Throw It Back Like A Zodiac: Mercury Retrograde, Horoscopes, & Tarot Reading Defined

What's your frequency?


'Tis the season, ladies! The leaves are falling and temperatures are dropping, which can only mean it is time to get in tune with our best autumn and third quarter selves. And listen, for some of us, we have no clue where to start. Are we in Mercury retrograde? Am I an earth sign? Wait, how do I know if I am compatible with my partner?

Well, just in time for the shift, Tarot reader, Dani Simone joined Amer and Sheriden for this week's episode of the xoNecole's Happy Hour Podcast to get all of our vibrations in check! Also known as The Mystic Model, Dani's resume extends way beyond your local newspaper clipping. She also serves as the resident horoscope writer for xoNecole, and as Amer says, "Sis, don't miss!" So, grab your crystals and conjure up your best manifestation, spirituality, and zodiac questions. We're tapping into our higher selves today.

(Oh, and there may even be a live tarot reading for Sheriden and Amer too!)

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xoNecole's Happy Hour Podcast Season 2, Episode 5 Show Notes:

Pre-Show Intro

Have you ever invested on a luxury bag or purse? -- Telfar bags, black-owned luxury bags. People have been buying them and marking them up like 200%. So, they offered pre-orders to prevent mark-ups and were criticized for the process. Either way, it's important to support these brands.

OnlyFans or nah? -- Sheriden: too much porn is already free; hates faux-enticement. Amer: it's exploitative for celebrities to join, was originally for sex workers who want more access to more coins.

Various porn categories, and how black women are disrespected...even in porn

OnlyFans buyer's remorse?

White people showing up to hate on black women's bags. Again.


Happy Hour

Zodiacs And Horoscopes

"Your Partner's Love Language, According To Their Zodiac Sign": an xoNecole article written by Dani that explores different signs, planets to consider when it comes to compatibility, your moon, communication, and more. Expresses the importance of knowing sun energy in relationships and how deep it can go, as well as other signs you should consider in dating. Also, understanding how our energies interact with others.

Our experiences and connection with the spiritual world -- Sheriden: connection to God, the universe, and their energy is usually through sex and orgasm. Amer's connection: has an uncle that was a healer. Often dreamed of future, which caused her to get into zodiac signs. Was introduced to tarot cards. Has practiced or studied astrology ever since.

Zodiac Terms Defined

What does sexuality mean to you?

"Sexuality is energy and intention that you bring to the fact that you are a sexual being. That can never be separated from you, even if you're not in the act of sex. And when I'm in full alignment with that energy, I feel like I tap into a state of being that feels spiritual. There's a reason why in the throws of passion we say, 'God.' We come face-to-face with our highest selves." — Ev'yan Whitney

"What's your sun, moon, and rising signs?"

  • Sun: how you present yourself to people
  • Moon: how you emotionally navigate through situations
  • Rising: who you really are at the core

Various modalities of astrology:

  • Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn
  • Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
  • Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Air signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Birth charts: snapshot of the cosmos at the time you were born. You need to know the exact time for accurate chart.

Synastry: comparing your birth chart to someone

Mercury retrograde: the planet is back-tracking, you revisit energies, themes, situations, relationships. That's why your ex is popping up, sis! Considered negative because of frequency (half of the year), but it's more inconvenient than negative.

Sex magic: visualizing what you want to manifest during orgasm. Get into it!

Chakras: different energy systems in our bodies

Tarot reading, what should you expect?`

The difference between an evolved sign and an unevolved signs

New Moon vs. Full Moon

Trines and Sextiles

Seeing repetitive numbers meaning (ex: Angel Numbers: a way that spirit, angels, and ancestors communicate and confirm something with us. Empress energy, manifestation energy, and creativity. Shifts, changes)

What's in store for the remainder of 2020?

People mentioned in this episode:

AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez)

Rickey Thompson

Cardi B

Bella Thorne


Rubi Rose

Kayla Robinson (OnlyFans)

Laci Jordan (graphic designer)

Ev'yan Whitney (sexuality doula)

The Hood Healer

Tatiana Tarot

Whoopi Goldberg

Ms. Cleo

Necole Kane


Resources mentioned in this episode:


xoNecole's "Money Talks" series

Honey Pot

Carmen: The Hip-Hopera


The Craft

That's So Raven

Cafe Astrology (website)

Time Passages (app)


The Pattern

Indian Matchmaker (Netflix Show)

Saturn's Return

Chakrub (crystal sex toy)

Dani hosts Soul Sessions on IG Live every Thursday at 8PM EST, where they explore different spiritul and life topics. You may follow her on Instagram at @themysticmodel. You may also visit her website at themysticmodel.com.

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