What Your Venus Sign Says About How You Love

Your Venus sign in Astrology is your guide to matters of the heart. When it comes to Astrology and love, the first thing you want to look at when determining what is in the stars for you and your love life is your Venus sign. Your Venus sign represents how you love, your taste and aesthetics, how you express yourself when in love, and what you look for in a romantic partner. Understanding your patterns, habits, likes, dislikes, and interests in relationships can help you better align with what resonates and works for you.

Where Is Venus In Your Birth Chart?

Whatever Venus is doing in your birth chart is going to show you what energy you are moving through in love in this lifetime, how to understand yourself better emotionally, and how to work with your strengths and weaknesses here. Learning more about your Venus sign can help you dive deeper into your relationships, and also how to better understand your love language. Everyone has a Venus sign, and everyone has a certain area of the birth chart where Venus resides. However, with Venus going retrograde every 18 months, there are some people who are born with Venus retrograde in their birth charts, making matters of the heart a different experience for them.

What Your Venus Sign Says About Your Love Life

If Venus was retrograde at the time you were born, it may take more time for you to develop an emotional understanding of what you want and need in love, and you could experience some challenges when it comes to your relationships in life. It can be hard to trust and to open up with this energy, and the best thing to do if you have Venus retrograde in the birth chart is to understand the emotional patterning in your life and to work from within.

Going even further, checking the compatibility of your Venus sign and your partner’s Venus sign can show you how your two love languages come together and what you are both bringing to the table here.

Compatible Venus signs are a green light for relationships, and if someone’s Venus sign aligns with your partner’s Mars or Moon sign as well, this is another good indicator of a harmonious relationship.

How To Know What Your Venus Sign Means In Love and Relationships

A Venus in Aries native will want the sparks flying and will be concerned with the passion and excitement in the relationship. Venus in Capricorn however, wants to make sure the relationship is being built on solid ground and is less about the flashy and more about the sustainable. A Venus in Scorpio wants to experience a transcendent love and prefers nothing short of intimate devotion.

Venus sings a different tune in each birth chart, and diving deep into the planet of love is essential to the relationships you form in life.

Venus In Aries Meaning

Having your Venus in a fire sign obviously brings passion to your love life. You are typically one step ahead in this area of your life, and you tend to take the lead here. Love for you is all about purpose, freedom, and the thrill of it all. You are independent in love and value a partner with their values and goals as well. The beginning phase of love, the courtship, the spark, the meeting, is definitely one of your favorite parts of a romantic relationship, and you never forget what initiated the love between you and another.

In love, you are someone who loves to plan dates and outings, and your adventurous and dominant traits come out here in life. You are the type of lover who is a fierce protector over their partner, and you also keep the passion ignited.

Venus In Taurus Meaning

Venus loves being in the sign of Taurus as it’s the planetary ruler of this beloved earth sign, giving you an extra boost of good juju in matters of the heart. With your Venus in Taurus, you prefer to walk on stable and solid ground in love, and you don’t mind taking your time with things here until you are completely sure about someone.

You love to be in love and when you feel safe in a relationship, you are truly thriving and radiating. You are looking for a partner who makes you feel safe, and that can also provide or contribute to a comfortable life.

You tend to live lavishly with your Venus in Taurus, and you love the finer things in life. A partner who dresses well, has good taste and loves to spoil you is your cup of tea. You attract love to you through your solid and loving nature, and you value loyalty in your partnerships.

Venus In Gemini Meaning

Venus in Gemini is the wildcard in love. Your vision and ideals in love continuously change over time, and you are someone with a curious heart. Love for you is about exploring, learning, and understanding another. Your energy is that of a sapiosexual. The mind is what attracts you to another, and a partner who can keep your interests peaked and teach you something new is everything for you. You need conversation and feedback here, and a partner who doesn’t return texts or calls, or keeps up with the communication channels between you two is a no-go for you.

With Venus in a mutable sign here, your love life is often fluctuating, and you tend to be pretty flexible and open-minded. Your life partners find you fun and intriguing, and love for you is all about a meeting of the minds.

Venus In Cancer Meaning

Venus in Cancer is the romanticizer, the one who feels it all, and often the caretaker. In love, your nurturing, compassionate, and intuitive nature takes the forefront. You tend to attract individuals who you feel you can help or “mother” in some way with this energy and often find yourself in these caretaker roles in your relationships.

In this lifetime you are learning the importance of grounding your energy in love and living with an open heart, but also with your two feet planted on the ground seeing reality for what it is.

Love for you is a deep and intimate experience, and you are a little more private in this area of your life. Family is very important to you as well and you will build this sense of support, tradition, nourishment, and safety with you in your love life and partnerships.

Venus In Leo Meaning

Venus in Leo energy is like watching your favorite rom-com. Venus in Leo is dramatic, loving, generous, loyal, and bold. Love for you is all about the joy, the excitement, and about appreciating the gifts of the heart. You tend to grab the attention of others effortlessly, making love not the most difficult for you to find. With Leo also being the sign of confidence and self-assuredness, this is the energy you bring forth in your partnerships as well.

