This Viral Video Is A Reminder That "Godfidence" Is The Key To Alignment In 2018


I know, I know. It's only January 2nd and your Twitter feed might be exhausted with everyone's talk of 2018 and their goals for the new year. Or maybe you're jaded with the idea of the first of a new month being the time to restart and get brand new on folks.

I say, don't give up too soon on the idea when there are gold nuggets of realization waiting to be found.

2017 was a year of some of the greatest tribulations for me but also some of the greatest triumphs. I sincerely forgave my abusers of the past and worked towards releasing the baggage of my emotional skeletons that I had been carrying around for so long; I also stepped into a new role as an observer and was able to witness my own doing in the pain that has left many wounds on my spirit. Being able to step out of my own skin to see my hand in self-victimization was the moment I built muscle around once-broken bones. It was the realization that life, and all of the pains and tears and tests happens FOR me, to build and grow, rather than TO me.

Twitter user @Stephiesosoul articulately broke down her learned lesson from 2017 in a video that is short and sweet to the soul. The video went viral the day of New Years Eve and the magic in it is a reminder of the beauty of light that lies in the darkness of our own victimization.

"There is a world of outcomes that we don't see, and maybe being put on this path is what it takes for you to get to that path that you want. It's never just, 'Things have to be A, B, C.' You don't know the endless possibilities that can happen, so sometimes when we're put on a path we think 'OMG everything went wrong.' No. Things are exactly how they're supposed to be going. It's just your perspective of victimization that can change that. You have to see that life happens FOR you, never TO you. So, if there is a change that did not match whatever you had planned - A, B, and C - just know that it is because it is to align you. Have that faith, that GODFIDENCE, that I'm confident wherever I land I'm going to land on my feet. I land on my feet standing and I'm only there because that's wherever I have to be to get to where I've been praying for."

Steph's message was powerful. Sometimes we don't see the answers that surround us because we are too busy mourning the death of our expectations. The path we are on is not a mistake. It's leading us to where we are meant to go and who we are meant to be.

In her video, Stephie was a sister in the mirror reminding me of the algorithm of the universe - that what is happening is for me and not working against me. There are pains that have shaped us and trials that have carved us, but we will not be able to admire our new shape of growth unless we remove the salt of the past from out of our eyes and away from our wounds. The truths in the video reminded me that once we are able to recognize the purpose in everything we go through, our tears will be honey to our wounds.

This new year should be welcomed with open arms, so I am dropping my chains and the baggage I've traveled with for so long. This new year is the time and space I need to accomplish everything I wish to achieve, so I am reminding myself of my ability to move mountains. This new year is a clean canvas for me to paint my vision in HD, so I am utilizing my soul tools to color my future outside the lines.

In 2018, we are all landing on our feet and walking towards our God-given purpose.

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