These Are The 8 Micro Trends Taking Over This Summer

These Are The 8 Micro Trends Taking Over This Summer

Summer is officially here and I can’t wait to show off my hot girl outfits. With the world at our fingertips, 2022 is proving to be the biggest fashion awakening of our generation. Unlike the last two years of understated looks and neutral combinations, this season’s trends are brighter and bolder than ever. Reminiscent of the early 2000s, this year has become a revival of an era when fashion knew no bounds and pushed beyond our creative limitations.

Beyond style, the most fashion-worthy moments are the juxtapositions of an outfit. You may see the fashion girlies rocking a corset, cargo pants, and sneakers one day and a babydoll dress with platform wedges the next. From low-rise waistlines to never-ending hems, this is the season to put self-expression at the forefront by dressing how you feel even if it means doing the bare minimum. Regardless of the day’s mood, implementing just one of these summer trends gives major main character energy.

Scroll to see my top picks below.

1. Maxi Skirts


Courtesy of Brianna Monae

The feminine urge to wear summer maxis is in full effect and this time it's all about the bodycon silhouette. Dressed up or down, there's a maxi for any occasion. I love a beautiful maxi skirt paired with a chic top and a pair of kitten heel slides. Whatever combination, this style looks so classy and effortlessly dominates the room.

2. Cargo Pants


Courtesy of Blake Gifford / Photo Credit: Rachel Bires

There’s an obsession with cargo pants, I see them everywhere in L.A. Not that I don’t love the look, I could wear them every day. Worn high or low rise by gen z’s to millennials, I’m definitely a fan. A generational crossover, they have the cool and casual fashion that has women of all age groups in a chokehold. I give this summer staple a 10/10.

3. Cut Out Jeans


Courtesy of Shahirah Ahmed

I discovered cut out jeans on a trip to London this past spring and immediately wanted in on this eye-catching trend. This subtle pop of skin is such a compliment taking your denim look to another level. A hot girl summer includes taking risks so try this bold detail next time you're shopping for a fun pair of jeans.

4. Matching Sets


Courtesy of Flora

Matching sets are simply timeless so of course, it's one of my favorite trends this summer. This year we’re getting color, texture, and body. Skirt sets in particular are such a feminine touch, perfect for a European or tropical location. Pair with your favorite dainty gold jewelry and sunnies for a complete look.

5. Barbie Pink


Courtesy of Destinie Alexandria

Hot pink is the color of the season. A beautifully inviting hue, pink has been dominating the scene, especially when added as a pop to cool or darker tones. Worn from head to toe or as an electric accent, there’s always an excuse to implement in your everyday looks. Paired with a sneaker, this is the definition of casual cute.

6. Corset Tops


Courtesy of Mrs. Davis

Ultra-sleek and ultra-feminine, a corset top is definitely for the grown and sexy. I love a snatched waist and accentuated hip any time of the day or night. The versatility makes this lingerie turned ready-to-wear staple in a league of its own. Graceful in itself, dressed up or down, it brings the heat to any situation. I love mixing my favorite go-to’s, so this hot pink corset combination with the maxi skirt is winning.

7. Wrap Around Heels


Courtesy of L Y L E E H M

Believe it or not, wrap-around heels have been slowly making a comeback and now, they’ve finally arrived. Formerly known as “gladiators,” this season we’ll see a chicer more toned-down approach. The selections are endless with platform styles and sandals. Perfect for brunch or a girls' day out, this look is a summer statement.

8. Crochet


Courtesy of L Y L E E H M

The crocheted look is growing on me and I’m falling more in love with it every day. The summer looks are coming in and I’ve seen crochet grow from grandma sweaters to looks with sex appeal and a modest touch. Super chic, you can pair almost anything with this trend. Dress it up with your favorite accessories to really take it over the top.

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Featured image courtesy of Shahirah Ahmed/Instagram




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