The Perfect Date Night For You, Based On Astrology

The Perfect Date Night For You, Based On Astrology

The next time you are planning a date night or giving your partner hints as to what you want, consider your sun , moon , and Venus sign , and what your heart would prefer. When it comes to the perfect date night for your zodiac sign, you have to get to the basics of what values the signs have, how they receive others, and what makes them feel safe to open up to love. Fire signs love having fun and prefer something passionate. They would feel loved when their partner suggests doing something adventurous- and feels confident doing so. An earth sign prefers gestures of love in a sweet and settled way and wants a date night where they feel safe, comfortable, and like they can just be themselves.

Overall, when it comes to love and figuring out what you need or what your partner does, you want to look at your sun sign as the basis, as well as your moon sign, which is what you emotionally crave, and Venus sign, which is how you love. When reading below, consider your sun, moon, and Venus signs.


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Game Night

Aries , being a fire sign, like excitement in their life and that is no different when it comes to a date night. Being a competitive sign, the perfect date night for an Aries is a game night. Do something that gets them thinking and that makes them feel like you are on their level of excitement and fun in life. A game night can consist of a traditional board game or Pictionary type of situation, but this can also entail going to a professional game like an NFL or an NBA game. Aries’ have a youthful spirit and want this type of fun when it comes to love.



Taurus is a homebody but they also happen to be romantics at heart. A staycation is a perfect date for a Taurus because they don’t have to venture too far out of their comfort zone, but to be treated to something special like a vacation or an over-nighter will make them feel special. A staycation is where you book a house, Airbnb, hotel, or whatever in a unique place and enjoy the comfort of your city, but in a new home. Adorn the house with red roses, candles, and their favorite foods- and you are set.


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Couples Massage

Geminis are all about partnership, and in a relationship , they are the definition of two becoming one. A couples massage is something you both can do together, and also a way to ease Gemini’s overactive mind, and get them to be in the moment. Geminis are very active and like to be everywhere at once so getting an opportunity to settle down, especially with their partner, helps them focus on what’s important and feel more at ease to open their hearts and be in that space of romance and love as well.


Home-Cooked Meal + Movie

Cancer , like Taurus, are home-body souls. They want to be in their safe spaces and only come out of their crab shell for special occasions. A perfect date night for a Cancer is one where they can experience all of the pleasures of a date night- but in the comfort of their own home. Cook a Cancer a special meal, plan a movie where you can cuddle, and take things easy. Cancer prefers slow and steady in love , and acts of service such as cooking a meal for them truly do wonders. Tell them how much they mean to you, and you will receive Cancer at their best.


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Go Dancing

Leo prefers a night out on the town. A Leo loves to dance, be the center of attention, and be adored by their partner. The perfect date night for a Leo is to have some fun and make them feel special. Go out to a club, take dancing classes, or just explore the town together to provide the perfect date night for a Leo. Dressing up and having fun is everything to a Leo and this is truly where they shine and where they love. If you give Leo all of the attention and love they deserve, that goes a long way for them.


Romantic Picnic With a View

Virgo is a romantic with the right partner. They are often the givers in love , so to go out of your way to do something special for them would mean a lot to Virgo. Being an earth sign, nature is especially therapeutic for Virgo, and setting up a nice, romantic, picnic with good scenery is a recipe for success. The perfect date night for Virgo is where you take care of everything without letting them lift a finger and set up a vibe where they feel relaxed and loved. They even have services now where you can hire someone to professionally set up a cute picnic for you and your partner, as we all know Virgo does love perfection.


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Shopping? Yes, shopping. When it comes to Libra , there are many things they love in life, and shopping is at the top of that list. A Libra wants to feel luxurious, beautiful, and like a work of art. They bring this energy into their relationships and they expect this type of love and affection from others as well. Treating your Libra date to a shopping spree would be perfect for this air sign and something they will definitely brag about to their friends later. Take a Libra to their favorite store and mall for a date night- and you are in.


Art Museum

When it comes to Scorpio , they love time away with their lover. They love to be places where others typically aren’t, and the perfect date night for a Scorpio is one where it's quieter and more intimate . Scorpios have a deep appreciation for art and for things that make you feel something. Bringing Scorpio to an art museum will not only make them see you as unique, but it’s also the perfect vibe for them to feel more comfortable and less pressured. If you can go at a time when there are fewer people around and only you two- the better.


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Helicopter Ride

Sagittarius is all about going big or going home. They do so many adventures and out-of-the-ordinary stuff for their own selves that you really have to step up to the plate and meet them where they are. A romantic helicopter ride overlooking the city is as spectacular as Sagittarius’ expectations and would make them feel like they won big time. Sagittarius most of all needs adventure and they look for a partner that has this same type of confidence and open mind when it comes to love, life, and experiences with another.


Dinner at a 5-Star Restaurant

A Capricorn is the perfect balance between chill and bougie. They aren’t one to judge someone and the place they are in life, but they do prefer the best of the best for themselves. You might get away with a dinner at a regular restaurant once or twice, but they want a partner that is able to add something to their lives overall. Dinner at a 5-star restaurant is simple enough to where this earth sign doesn’t feel too out of their comfort zone, but also nice enough to where they feel valued and like you value the relationship as well.


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See Their Favorite Artist in Concert

Aquarius either wants to have fun or be alone. When they are in that space of being out and about, however, they are some of the most outgoing and fun signs of the zodiac. The perfect date night for an Aquarius would be to take them to see their favorite artist in concert. Surprise them with tickets to see someone they love, and they also wouldn’t mind a double-date type of situation as well or inviting some friends with you guys. Keeping things light-hearted is the perfect way to connect with an Aquarius and allow them to open up to you.


Star Gazing at the Beach

As a water sign, being near any body of ocean is the best place for Pisces to be. Taking them to the beach at night is romantic for Pisces, and if you aren’t near a beach, going outside and being around nature works as well. You can have a romantic date night by laying out a blanket on the sand, or by sitting on top of your car like all the rom-coms have shown us how, and gazing at the stars while talking and opening up. Pisces isn’t high-maintenance so just taking the time to do something special for them would make their heart happy.

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