I Went To London For A Week & This Is Everything I Packed To Wear

I Went To London For A Week & This Is Everything I Packed To Wear

With the holidays being the busiest time of year for the travel industry, there's even more incentive to strategize your vacation wear as you jet-set from one destination to the next. As a fashion stylist and reformed over-packer, when it comes to travel, both planning and packing can be two of the most stressful aspects of every trip. Whether preparing for a week-long excursion across the country or galavanting abroad, it’s best to lighten your load by bringing vacation-worthy looks that are not only essential but versatile enough for multiple combinations to wear throughout your trip.

Winter travel brings challenges of its own when visiting colder parts of the world. Unlike summer vacation, cold weather means bulky coats, oversized knits, and chunky boots that take up a lot more space in your suitcase. For my recent trip to London, to alleviate the stress of packing and overweight baggage fees, I prepared in advance with a try-on haul of what I planned to wear each day of my trip. From shoes to accessories and bags, I captured a photo to reference each look while on vacation. Staying comfy, cozy, and chic was my main priority and I wanted to achieve that goal with the least amount of clothes possible.

Making a mental note of necessary items ranging from sneakers, boots, and coats to matching sets, I narrowed my options to one of each style that would complement the few statement pieces I purchased for my trip. In the end, I opted for five neutral-toned staples I could rotate from day to night throughout the week.

Keep scrolling to see the five minimal items that maximized my winter London looks.

1.New Balance Sneakers

Shahirah Ahmed/xoNecole

Sneakers are a must-have when walking the cobblestoned streets of European cities. When planning outfits for this trip, I wanted a pair of sneakers that were just as functional as they were stylish. New Balance sneakers were at the top of my list because of their comfort, sleek and minimal design. When packing, I intended to create multiple casual outfits that were easily paired with one sneaker. In addition to their lightweight feel, the mix of silver, gray, and light neutral tones was the perfect combination for effortless cold-weather outfits.

2.Mini Telfar Shopper

Shahirah Ahmed/xoNecole

It’s hard not wanting a bag from every Telfar release. With each drop, there's a colorway I envision sitting pretty in my closet. My cream mini Telfar shopper was the perfect accessory while out and about, matching every stylish moment. Small yet large enough to carry essentials such as my phone and wallet, I wore it with ease as a crossbody keeping my valuables close at all times. When traveling it's best to be more mindful when walking in large crowds and taking public transportation around the city.

3.A Matching Set

Shahirah Ahmed/xoNecole

Wearing a matching set was top of mind when shopping for my trip. I came across this sheer nylon set with graphics and knew it would be a casual chic choice for my London aesthetic. To extend my range of options throughout the week, I separated each piece of the set into individual outfits. I wore the asymmetrical long-sleeve top with a maxi denim skirt for a transitional day-to-night look then styled the matching skirt with a layered corset for another night out to the theater. A set is a convenient and practical chic choice for a variety of options.

4.Classic Khaki Trench

Shahirah Ahmed/xoNecole

A khaki trench coat is a classic staple that continues to stand the test of time. Typically cold and rainy this time of year in the United Kingdom, this coat was perfect for layering and protecting me from the day-to-day elements. Traveling with one large suitcase, I was able to minimize bulk by avoiding oversized coats that would take up more space than necessary. The perfect winter look, this outerwear trend is forever a stylish moment when worn with just about anything.

5.Comfy Chic Boots

Shahirah Ahmed/xoNecole

With so much to do in the city, I brought my faux leather square-toe Jeffrey Campbell boots for cute and casual moments. From shopping trips to date nights, the trendy sleek design was the perfect complement to dress up both my daytime and nighttime looks. With a chunky platform and bulky heels, these boots were comfortable enough for all-day wear.

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Featured image by Shahirah Ahmed/xoNecole

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