These Are The Five Underrated Fashion Trends Blowing Up In LA

These Are The Five Underrated Fashion Trends Blowing Up In LA

From Downtown to Santa Monica, Los Angeles is known for its laid-back nature, oftentimes overlooked as one of the most fashion-forward cities in the world. Because of the effortless approach to everyday streetwear, the city is often underestimated when it comes to the early adaptation of trends wearing outerwear, knits, and accessories that have proven to be breakout hits of the season. It's always a good idea to look at what some of LA’s most fashionable people are wearing, as they often set the tone for sporting pieces before they become mainstream must-haves. LA’s fresh take on ready-to-wear is in a genre of its own, defining the iconic west coast aesthetic.

Since 2021, fashionistas have been stepping out in a variety of wardrobe staples that are both fresh and modern but with a vintage feel. With clear sunny skies and 365 days of close-to-perfect weather, practicality and comfort encourage creative yet casual combinations when it comes to winter fashion.

Some of the leading trends include statement pieces that stray from typical fall classics but remain grounded in practicality. Oversized moto jackets and lengthy maxi skirts are all familiar fall fashions but the updated silhouettes feel excitingly new and current. Winter accessories like oversized fur hats make a statement yet, a cozy alternative to the subtle baseball caps that trended this summer.

There are so many options to wear this season, and as always I’m inspired by the most fashionable women in my city. For inspiration on how to broaden your wardrobe this season, check out the most underrated items taking over LA.

1.The Utilitarian Maxi

With mini skirts dominating every list of what to wear this fall, maxi skirts are quickly becoming an edgier alternative for fashion girls in LA. The long length creates a modestly modern silhouette perfect for a stylish transition from spring to fall and throughout winter. With a variety of designs and fabrics, there’s a maxi skirt that fits almost any occasion. Wear it with sneakers for a daytime look or pair a heeled sandal for a sexy night out.

2.The Abstract Print

Gaining traction over the last year, abstract prints inspired by high fashion designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier are still a favorite among local fashionistas. Hypnotizing geometric patterns have replaced classic animal prints as the go-to for cool girls in LA. Designed with maximalists in mind, this style is a fun addition to a semi-casual look paired with oversized cargo pants and square-toed high-heeled boots.

3.The Oversized Colorful Cardigan

During this time of year, clear skies are common in sunny southern California with subtle drops in temperatures for a slight taste of fall. An oversized cardigan is the perfect layering piece to make a cozy statement in the not-so-cold weather. Typically when worn, the comfy knit is kept cool and casual layered over a tank top paired with a skirt, trousers, or sweatpants for a stylish on-the-go look.

4.The Classic Motorcycle Jacket

I’m in my early 2000s era this fall revisiting my love for vintage leather motorcycle jackets as the coat trend begins to take over LA’s fashion-forward crowd. The heavy-duty leather and metal hardware embody a bad-to-the-bone persona for the fashionistas that live for the wild side. Pair with trousers or a full leather-on-leather ensemble with matching pants for an edgier approach to the season's most daring outerwear trend.

5.The Furry Statement Hat

Winter accessories, especially hats, are an essential addition to a fall/winter stylish look, even in a city that gets mildly chilly. Over the years, bucket hats have been created in an array of designs from crocheted knits to coated leather, getting bolder as the weather gets colder. This season, faux fur fabrics in a range of deep pigments and eye-catching oversized shapes are turning heads as the final piece to finish off a fashion-forward look this season.

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