The Mastering Of Self: The Ultimate Guide To Your Saturn Return

The Mastering Of Self: The Ultimate Guide To Your Saturn Return

A Saturn Return is your entry into adulthood and one of the most important astrological transits on your journey of self-growth. It comes around every 27 to 29.5 years and signifies a time when major life changes and transformations happen, which set you up on the path and legacy you build for yourself in life. Although Saturn Returns have often had a negative connotation, your Saturn Return isn’t something to fear, but rather something to work with. It is your rite of passage into the next level of your life and although challenging at times, it’s also that time in your life when you look back and see how things changed for the better for you.

What Saturn Represents in Astrology

Saturn is like the parent that wants to see you do well but will give you the tough love when you need it. It seeks to break down any falsities and replace them with truth, and something stable enough for you to build upon. Saturn is known as the Lord of Karma in Astrology, it teaches, enforces, and brings justice. Saturn asks you to view the systems you have built for yourself and walked on in life and to see if these foundations support the growth you intend for yourself.

What Happens During Your Saturn Return

A Saturn Return is divine intervention and through what falls or transforms, new blessings become. Saturn is known as the great taskmaster in Astrology and a lot of growth and experiences that force you to mature tend to happen during this time.

Your Saturn Return is your checkpoint in life where the universe is like, “Okay, let’s take some time to get to the bottom of things right now and to figure out what is going to serve you in the long run.” This is a key time in your life to build new systems and structures for yourself, think long-term, and master your reality.

How To Know When Your Saturn Return Is

When it comes to when to expect your Saturn Return and how to prepare and move through this time, it is important to note your Saturn Return begins the day Saturn moves into the sign it was in at the time you were born. Saturn is currently in the middle of its transit through Aquarius, and if you have Saturn in Aquarius in your birth chart, you are going through your Saturn Return right now.

Another important date of your Saturn Return is the day(s) Saturn is at the exact degree it was at the time you were born and shows you the more critical times of your Saturn Return. You can look up the exact date(s) of your Saturn Return by running your birthday information through a free Saturn Return Calculator.

To dive even deeper, by looking up your birth chart through a free online Birth Chart Calculator, you can find out what house Saturn is placed in your chart, and see which area in life specifically your Saturn Return will be influencing.

See below for what Saturn Returns through each house signifies.

What Saturn Return Through Each House Signifies


A Saturn Return in the 1st house is asking you to look at the inner foundations that build you and your sense of self. Does your view of the world and how the world views you add up with how you want to move through life and be perceived? Movement is critical for you during this time, as getting your body moving and strengthening your connection to the self is what Saturn is here for. There could be physical changes you are seeing at this time as the 1st house rules the physical self, and overall your Saturn Return is very personal and all about your personal growth, goals, character, and evolution. Self-confidence is key for you right now.


A Saturn Return in the 2nd house is a time of challenges and breakthroughs when it comes to your financial world. The 2nd house rules income, assets, the material world, and your value systems; and Saturn is asking you during this time to balance the books, make sure you are spending with your future in mind, and will also be opening up new avenues for you for earning as well. You could feel more pressured to obtain assets and “have it all” right now. And there also tends to be more situations in life where big purchases are necessary in general with this energy. Saturn is here to help you build a sustainable path for yourself financially in life and to make sure you are valuing yourself in the process.


With your Saturn Return occurring in an area of your birth chart having to do with communication, transportation, neighbors, siblings, and your immediate community, there are a lot of different areas of life Saturn will be highlighting. During your Saturn Return, you are seeing the interconnectedness of it all, and this time is all about intentional movement and communication. Extra precautions should be handled with transportation and technology, and not rushing things here is key. Saturn is here to rebuild your sense of connection and community and help you find your voice.


A Saturn Return in the 4th house is all about your emotional and physical foundations in life. Saturn is highlighting your inner world and asking you to take a look at your support systems in life and create boundaries if necessary. The 4th house rules the home, family, your roots, tradition, and inner nourishment in life; and with Saturn moving through here, changes are happening in the home and within. This is a deep time of healing for you, especially when it comes to childhood wounds and experiences of the past. There could be some distance and unsteadiness you are feeling when it comes to laying down roots or feeling a sense of home and family, and Saturn is here to help you build that. Your Saturn Return is all about unpacking and rebuilding.


