Love Fresh Flowers? Here Are Tips To Make Them Last Longer

These fresh floral hacks are where it's at.

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Something that I used to start my weekend off with (that I need to get back to doing) was picking up some fresh flowers to either put in my living room or bedroom. They're not just pretty and uber feminine; flowers in your home can relieve stress, improve your mood and (get this) even improve your memory over time. In fact, the only downside that I can see is how quickly they die after getting them.

That's where this article comes in. If, like me, you adore having flowers bloom in your space yet you can't financially justify getting a new batch every couple of days, here are some fresh floral hacks that can at least double the amount of time your flowers have (probably) been lasting at your place.

1. Make Your Own Flower Food

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Did you know that if you take proper care of your flowers, they can last for as long as 12-14 days? One way to up your chances of this happening is to "feed them". They need some (white) sugar to stay in full bloom, citric acid to reduce the chances of your petals wilting and, if you want to keep bacteria at bay, bleach can make that happen.

Two of the best "foods" that I've seen consist of a half-crushed aspirin in a cup of water or two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice combined with a tablespoon of sugar, a half-teaspoon of bleach and a quart of water. Adding either of these should give your flowers at least an extra week of longevity than just water alone.

2. Play Around with Water Temperatures a Bit

So, what if you bought some flowers and most of the buds are tightly closed? No problem. Cut the stems at a slanted 45-degree angle and then put them into a glass of warm water. After a couple of minutes, transfer the flowers to a container of cold water and leave them there for 20 minutes or so. It'll blow your mind, how quickly your flowers open up (kinda like what happens to our energy levels whenever we take a cold shower).

3. Don’t Always Use a Vase

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Something that can totally change the appearance of your floral arrangement is to put them in something other than a vase. Teacups, Mason jars, planters, dessert dishes, tea kettles, cookie jars and pitchers are all things that can give your floral presentation a bit of a unique touch.

4. Stack Your Vases When You Do

As far as pretty presentations go, have you ever put a smaller clear vase inside of a larger one? If they're around ½" apart and you add some water and thinly sliced lemons along the side of them, the lemons will look like they are suspended in water. It's a very easy way to create a beautiful centerpiece.

5. Add Some Fruits, Veggies and/or Berries

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Speaking of creative centerpieces, a big mistake that a lot of people make is they simply put flowers into a vase and that's it. Adding a couple of limes and tangerines, carrots or blueberries and blackberries (if not all of these things) to a clear container can instantly make your flowers aesthetically pleasing, even if you've only got a few stems of carnations or roses on hand.

6. Get Your Flowers a Little "Drunk"

If you like vodka, hook your flowers up with 7-10 drops of it (along with a teaspoon of white sugar). For whatever the reason, when flowers are starting to wilt, they wake right on up with they've got some vodka running through their stems. It's a cool way to get another day or so outta your flowers if you do it.

7. Put Your Wilted Petals on Ice

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Ice cubes are dope on a couple of levels. Not only can they help to revive wilted petals, they're also a great way to conserve water. Meaning, if you notice that your flower vase could use a little more water after a couple of days, simply drop an ice cube or two into it. It'll wake your flowers up and keep your water bill down at the same time.

8. Drop a Penny in Your Flowers’ Water

If you want your flowers to last longer, you're actually supposed to change the water no less than every three days. If you just read that and was like "yeah right" because of your hectic schedule, a cool hack is to drop a penny into your vase. The reason why this is so effective is because the acid in the penny will help to keep harmful bacteria and fungus away.

One of my favorite flower hacks ever!

9. Try Some Hairspray

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Got some hairspray in a cabinet somewhere? Believe it or not, something that will help your flowers to remain their vibrant hues is to spray a little bit of hairspray onto their petals. Just make sure to hold the canister far enough away that the force of the spray doesn't damage the petals in the process. Do this every couple of days for the best results.

10. Avoid the Holiday Season (When It Comes to Florists)

Personally, I can't tell you the last time I hit up a professional florist for a floral arrangement. I will definitely just cop some flowers at a grocery store. However, if going to the florist is totally your thing, it's important to keep in mind that going there around a holiday (like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, etc.) is pretty much the worst time because the prices are typically hiked all the way up. Your best bet is gonna be going right after a particular holiday is over because that's when businesses have too much stock that they are trying to get rid of. Because of that, flowers and floral arrangements are oftentimes sold at a 50-60 percent discount. You'll have the flowers you want without breaking the bank in the process. Enjoy!

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