Jazmine Sullivan Shows Off Her Weight Loss Journey During Quarantine
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Jazmine Sullivan Shows Off Her Weight Loss Journey During Quarantine

As the holidays approach and seasonal depression sets in, I've come to see that perspective isn't the only thing I've gained during this quarantine, and the fact that Thanksgiving is right around the corner is upsetting me and my waistline. Although you may, too, feel stagnant on your journey to getting snatched, Jazmine Sullivan has all the inspiration we need to get our fitness goals back on track.

The singer recently debuted a new look, and although many of us were happy that our good sister is happy, healthy, and living her best life, the internet proved once again that they will always have the audacity. In response to critics that claimed the singer was "too skinny" (peep the picture here), Jazmine had this to say:

"Last week some people dragged me saying I look sickly. I'm honestly a size 12. 180 lbs. There's nothing skinny abt me but my neck 😩😂 I'm 5'8 however, so I sometimes photograph a little leaner than I am. But I ain't skinny and that was never my goal."

Jazmine explained that she began her healthy lifestyle journey after her mother's cancer diagnosis and ultimately transitioned to a vegan diet to stand in solidarity with her.

"My goal was to support my mother through her battle with cancer by going vegan with her and, in turn, it helped me as well. And I feel really good. I have a lot of things to work on in my journey and I'm not nearly the model for health and fitness…But I'm trying. And I'll continue to do so with my momma! Bless y'all. Love y'all. Stop talking about people. Vote in November."

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