You don’t doubt why someone loves you or why you love someone else, which makes for a positive foundation for your relationships. It’s very important to you to be admired and adored by your partner, however, and no matter how good you know you look- you want a partner who will never stop telling you that. Venus in Leo is romantic, and this loving, confident, and outgoing side of you comes out in love.

Venus In Virgo Meaning

Venus in Virgo is the perfectionist in love. Virgo is known for their high standards and this energy doesn’t go missed when it’s aligned with Venus. You are someone who wants the best for yourself and from another, as this is what you're willing to give in love as well. When in love you are sincerely devoted, and you never miss the details.

You are the type of partner to remember the little things, to know every important date, and to have everything planned out ahead of time.

Venus manifests in different ways depending on what sign it resides, and Venus happens to be debilitated in Virgo, which explains the growth spurts and changing behavior in love. It may take you some time to find “the one” as you aren’t one to settle, however, when you do you form partnerships that last a lifetime and you are a giver in love.

Venus In Libra Meaning

Venus is the planetary ruler of Taurus and Libra, and loves being at home in these signs. With your Venus in Libra, you have a special knack for love that keeps your love moving and full of romance and inspiration. You tend to fall in love easily, and you are quite the charmer. Love for you is about romance, the partnership, the connection, and how two people come together as one. You want something for the books and someone that fits your ideal version of love.

You’ve had your vision of partnership since a young age and are the type to believe in a fairy tale. With your Venus in an air sign, communication is also largely important to you in a relationship and you want someone who is going to tell you sweet things. With your Venus in Libra, you prefer a partner who is fair, balanced, loving, and intelligent.

Venus In Scorpio Meaning

Venus in Scorpio is all about the emotional intensity of love. You want to go deep with a partner, and commitment and loyalty are everything for you in this area of life. You are somewhat of an investigator in love and you are someone who does their research before getting involved with someone.

You are interested in those who are unique, different, and a little taboo. Intimacy is where you shine in love, and you know how to connect with a partner on many different levels.

Your relationships are never superficial as you wouldn’t bother to spend energy on someone who doesn’t excite you or make you feel something. Emotions do run high for you here as Scorpio is a water sign, however, you are focused on channeling your energies into positive transformation. You live many different lifetimes in your love life and evolve through each experience here.

Venus In Sagittarius Meaning

Venus in Sagittarius is all about the adventure of love. You aren’t one to settle down quickly, and you deeply love your independence and freedom. In love, you can be somewhat difficult to keep up with and tie down. However, you are very generous and loving. You want to be able to live life on your own terms and do your own thing, which can sometimes get in the way of the partnerships you form.

Your energy is typically up in the air, but you make for a fun and exciting partner to be with, as life with you is never boring. You are the type to enjoy getaways and vacations with your partner, and you want someone who you can stay up all night with talking about life and also someone who can be the life of the party with you. You see love as an exciting adventure and you want to get the most out of life here.

Venus In Capricorn Meaning

With your Venus in Capricorn, slow and steady wins the race for you in love. It takes some time for you to open up emotionally and you deeply value patience and stability in love. Venus in Capricorn tends to go for the older, wealthier, and high-achieving lovers. You want someone who is going to bring something to the table as you are already bringing a lot.

Living a good life both emotionally and financially is equally important to you and you take these matters into account when forming a partnership with someone.

However, you are the type to stick with your partner through the good and even the difficult, and once you are in a relationship, you are in it. You are a steady force of groundedness in your relationships and you are someone your partner can rely on and trust. You are definitely someone who is marriage material.


​Venus in Aquarius is the free spirit in love. You have an open mindset when it comes to matters of the heart, and your relationships tend to be quite progressive. You don’t like boxes or labels and will do whatever you can to maintain your sense of freedom and authenticity. You make your partner feel seen and unique, and you bring out some of the best qualities in your partner. You deeply value a friendship with your partner, and you often fall in love with people who were at first just a friend.

You live in this space of transparency and openness that makes others feel eager and inspired to join in on this world you have created for yourself. Your relationships tend to be unconventional and rebellious in some way. Although you need a lot of emotional space to nourish within, you also value community and coming together with one another in love.


With your Venus in Pisces, you are all about the fantasy aspect of love. You tend to romanticize your relationships and it’s hard to take off your rose-colored glasses. However, Venus is exalted in Pisces, meaning that you get Venus in its high-vibe state. You go through some pretty miraculous experiences in love and you could probably write a book or a movie about your love life.

You are all about going deep with one another and being vulnerable in this space. You want an open and honest relationship and a relationship where spirituality is at the center.

With your high emotions and intuition, you intuitively know what your partner needs in love and vice versa, and you are typically on point with doing the right things to make a relationship work. You are the lover and the dreamer and deeply care about the partnerships you form in life.

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