book a river tour and learn some city history, take a food tour, and then go have a drink with views of Millennium Park and the Bean from Cindy’s Rooftop.

If you stay anywhere near downtown, many places are walkable from each other or just a short drive away. If you’re around for Sunday Funday, check out brunch at The Whit for the culture. And yes, trying deep-dish pizza from an authentic Chicago pizza shop is a must.

Tampa, FL

If you’re looking for fun in the sun but want to stay stateside, Tampa has it. This is the perfect solo destination for someone who likes warm weather and beaches. If safety is a major concern for you, rest easy knowing that Tampa has been called one of the safest cities in the U.S. Tampa also has a more relaxed and slower pace than some bigger cities, which may alleviate some of your nerves.

Spend your morning soaking in the sun and relaxing at the beach, and follow up with lunch somewhere along the Riverwalk. Take a small tripod, and don’t be afraid to get some cute pictures along the water.

​New York City

New York is the perfect first solo destination for anyone because there’s great food, an art scene, theater, culture, and a plethora of different things to do based on your interests. I often hear people say that they don't want to travel solo because it’ll feel weird, or they don’t want people to know that they are alone. Well, the great thing about NYC is that at any given point in the year, there will be thousands of other tourists walking the streets, and you won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

New York gives you options for just about everything you might want to check off your list. Go visit the MoMa, take a cruise around the Statue of Liberty, walk the Brooklyn Bridge, or just chill out in Central Park. The options are unlimited.


Phoenix is such an underrated city, in my opinion, and should definitely be on your radar for a solo trip. Phoenix is called the Valley of the Sun for good reason because you can expect warm temperatures year round. So, this may be an ideal first solo trip for someone trying to escape the winter cold. Visit the desert botanical garden, take a hot air balloon ride, or treat yourself to a relaxing few days at one of the luxury resort and spa locations just outside of the city.

For the adventure and nature lovers, a day trip to Sedona will provide you with outdoor activities and beautiful scenery. And if you need a more fast-paced adventure, take a short drive over to Scottsdale for good eats and a fun party scene.


Music City has art, food, culture, and, you guessed it, a great music scene. Nashville usually doesn’t get a lot of shine when it comes to vacation destinations, but it should. It’s here you can visit the National Museum of African American History, which celebrates the music genres that were created and influenced by African Americans. You can’t visit Music City without seeing the live music firsthand, so throw on some dancing boots and hit the Broadway strip, which is filled with “Honky Tonk” bars that you can go in for singing, dancing, and good music.

If you’re up for a short trip outside of the city, visiting the Nearest Green Distillery is a must to learn all about the Black man who taught Jack Daniels how to make whiskey. And if art is your thing, grab a scooter and ride around the city, checking out the many art murals that are spread out all over Nashville.

Which of these cities would you travel to?

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