WTF Happens In Your 30s: Life Shifts & Saturn Return
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WTF Happens In Your 30s: Life Shifts & Saturn Return

Your 20s and 30s are filled with opinions of where you should be in life. You're told to go to college, get married, get your dream house with a white picket fence, and bring another life into this world before your biological clock runs out. But what happens when you fail to meet society's expectations of who you should be as a woman by a certain time?

On the debut episode of xoNecole's Happy Hour Podcast, the hosts get real about the life shift that happens as you close out your 20s and head into your 30s. Necole reveals the struggles behind the scenes of her huge career pivot from gossip blogging to female empowerment, including almost walking away from the xoNecole site after accumulating mounds of debt and having to pay her team out of her own pocket while living in a community space in New York City. Amer opens up about leaving a domestic violence situation and how solo travel encouraged her to hit the reset button on her life, and Sheriden reflects on the past few years as managing editor of xoNecole.com, and why she's currently experiencing imposter syndrome. If Saturn Return is coming for you at this stage in your life– you're in for a few laughs and thought-provoking revelations from the hosts of xoNecole's Happy Hour.

Show Notes

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  • An introduction to The Hosts
  • That weird shift in your life when everything gets shaken up, yes it has a name: Saturn Return
  • Sheriden reveals her imposter syndrome after snagging her dream job as managing editor at xoNecole
  • Amer reveals she has had a six-figure job since she was 24, but now at 34 she's currently unemployed after being laid off. She is not in a rush to get back to work
  • Necole speaks on her transition from a gossip blogger to launching a new empowering platform and why she almost walked away from xoNecole
  • The ladies discuss life shifts that shook up their worlds as they entered into their 30s

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Photography by Mecca Woods Gamble

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