Libra Man And Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

Libra Man And Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

There are four words to describe a relationship between a Libra man and a Cancer woman: Love At First Sight. A meeting between a Libra Man and Cancer Woman is one filled with a sense of kismet. In terms of love compatibility , the initial connection between these two signs is incredibly strong, it may almost feel karmic in nature.

It's as if you both were meant to meet, connect and grow together. Even if this relationship starts off platonically, which it typically does, you both will find that you have a fast and emotionally strong bond with each other right out of the gate.

Generally speaking, there is an inherent compatibility in the way you both relate to each other and to the world. You feel comfortable letting your guard down a lot quicker with each other than you typically do with other signs.

Contrary to the skeptics, naysayers and haters that this pairing typically brings, a relationship between a Cancer woman and a Libra man is able to stand the test of time - in spite of how quickly it progresses.

What attracts a Libra man and a Cancer woman to each other?

When a Cancer woman first lays eyes on a Libra man, she feels as if she's finally found a safe haven; a man who she easily connects with emotionally and intellectually. Contrary to past relationships with narcissists who aimed to take advantage of Cancer's deeply sensitive nature, the Libra male does not have any ulterior motives. Sensing this, Cancer steps out of her protective shell and finally lets her guard down.

Similarly, the Libra man is intensely drawn to his Cancer woman's classic femininity and vulnerability. Her sensitivity triggers a strong protective instinct in him. He feels deep compassion for her and wants to do whatever it takes to finally bring her peace and happiness. With his Cancer woman, the Libra man finally feels like a man; like a "knight in shining armor." Libra's subtle masculinity is affirmed and strengthened by his relationship with the female crab.

What is a relationship like between a Cancer woman and a Libra man?

Fair-minded and partnership-oriented Libra, a monogamist at heart who has a deep respect for women, ultimately wants to settle down. Looking for a life partner, Libra finds his Cancer woman's wifely, affectionate attributes irresistible.

In turn, the mature Cancer woman, typically overcoming a history of past relationships with toads and bad-boy types, is attracted to Libra's reassurance and openness. Cancer feels like she has finally found a safe haven in her Libra man. He is her happily ever after. She is attracted to his emotional intelligence, charm, confidence, and protectiveness.

What is sex like between a Libra man and a Cancer woman?

Sex between a Libra man and a Cancer woman is extremely balanced. There is a fair share of give and take during sex between these two signs. Both Cancer and Libra are extremely open in the bedroom; they will go above and beyond in making sure their partner is satisfied.

Cancer is intensely emotional, passionate, and sexually intuitive. She expresses her love, vulnerability, and repressed emotions through sex. She is happy to receive all that her partner has to give to her and knows the exact tricks for drawing out even the most stoic, nonchalant partners sexually and emotionally. Because of Cancer's deeply emotional nature, empathic Libra may find himself reaching new sexual heights with Cancer. Her sex is all-consuming and will literally leave him with his mind blown.

Libra enjoys light and fun sex. He prides himself on pleasing his partner sexually and catering to her physical needs. He makes a point to tend to his partner emotionally during the act, constantly checking in and reading her body language to ensure she is getting the most out of her experience with him. In bed, Libra makes Cancer feel extremely sexy, safe, and respected.

Sex between both Cancer and Libra is fun, open and explorative, and physically and emotionally fulfilling to both parties.

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What makes a relationship between a Cancer woman and a Libra man work?

A relationship between a Cancer woman and Libra man just clicks into place. Cancer women need reassurance, and Libra is happy to provide! In her Libra man, the Cancer woman has finally found someone to who she can safely open up emotionally. He patiently provides much-needed balance and objectivity to her life.

Libra wants an affectionate woman who is devoted to him; someone who can nurture and provide for him in ways that he may tend to neglect for himself. Appearances are incredibly important to a Libra man and his Cancer woman fits the bill, often presenting herself to the public in a demure and classically feminine way.

Libra likes to feel needed and Cancer effortlessly affirms this need. The love between the Cancer woman and the Libra man is incredibly balanced and flows naturally.

What may cause a Cancer woman and a Libra man to break up?

The incompatibility between these two lies solely in the conflict between Cancer's moodiness and Libra's deep aversion to conflict. Libra, while deeply empathetic, may reach a point where he feels repulsed by an unevolved Cancer's emotional murkiness. He may no longer be able to serve as her safe space, feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by the depths of Cancer's emotions and sensitivity . If this occurs, he is likely to detach from the relationship in an attempt to recalibrate and reclaim his sense of balance and peace.

Once Libra has decided he has had enough emotionally, he may return to his safe space - his highly social and flirtatious lifestyle. He prefers and enjoys the company of women - platonically and otherwise - which may trigger Cancer's deep insecurities.

In this worst-case scenario, Cancer runs the risk of feeling neglected or even betrayed. After finally letting her walls down and building up enough courage to express her deep emotions to her Libra man, she may find herself perturbed and feeling abandoned by Libra's sudden detachment and insensitivity.

The key to avoiding this disaster scenario is in providing each other with plenty of space and patience . Cancer will need space and patience from Libra, at times, to process and manage her fluctuating moods. Libra will need space and patience from Cancer when Libra is indecisive or stir-crazy and needs to express that restless energy through social interaction with others.

Even when the relationship is flowing smoothly, Cancer may often find herself at odds with Libra's estrogen-charged social and family circle. She feels threatened by the familiar and flirtatious charge of his relationships with other women. Libra's female friends, in turn, feel threatened by the Cancer woman, questioning her authenticity and worrying that she will take their beloved Libra away from them.


The relationship between a Libra man and Cancer woman is deeply emotional and has the strong potential to stand the test of time. Sexually, emotionally and intellectually, both parties naturally click and effortlessly fall into complementary roles. They see eye to eye on what their futures should look like and are able to work through problems openly and maturely.

The best way to ensure success between the Libra man and the Cancer woman is through maintaining open communication, respecting each other's unique emotional needs and love languages , and allowing each other plenty of room and freedom to recharge on your own.

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