It's The Year Of The Empress - Here's What That Means For You


In Numerology, 2019 is considered a universal 3 year, bringing the collective focus to creative expression, collaboration, and expansion. The joyful energy associated with the number 3 invites us to experience more pleasure in our career, relationships, and life as a whole.

As women, we can be apprehensive when it comes to embracing our passions, whether they be in the professional world, dating realm, or even in the bedroom. Over the past several centuries, male-dominated power structures have interwoven a distorted perception of pleasure within the collective consciousness, twisting the concepts of passion and desire into something that is often viewed as impure and even immoral within certain social settings.

As we know, words and language itself can be extremely nuanced—carrying the remnants of meanings that have been lost in translation over a period of time. The word "desire" has its origins in the Latin word "desiderare," meaning "to long for, wish for; to await what the stars will bring."

Unfortunately, this interpretation of the word has been manipulated into a concept describing an insatiable sexual appetite; and although sexuality and desire can go hand-in-hand, they aren't necessarily synonymous. With that being said, 2019 encourages us to understand how we've subconsciously blocked ourselves from experiencing more fulfillment in our lives.

Say Hello To The Empress

This is the year in which you can switch up the narrative you've been bound to—the one that says you'll never be in a loving relationship or successfully run your own business, or even meet that perfect level of work/life balance. In many ways, this pursuit of gratification is sensual in its own right, enticing you to completely surrender to the ecstasy of living a wish-fulfilled life that places you in the position of authority—not your concerned parents, know-it-all friends, or micromanaging ass boss.

This is where The Empress comes in. Consider her the H.B.I.C. of the Tarot.

She rules alongside her counterpart, The Emperor, over the various kingdoms of their empire. The number 3 graces this feminine powerhouse's Tarot card, emphasizing the brilliant, almost supernatural, creative abilities that she possesses. This number reminds us that we are a combination of our humanity and our spiritual self. The Empress is the epitome of the popular saying, "As above, so below." It is through her alignment with her soul's essence that she manifests some of her greatest works, whether that be a lucrative business, a beautiful masterpiece, or a growing family. In our modern times, she is seen as the Supermom who successfully navigates the professional world while still holding down her household.

In the well-known Rider-Waite Tarot deck, The Empress sits upon her luxe throne surrounded by a bountiful forest with a waterfall flowing in the background, both elements of nature representing fertility and abundance. I always refer to this Tarot card as the "sitting pretty" energy because The Empress has everything she wants and then some. Leaning against her throne rests a heart-shaped stone scribed with the symbol that represents Venus, the planet of love and money.

TaurusLaci Jordan for xoNecole

Big Taurean Energy

One of the most important lessons that The Empress teaches us is the power of self-love and the role it plays in our relationship with abundance, sensuality, and creativity. This year, we are being initiated into the next level of this self-love journey that requires us to embrace our hidden gifts and talents that have lied dormant for far too long. Uranus, the planet of innovation, recently moved into Taurus (the zodiac sign associated with The Empress) where it will stay for the next seven years.

We are in the beginning stages of a radical transformation that will impact the way we create financial stability for ourselves.

The energy of Taurus always brings into question what we value, and over the next several years you may find yourself changing course, possibly multiple times, due to things falling out of alignment with what your heart really wants to experience. With that being said, don't be afraid to explore your options, especially if you've got big dreams of becoming a millionaire. It doesn't hurt to have a few different streams of income flowing your way and this Uranus in Taurus transit can definitely help you rake in some cash in new ways. The Saturn in Capricorn transit takes this objective a step further by challenging us to be diligent in the pursuit of our long-term goals. For many of us, the work that we're exploring now will play a significant role in our legacy years down the line.

If there's a hobby that you've been wanting to experiment with, this is the year to test the waters. Mercury is still retrograde in Pisces, drawing our focus back to the past, and not just to our old relationships, but to the the old passions we've let fall to the wayside in the midst of adulting. Although it's not advised to start new endeavors during the retrograde, this energy is perfect for rebranding your business, launching that new product you've had on the backburner, or dusting off your guitar that's been stowed away in storage. As annoying as Mercury Retrograde can be, there are some good things to take away from this time that's giving us the opportunity to recalibrate our mindset and strategy to move forward in the year ahead. Creativity remains at a high while the planet of communication continues backtracking through Pisces. Take advantage of this introspective phase to excavate the hidden gems within your inner world. Once Mercury is out of its post-shadow phase in April, you'll be ready to resurface to share your beautiful treasure with the world.

The Empress reminds us that "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Until we recognize the magic that we carry within us, life will remain lackluster and full of regrets.

One of the many lessons that she teaches is to know our value; and like the ideal mother, The Empress affirms it within her children—especially women, who are often conditioned by society to be more submissive, ultimately leading her towards a more passive approach to life that hinders the fullest expression of her potential before it's even given life to breathe. Even though the Empress carries herself with dignity, this phenomenal woman is rebellious in her own way, defying the expectations imposed upon her choosing to nurture the deepest desires that rest within her heart until they're ready to be birthed through her womb—the portal of her creative power.

As we know, healing starts from within, so adding more citrus fruits, melons, and water to your diet is essential. If you're into aromatherapy, make your own massage oil with Sandalwood or Ylang-Ylang. Balancing the Sacral chakra may also require some deeper self-reflection, particularly related to issues of shame, guilt, sexual abuse, and codependency. Take a proactive approach in honoring your spiritual and emotional wellness. This is the foundational work that is necessary for making the most out of your creative, sensual energy, which will give you the ability to manifest abundance in all areas of your life.

The magic of the Empress lies within you, waiting to be acknowledged and nurtured so that you can carry forth your plans with flawless execution in the year ahead.

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