Add These Must-Attend Conferences To Your Calendar This Year And Beyond
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Add These Must-Attend Conferences To Your Calendar This Year And Beyond

Conferences and other networking events always give us the perfect opportunity to not only interact with other beautiful and powerful Black women with similar interests but to also learn, show up, and show out. (I don’t know about you but I love a good excuse to plan trips and outfits with the ultimate goal of meeting new people and learning new things.)

With this in mind, here’s a roundup of must-go events if you’re looking to commune with other Black women professionals.

​The White Dress Project’s Empowerment Experience, July 14-16, Washington DC.

Led by an advocacy group that has put an empowering spotlight on women’s health--- particularly in reference to fibroids and reproductive health---this event features interactive workshops, empowering conversations, and uplifting activities aimed at activating major aspects of our lives.

​PNC Power Networking Conference: August 2-5 Houston

If you want to be among experienced entrepreneurs and thought leaders, this is the place to be. From wealth advisers to business powerhouses, to spiritual leaders, this is quite the level-up type of conference where you can learn from your elders and get some solid insights from people who have been there and done that.

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​International Black Women’s Congress (IBWC) Conference Virginia Beach, Va., September 23-25

Hosted by a nonprofit that seeks to connect women of African descent from all global backgrounds, this is one of their yearly events to talk about topics that impact Black women of the diaspora. This event offers the opportunity to network with women from all over the world and from a multitude of industries and walks of life.

The Adcolor Conference: Los Angeles, November 9-11

This conference is launched by an organization that advocates for diversity in the tech and creative industries. And since the 2022 roster of speakers included leading professionals from Google, LinkedIn, Amazon, and more, along with a mix of phenomenal entrepreneurs who have innovated in their own right and our favorite celebs including Keke Palmer and Issa Rae, you know this year’s event will be one not to miss.

​Mogulcon: Nov 2-5 In Nashville, Tenn.

From masterclasses on how to boost your business success, to practical talks from experts in leadership, mindset, email marketing, and more, participants are set to learn a lot about how to build legacies and empires---not just businesses. It's hosted by a serial entrepreneur in her own right and boasts sponsors including Honey Pot and Wells Fargo.

​Black Women Talk Tech, UK: October 5-6, London

The founders of this awesome event for Black women in tech (and those who work with and support them) are taking their event on the road, giving the U.K. a much-needed space for Black women to feel supported, to be empowered, and to be educated on what it means to be successful in both business and the tech industry. There’s a pitch competition where the award is actual funding, and you can rub elbows with a few new potential international business besties.

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​TEDWomen: October 11-13, Atlanta

The great thing about this conference is that it centers on intellect, ideas, and ways to change things for the better for women, and there’s an inclusion of our male counterparts in order to have balanced conversations about issues related to women’s equality. There are opportunities to attend dinners, listen to talks, and interact with a diverse body of thinkers and doers.

​Ultimate Women’s Expo: October 14 2023 - April 27 2024, Multiple Cities

With events launching in Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, New York, and Miami (and several already sold out), its popular draw is the plethora of products and services offered via booths, seminars with speakers including business leaders and celebrities, and professionals offering the keys to success in industries including financial services, beauty, travel, home design, and more.

​AfroTech Conference, November 1-5, Austin, Texas

This is an opportunity to connect with tens of thousands of Black tech professionals and innovators at what’s touted as “the largest Black tech conference of the year.” There will be digital and in-person events within the conference filled with panels and discussions on emerging trends and attendees can even upload their resumes to their Talent Infusion Resume Book.

If you’re looking at some of these and raising an eyebrow about the admissions costs, don’t fret. Some have student or corporate rates, so make that proposal sis, and have your company sponsor you. And if you can’t make it this year, bookmark their websites for other smaller upcoming events (like AfroTech’s Happy Hours) or save those coins to plan a girls’ trip for next year.

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