Heaux Tales: Listen To The Latest Episode Of xoNecole's Happy Hour Podcast
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Heaux Tales: Listen To The Latest Episode Of xoNecole's Happy Hour Podcast

What is it about an independent, sexually aware woman sends men running for the hills? It is often the question reserved for the fourth or fifth glass of wine, surrounded by your best gal pals; everyone left still wondering but feeling more connected in the end. Is it the success? The self-actualization? The imperishable confidence? According to Sheriden Chanel and Amer Woods, it's probably a combination of all three and they hold nothing back in the latest episode of xoNecole's Happy Hour Podcast.

In this week's episode of Happy Hour, co-hosts Sheriden and Amer break down their feelings on extravagant gifts for Valentine's Day, the double standard facing successful women, and a thorough deep-dive into everything 'hoe'.

"Regarding Heaux Tales and Hoe Phases", an episode that pays homage to the newest studio album released from songstress Jazmine Sullivan, the duo explores the juiciest topics surrounding what it means to be a hoe, with intellect and humor. The conversation leads to questions like, "Is there is an element of tricking in traditional marriage?" or "Are there different ways to have a hoe phase?"

The ladies touch on the topic of double standards within society and media that tell women they shouldn't be sexually aware, with the most recent example being the controversy surrounding Lori Harvey's dating life. But even though those double standards exist, both in society and in a relationship, it should not be a driving force in your love life. The importance of doing you, regardless of what anyone is doing, is constantly stressed by Sheriden and Amer.

"Personally, I want to be a woman. I want to stand on my own platform, as a woman. I don't necessarily want to compare myself to the man and what he's doing." - Sheriden

Listen to the episode now on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Leave us a voice message on xohappyhour.com to share your story with us or ask a question for a chance to be featured on the show!

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