Your Saturn Return is all about finding your happiness and committing yourself to pursue it. The 5th house rules romance, children, creativity, hobbies, and entertainment, and with Saturn the planet of tough love moving through the house of joy, this can put a damper on things at times. This transit is all about speaking up for yourself and from the heart and expressing your creativity. Saturn energy is more serious and your Saturn Return is about recognizing those moments of discontent and finding new ways to heal the inner child and seek out your happiness. Self-expression is key for you right now.


With a Saturn Return in the 6th house of health, work, daily lifestyle, and routines, your health is the priority right now. Saturn is making matters of well-being more pressing during this time and will be showing you the importance of a daily routine that you can stick to. Changes in your working life are also happening now, and what your everyday environment looks like is transforming into something you can see yourself doing for the long run. You may feel like you have to work harder than usual during this time and Saturn is helping you find the balance between service to others and service to yourself.


A Saturn Return in the 7th house brings things to the forefront when it comes to love, relationships, marriage, business partnerships, and your relationship to your finances as well. This Saturn Return seeks to bring change within your personal relationships and to provide you with the stable ground for love to grow on. This transit will be helping you define what you want/need in love, your view on commitment, and whom you want to build this sense of partnership with. Relationship challenges are likely during this time, but meeting people that provide you a greater sense of emotional satisfaction and stability is the purpose of this transit for you.


With the 8th house ruling shared finances, taxes, debt, intimacy, death, rebirth, sexuality, intuition, and all things taboo, you are experiencing a deep inner awakening during your Saturn Return. Saturn is making you aware of anything that’s been blocking you off from feeling the vulnerability, commitment, and intimacy you are looking for in life, and helping you overcome some emotional fears. Saturn is pushing you to be a little more fearless during this time and to have the courage to confront some emotions that have been buried down until now. Your Saturn Return is all about shadow work, healing, and spiritual growth.


Your Saturn Return is a time of exploring the mind and what growth can occur through keeping an open perspective. The 9th house rules travel, adventure, higher education, and philosophy, and this is where Saturn is shaking things up for the time being. There can be a delay in educational pursuits during this time or more pressure to learn in general. Travel should be taken carefully during your Saturn Return as these are instances where Saturn will be more active in your life and can be challenging. Overall, you are learning the importance of connecting to your higher self right now, and are learning about self-mastery and trusting your own path in life.


The effects of your Saturn Return tend to be more public than most. A Saturn Return in the 10th house is here to help you build new systems of success for your career. The 10th house rules your professional and public life, social status, skills, talents, where you shine in life, and also your reputation. With Saturn moving through here there can be some delays when it comes to reaching goals and you may feel like you have to overcome a lot on your professional journey to get to where you want to be. Saturn isn’t here to put a halt to your success in life, it’s here to make sure you are personally aligned with what you are doing in your career, and if not, to make the necessary changes so you are following your soul purpose.


With a Saturn Return in the 11th house of friendships and community, you are finding your people during this time. This time in your life can feel a little more isolated than usual and Saturn is urging you to reach out, connect, and build your community during this time. Saturn is helping you shine in your authenticity during your Saturn Return, and guiding you towards ways you can show up for not only your community but your personal aspirations and goals as well. With the 11th house also being the house of manifestation and making your visions come to life, this is a good time to learn more about manifestation and your gifts as a creator.


A Saturn Return in the 12th house is a time of healing, understanding what’s below the surface of your life, and releasing yourself from the past. The 12th house is the last house of the zodiac wheel, and rules endings and all things hidden. With Saturn in the 12th house, you’ve been on a life journey of being your biggest supporter in life, rather than catering to self-sabotaging behavior. This is a good time to see a healer, therapist, astrologer, etc., and to get serious about your healing journey and mental health. If you’ve had any challenges with addiction, Saturn will be addressing them during this time and helping you overcome them. Your Saturn Return is all about doing the inner work.

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