The Q4 Glow-Up Plan You Need To Plant The Seeds For A Successful 2024

The Q4 Glow-Up Plan You Need To Plant The Seeds For A Successful 2024

When you reflect on your wins from this year and what you’d like to get out of the rest of 2023, what comes to mind?

Are there fitness goals you want to put into action? Is there a follower count you’d like to hit on social media? Maybe you hope to land your next dream job. Whatever the case may be, the end of the year has a way of illuminating our personal goals — and when prioritized correctly, they’re more than possible to obtain.

Depending on what kind of year you’ve had, you may opt for a soft landing to cap off the end of the year, while others may use the last remaining days to pack in final goals and lay the foundation for the year ahead.

And if you’ve been anywhere near TikTok these days, you may have noticed that many users are getting a head start on their 2024 plans to “become unrecognizable'' and are using a new strategy to do so.

Enter the Q4 Glow Up Plan.

Your Q4 2024 Glow Up Plan


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You might be thinking that a Q4 Glow Up Plan is just another variation for a vision board or simple goal setting, but it’s a lot more than that. It’s a game plan. This strategic roadmap helps individuals optimize the few days left in the year so that life doesn’t just happen to you, but instead, gives you direction on where your time and energy goes.

The concept was recently popularized by TikTok creator and a corporate senior director, Jodie Taylor. She explains that the plan allows you to give your life a SWOT analysis (a marketing term meaning strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) to identify areas of growth.

Taylor “has a plan for everything,” which sparked the inspiration behind the Glow-Up Plan.

During the pandemic, she utilized her free time to consult with a life coach, therapist, and physical trainer; a decision that ultimately changed the trajectory of her life. “I began to see the net benefit of what it looks like when you have support and you're intentional over the course of three months or six months and co-create your life,” she tells xoNecole.

Many of us become motivated to regain control over our lives after spending weeks or even months on auto-pilot, only to wake up and not know where the days went. Approaching the end of the year from a place of strategy not only provides us with a routine to follow but also gives us tangible steps to follow in order to awaken the change we desire.

"I began to see the net benefit of what it looks like when you have support and you're intentional over the course of three months or six months and co-create your life."

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But before we can take action, we must first reflect.

“Optimize and reflect back on how you felt in the past year,” she says. “What did you enjoy the most and what experiences do you want more of — whether that's financial freedom, increased relationship, or social network? How can you do your best to ensure that you are creating the roadmap and intentionality to have next year look even better.”

Striving to achieve numerous goals in a limited time can be an overwhelming experience. Thankfully, there are tools in place that can help us move in the right direction. For starters, Taylor recommends using a wellness wheel as a “diagnostics test” to rate the top areas of your life from 1-10.

“See what you're really happy and excited about and what areas of your life that you wish looked differently,” she says. “Then you can create your wellness or glow-up plan from there.”

Taylor likes to break down her glow-up plan into four main quadrants: physical appearance, social, career/finances, and intellectual/spiritual. For professional and personal development in particular, she’s found success in building new connections by attending conferences and galas, joining local junior boards, and investing in a life coach in order to grow her network and build confidence.

“Having ownership of your life is such a freeing feeling,” she says. “I think there's times when you feel like a passive bystander in your own life. But life is so rewarding when you have a clear vision of what you want your life to look like; but more importantly, feel like.”

Ultimately, glowing up by the end of the year is more than just doing an internet trend to change your outward appearance — it’s about leveling up your mindset and self-concept to believe that you’re both worthy and deserving of your dream life.

If you see what you’re capable of in just 30 or 60 days, imagine what you’ll achieve when the next 365 come back around.

“I think sometimes the action comes before the thought,” she says. “Meaning that when you practice these things, you slowly begin to change how you think about yourself. If you fundamentally want to change your life and change how you view yourself, committing to small actions and identifying changes over time will gradually transform you into that person.”

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