8 Healing Crystals You Need To Feel More At Peace

8 Healing Crystals You Need To Feel More At Peace

At this point, we've all lost count on how many days we are in quarantine. As the days seem longer and longer, you quickly run out of things to do. You notice that you are under extreme stress and anxiety being trapped within your home with no deadline. You've cleaned your clutter, washed your car, made and tried new dishes, helped your children with every sheet of homework, and binge-watched over 400 hours of Netflix, and you realize that that isn't enough to remove this anxiousness. Half of the population is at work, and the other half are at home quarantining. At times, we subconsciously allow our minds to get flooded with information on social media that isn't useful to us.

I've personally had my bouts with insomnia, anxiety, and panic attacks, which in turn has led me to get prescribed anxiety and panic attack medication after two years of not needing any medication. After researching different ways to combat being on edge, I discovered that adding crystals to your daily routine can improve mental clarity, attract love, increase motivation, and calm you down. Check out those healing crystals below.


Green aventurin and heliotrope gemstones


This crystal is considered the lucky charm when it comes to abundance and success. If you are striving to take on a leadership role or anticipate a promotion, this crystal will provide the focus and clarity you would need. Its purpose is to release old patterns, habits, and disappointments for something new to take its place. Green aventurine will help you attract money and manifest abundance, so get to that bag sis. This crystal provides emotional safety and security.



If you are having trouble with harmony and balance, then lepidolite is the crystal for you. Largely considered a stablizing crystal, the lepidolite's job is to help guide your thoughts before actions by enhancing your awareness. If you suffer from anxiety like myself, having this crystal around can alleviate that anxiety by achieving balance in the mind, body and spirit. The crystal's calm vibes are the perfect remedy for whatever day-to-day stress you might encounter.



Known for its etheral energy, sodalite crystal allows you to open the window of communication and inspiration by tapping into your sense of self-expression. Sodalite acts as a vessel for enlightenment as it aids you with releasing any negative emotions or fears that are not serving you and replace it with restorative feelings of balance and harmony.

Black Tourmaline


If you've had enough and want to rebuke that negativity in the name of Jesus, then it is strongly suggested that you get a Black Tourmaline. Its purpose is to absorb that negative energy, purify it, and transform that lower vibration to a more pleasant one. Think of this crystal like your liver. It is constantly filtering out the bad and replacing it with the good. This crystal sharpens your memory and makes you laser-focused. Whenever you're feeling unsure, sad, or dealing with bouts of depression, this crystal helps you manage those emotions.

Blue Lace Agate


The Blue Lace Agate crystal is a healing crystal commonly affiliated with stress relief. It's an effective channel for opening up the heart chakra and helping one return to joy. Blue Lace Agate crystal helps to wash away negative emotions like fear and anxiety. This crystal relieves stress and brings to its user a sense of clarity and tranquility in its place.



The Carnelian crystal awakens your self-confidence by giving you a boost of courage. As a healing crystal, it is said to act as a remedy for stressful situations by improving blood circulation. Carnelian crystals can also be used with Rose Quartz to help you connect more with your romantic side. Alone, carnelian can help balance your sexual energy.



If you need a "this too shall pass" crystal, then apophyllite is your girl. When the light hits this beautiful crystal in the sunlight, it welcomes all positive energy. It invites high vibrations that in turn remedies your negative feelings of stress, worry, fear and anxiety. This crystal reminds me of a waterfall; it will continuously recycle the light and positive energy throughout your mind, body and spirit.

Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz is the most popular crystal of the list as everyone seems to be familiar with this crystal. As the healing crystal of universal love, Rose Quartz is known for its restorative properties in the realm of love and relationships. It opens the heart to receive love, self-love, peace and inner healing.

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