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About Us

Welcome to xoNecole, the leading digital lifestyle brand for Millennial and Gen-Z women of color. Your growth, joy, and curiosity matters—and xoNecole is here to make you feel seen.

xoNecole.com is all about utilizing the tools of self-discovery, transparency, and fearlessness in order to live your best life. Our engaging web and social content, multi-city events, and one-of-a-kind experiences help us serve our audience on the web and IRL. Whether you're looking for the courage to make a major life pivot or considering leaving a relationship that no longer serves you, our content will inspire you while reaffirming that you're not alone on this journey we call life. At xoNecole, we give our readers a safe space to let their light shine at full wattage.

Today, xoNecole has evolved into a 24/7 community with millions of digital besties looking to grow and glow together. Stop by for the leading entertainment stories, get the tea on the latest dating trends, level up your career strategy, indulge in new wellness rituals, and so much more.

We're more than just a media platform; we’re your biggest cheerleader in everything you do.

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Our custom brand partnerships combine the full power of the xoNecole voice, talent strategy, and the wants and needs of women. We're proud to have partnered with dozens of brands across beauty, entertainment, lifestyle, and consumer goods categories.

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This article is in partnership with SheaMoisture

Skylar Marshai is known for her extravagant style, and her hair is no exception. But now, she’s giving her hair a break and focusing on hair care with SheaMoisture’s Bond Repair Collection. “I feel like my hair has always been an extension of my storytelling because I know it's so innately linked to my self-expression that I've been thinking a lot about how my love for crafting my hair into these different forms and shapes has honestly never given it a chance to just be,” Skylar explains.


Legendary singer and actress Toni Braxton defies the age-related biases many women encounter after turning 50.

In the past, middle-aged women were often stereotyped as non-sexual beings, a perception rooted in the hormonal changes associated with perimenopause and menopause. Some of the effects women experience during this period of their lives include irregular menstrual cycles, mood changes, weight gain, reduced libido, and more.