This 20-Year-Old Womanpreneur Made $1.18 Million In 9 Minutes Selling Vegan Skincare
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This 20-Year-Old Womanpreneur Made $1.18 Million In 9 Minutes Selling Vegan Skincare

My name is Taylor and I have a problem.

Although I am trying my hardest to keep my shopping cart empty and mind my budget, I can't stop spending money on skincare and if buying Black is wrong, I don't wanna be right. Just when I thought I got my compulsion under control, I stumbled upon MoonXCosmestics, a Black woman-owned handmade skincare line that would surely take all of my coins… if they weren't constantly sold out due to high demand.

Last week, the brand, created by 20-year-old womanpreneur Mariee' Revere, announced that they made $1.8 million dollars in sales with a total of more than 20,000 orders in only 9 minutes and the internet was shook.

Although MoonXCosmetics only surfaced online three years ago, the user reviews and word of mouth have quickly catapulted the company into the spotlight proving that having a dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately.

Before the age of 21, our good sis has since been able to move into a new apartment, buy a new Jeep, invest in a warehouse, pay off her mother's credit card, and take care of her grandmother's mortgage for 2020. Ain't God good?

Be sure to sign up for emails to learn more about MoonXCosmetics next restock, but until then, check out this list of Black-owned natural skincare companies that you need to shop ASAP:


Featured image courtesy of Instagram/@parmoonx.

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