10 Winter Outfit Staples Every Woman Needs

Winter is here. Are you ready, queen?


Every season needs a solid wardrobe foundation. Fashion girls around the world are gearing up for a stylish winter full of glam, comfort and ease. Because in the winter time, that's what's most important.

One of our absolute faves, Ashley Weddington, a New York-based influencer, is a lover of all things style. She lives to inspire by showcasing different ways to put ensembles together while staying on trend all year round. She told us why she loves winter, from delicious hot beverages, holidays, layers, to all around cozy vibes. "I choose my staple pieces based on their versatility, as well as statement-making ability. Living in NYC, staying warm and being stylish can sometimes be tricky, which is why I put a lot of effort into choosing outerwear, boots, and accessories that really pop!"

We have found 10 of Ashley's winter wardrobe staples that are the beginning of a fabulous closet. Check 'em out below:

1. Faux Fur Coat.

Courtesy of Ashley Weddington/astyledmind.com

This is a must-have item if you want to brave the cold. Not only is it stylish but it is incredibly warm. A real fur coat may not be in the budget so be sure to cop a faux fur number to give the same "Joanne the Scammer"/rich Caucasian woman vibes this winter season. For more coat style inspiration, you can check out our article "11 Statement-Making Coats That Radiate Boss Energy". Talk about cold.

Low: MUM & ME Lapels Faux Fur Coat, $150

High: Alice + Olivia Foster Long Faux Fur Coat, $447

2. Black Pants.

Courtesy of Ashley Weddington/astyledmind.com

Ashley is a risk-taker, so she opted for leather pants, but you can find black pants in various styles, textures, and lengths. Why black pants? Because they are slimming and create a classic silhouette. Above all, black pants are fitting for almost any space.

Low: MANGO Straight Pants, $60

High: Madewell Huston Pull-On Full-Length Pants, $95

3. Over The Knee Boots.

Courtesy of Ashley Weddington/astyledmind.com

Over-the-knee boots have become a mainstay in the cycle of fashion trends. You can easily style the shoe to your liking, whether you are rocking an oversized sweatshirt like Ariana Grande or a minidress like Ashley. That's the added pleasure of this staple: their versatility.

Low: ASOS DESIGN Kendra Stiletto Thigh High Boots, $80

High: Saks Fifth Avenue Karter Microsuede Knee-High Boots, $180

4. Turtleneck.

Courtesy of Ashley Weddington/astyledmind.com

I am a huge advocate for turtlenecks. They are reminiscent of the most fashionable eras like the 70s and 90s. Not to mention, you'll feel like you're still snuggled under your favorite blanket once you've left your couch. Take a note from Ashley and layer the staple with a silk tank and a striped blazer. You can use a turtleneck to continue to wear some of your other wardrobe faves even after their season has passed.

Low: MANGO Turtleneck Ribbed Sweater, $46: $40

High: Anthropologie Blair Turtleneck Sweater, $120

5. Little Black Dress.

Courtesy of Ashley Weddington/astyledmind.com

When in doubt, throw on a little black dress. It's the answer to all of your problems; from your office to date night. You can also style an LBD in limitless ways. During these colder days, try finding little black dresses that are knitted or have a thicker texture.

Low: Sheerah Black Turtleneck Midi Sweater Dress, $58

High: Joie Bryella Mock Neck Knit Midi Dress, $298

6. Overalls.

Courtesy of Ashley Weddington/astyledmind.com

Overalls are a legit way to switch up your style game. This style is not just a flashback; it's a great way to step outside of your normal routine. And if you're caught up on the name, just call it a jumpsuit. Ha!

Low: Urban Bliss Straight Leg Overall, $60

High: MATE Maya Overalls, $110: $178

7. Scarf.

Courtesy of Ashley Weddington/astyledmind.com

Scarves are quintessential for winter. When have you ever NOT loved a good scarf!

Low: H&M Color-block Scarf, $20

High: BURBERRY Mega Check Cashmere Scarf, $490

8. Printed Suit.

Courtesy of Ashley Weddington/astyledmind.com

Printed suits have to be one of the best things invented. When I see women wearing killer suits, I think, Oh, she's not in her bag, she is the bag! The power in the power suit is all in how you rock it and confidence should be your favorite accessory. This season, I challenge you to find a bold color or printed suit. P.S. you can also double coordinate sets as suits!

Low: MANGO Printed Blazer, $70 & MANGO Printed Trousers, $50

High: Tommy Hilfiger Zendaya Monogram Print Blazer, $250 & Tommy Hilfiger Zendaya Monogram Print Trousers, $130

9. Crossbody Bag.

Courtesy of Ashley Weddington/astyledmind.com

Crossbody bags are superb for the days on the go. You can quickly throw them on and keep it moving. While Ashley opted for a small bag, you can definitely go bigger.

Low: TOPSHOP Jess Moon Faux Leather Crossbody Bag, $48

High: COACH Parker 18 Crossbody Bag, $150

10.  Glamorous Skirt.

Courtesy of Ashley Weddington/astyledmind.com

Don't you just love this skirt? It's fun and full of glamour. Wanna know a secret? It's actually a dress. Ashley paired it with a chunky sweater to give the illusion of a skirt. Either way, this look kills!

Low: TOPSHOP Slit Sequin Midi Skirt, $55

High: UO Emilia Sequin Pleated Midi Skirt, $79

Featured image courtesy of Ashley Weddington/A Styled Mind.

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Originally published on January 3, 2019

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