Sister Signs In Astrology: How Opposites Attract & Act As A Mirror To Your Soul
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Sister Signs In Astrology: How Opposites Attract & Act As A Mirror To Your Soul

Opposites attract and this sign is going to be one of your biggest teachers in life.


In Astrology, everybody has a sister sign, the zodiac sign located in the exact opposite position of your sign on the Zodiac Wheel. This energy represents someone who is the complete opposite of you, yet someone you are often drawn to. Sister signs can be explained as the 'yin and yang.'

When you put two sister signs together, you will find that traits that one sign has are not often found in the other, making these two signs a good match because they both have what each other needs. A Virgo, for example, is a more logical being and isn’t up for too much fantasy or escapism in life. Their opposite sign Pisces, however, is all about dreaming the dream. When you put these two signs together, Virgo helps Pisces ground their energy and turn their dreams into reality, and Pisces helps Virgo let go more and enjoy the moment.

Opposites attract and this sign is going to be one of your biggest teachers in life. The relationship between opposite signs can be either soulmate energy or very challenging if both parties aren’t willing to look at their reflection, and learn from each other.

The Sister Signs of the Zodiac

When you meet your sister sign or come into contact with them, it’s often a very karmic experience and a fated type of energy. You will find some similarities with your sister sign. For example, you and your sister sign will both have the same modalities.

Aries and Libra are opposite each other on the Zodiac Wheel but they also both happen to be cardinal signs. Cancer and Capricorn are sister signs that are cardinal signs as well. The relationship and experience between your opposite sign on the Zodiac Wheel are unlike anything else, and when these two come together, there is a sense of wholeness and union.

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The Sister Signs: Aries and Libra

With all fire and air sign duos, natural compatibility and synergy are at play. Aries brings passion, and Libra brings love. Being both cardinal signs, these two are natural indicators, however, they do so in different ways. Aries takes action from a space of inspiration and instinct, Libra from a place of logic and fairness. Aries and Libra may just be the sister signs that are the least alike.

Aries, ruled by Mars, and Libra, ruled by Venus, signify the different balance between masculine and feminine energy. Aries rules the 1st house of self, and Libra the 7th house of partnership, which is all about balancing the individual with the individual's need for connection. When these two are on the same page, however, this is a powerful dynamic, and an unstoppable force these two can make together.

The Sister Signs: Taurus and Scorpio

Taurus and Scorpio partnerships are a common pairing you see in love. These two are a lot alike when it comes to relationship values and goals in life, and they are dedicated soulmates. Loyalty is very important to these fixed signs, and these relationships often last the long haul. Taurus helps Scorpio ground all of their energy and use it in constructive ways. Scorpio provides Taurus with some extra spice of life and shows Taurus the emotional security they are looking for.

Even in platonic relationships, this pairing tends to thrive as they have a similar outlook and experience of life. They may be on the opposite sides of the Zodiac Wheel, but these two know how to meet in the middle.

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The Sister Signs: Gemini and Sagittarius 

Gemini and Sagittarius are a mutable sister sign duo. This pairing is all about having fun and expressing themselves. Gemini and Sagittarius in many other pairings often feel misunderstood, but these two match energy. Being both explorers of life, Gemini’s inner curiosity, and Sagittarius’ need to know more, makes for not only good conversation but exciting experiences together as well.

These two know how to keep up with each other and although if you ask them they would say they are completely different from each other, they tend to behave in similar manners. Through Sagittarius’ optimism and wisdom, Gemini expands their own mind. Through Gemini’s joy of life and creation, Sagittarius finds a new sense of purpose.

The Sister Signs: Cancer and Capricorn

Cancer and Capricorn can be explained as the Mom and Dad of Astrology. These opposite signs both value tradition, history, and legacy, and together they form a solid foundation in life. These signs learn a lot from each other and come together in a way that is both supportive and encouraging. Being cardinal signs, this duo is goal-oriented and they take charge of their life and the quality of it. In romantic relationships, they tend to have a nice life together that goes the distance.

These two know the importance of working together as partners, and there is a good balance between the give and take. The Cancer/Capricorn axis signifies the 4th house (Cancer) of home and the 10th house (Capricorn) of social status. They both provide each other with a new world to grow in.

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The Sister Signs: Leo and Aquarius

This sister sign pair takes center stage in life. Aquarius and Leo's compatibility is either a hit or miss, as they are either immediately fond of each other or repulsed. Aquarius would never admit how similar they are to Leo, however, and that even their lone wolf sign loves to be in the spotlight from time to time. This pairing values authenticity and being their unique selves, and it’s what attracts so many to them.

If they are both in their confident and best selves, then they will encourage this energy from each other, however, if not watch out for, egos can often clash here. These two are set in their ways and aren’t fond of compromise, which is needed sometimes in a relationship. All in all, these two are visionaries, and this is a really fun and dynamic pairing.

The Sister Signs: Virgo and Pisces

Virgo and Pisces are a sweet sister sign duo. These two are natural givers, and they do so in different ways. Virgo’s love language is acts of service, while Pisces is more of a quality time type of love. Virgo views the world in a logical sense, and Pisces loves to get lost in the fantasy. Putting that energy together is the perfect recipe for manifestation and they create magic in their lives when together.

They both provide what each other needs and that is what makes this partnership long-lasting. The differences, however, can be too heavy in this pairing for some, as Pisces' love for getting lost can be too much for Virgo’s need to know. Being that they are both mutable signs and have an innate sense of flexibility, however, there is usually a good flow here and they balance each other out.

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