Rebuild Your Wardrobe From Scratch With 10 Closet Essentials Trending This Spring

Rebuild Your Wardrobe From Scratch With 10 Closet Essentials Trending This Spring

Spring is upon us and with this time of year comes the annual closet cleanout we so desperately need and collectively look forward to. Despite freezing cold temperatures and endless rain, winter weather is slowly fading away and it's time we clear out what no longer serves us both in life and in our closets. A symbol of new beginnings and transformations, the shift in seasons is the perfect time to declutter our space while releasing the old to welcome the new.

During the process of evaluating our wardrobes, we determine what we can live without while looking forward to what it is we truly need. As we reintroduce boldly enticing fashion predicted by spring runway collections, it’s smart to start with a foundation of neutral staples to be mixed and matched with serotonin-releasing statement items some of us so desperately live for.

Each season there are new styles and designs and with the overload of viral trends, it's easy to become influenced by an endless cycle of forgettable “must-haves.” To help get you started on your most stylish season ever, we’ve curated a list of 10 trending items you can mix and match daily to achieve a perfectly balanced chic and classic fashion-forward wardrobe.

1.White Tank Top

The must-have ribbed white tank is the number one staple everyone needs in their spring and summer wardrobe. Perfectly paired with denim, soft trousers, maxi skirts, and more, the combinations are indeed endless. A ribbed tank is relatively inexpensive even with a quality find that provides plenty of wear and durability. For a trend-forward look, wear a maxi cargo skirt, neutral-colored sneakers, and pearl accessories for an everyday casual outfit.

2.Denim Maxi Skirt

As mentioned above, a maxi skirt is a great pairing for a fashion-forward casual outfit idea. Denim maxis have re-emerged as one of the most viral trends sweeping social media. The 2000s era trend is extremely versatile, being dressed up or down depending on one's mood and activities for the day. Dress down a denim maxi skirt with sneakers and a casual white top for everyday errands or dress it up with a sleek heel, cut-out top, and moto jacket for an elevated modern take on the trend.

3.Straight Leg Denim

The answer to the viral debate about whether or not skinny jeans are back is the straight-leg denim trend. Slowly taking over as this season's most wanted silhouette, the updated skinny jean is slim but less form-fitting, perfect for a boot or sneaker. With a range of washes from light blue to indigo, the slim-leg denim trend is here to stay.

4.Statement Jewelry

Gone are the days of minimal jewelry, we’ve had enough of that thanks to the pandemic. This year is all about going bold as accessories can elevate the most basic outfit tremendously. Silver is forcing its way back into the mainstream jewelry trends with women who once laughed at the idea of ever adorning the metal experiencing a drastic change of heart. If not wearable art, it's stackable jewelry with the chunkier being the better. If you’re not ready to give up the minimal look, add in a statement necklace layered with minimal chains and hoop earrings to achieve an effortless cool girl look.


If you’re a chunky boot lover, loafers are the perfect swap for warm weather. Style with chunky socks when wearing a skirt or slip into a classic pair with oversized long-length low-rise jeans. Loafers have seen a dramatic rise in popularity over the past year and there’s no slowing down on the trend.

6.Oversized Sunglasses

Nothing about this year is about blending in or being subtle which is why designer frames from Loewe, Gucci, and Tom Ford are setting the standard on 2023 eyewear. Just like most accessories, frames are bigger and bolder than we’ve seen in the last 10 years thanks to the aviator trend making a solid comeback for spring. Oversized sunnies with face-shaping silhouettes are even better with daring colors and contrasting tints to make a stylish statement this coming season.

7.Shoulder Bag

There's something about the shoulder bag that has captivated the fashion world more recently. It's small yet conveniently fits all necessities with a limitless range of colors, shapes, and patterns to match any look. It’s also the perfect balance between the quick-fading fad of the micro mini and the oversized tote. If looking for a classic designer purchase for spring, its size and shape will be worth the investment as this silhouette will never go out of style.

8.Maxi Tube Dress

A classy addition to this year's trends, the 90’s era tube dress is back on the “It List” for spring. The strapless design is chicly versatile with a range of looks to be achieved. From the office paired with a blazer and a boot or a weekend outing with sexy sleek heels, this is an item you’ll want to wear all summer. Opt for a cotton/spandex mixed material as a comfortable choice for an everyday look or a vegan leather for an effortlessly high fashion moment.

9.Button-Down Long Sleeve

The button-down long sleeve is one of the most loved closet essentials. The versatility is unmatched and the price is unbeatable for the amount of wear one can achieve in this staple piece. Worn open, closed, layered underneath a corset, or wrapped around one's waist, there's more than enough reason to benefit from owning a crisp white button-down top. Pair with leggings and heels for a casual chic moment layered with statement accessories for a classic spring look.

10. Dad Trouser

Trousers are a great option for women who love to stretch the limit of chic workwear. The "Dad Pant" is a classic tailored aesthetic with a high-rise fitted waist and extra long hem, a length perfect for high heels, sneakers, or chunky sandals. Opting for lightweight fabric is also perfect for year-round temperatures. Wear long trousers with a fitted white top, and an oversized black or beige blazer with pointed-toe heels for a sophisticated look day or night.

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