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10 Simple Ways To Add More Luxury To Your Daily Life

As we know, being a Black girl in luxury is more than just putting our disposable income toward material goods. It’s about spoiling ourselves with the simple luxuries that make our lives more easeful and convenient. While the movement has since evolved from being a posterboard for expensive trips and Birkin bags, the need to reclaim the space in a more intentional way has led it back to what truly matters: practical comfort.

With all the challenges that Black women face on a day-to-day basis, sometimes we need a little care to absolve any angst. As the meaning behind Black Girls in Luxury (BGL) continues to evolve, one thing that will always remain true is that when we take care of ourselves, we’re not only better off for ourselves but all the spaces and people that require our attention and presence are better off for it too.

Simple Luxuries: 10 Ways To Add Luxury To Your Everyday Life

That is why when we’re talking about BGL today, we're not just referring to expensive possessions but also to a lifestyle that prioritizes comfort, ease, and personal development. And if you’ve been looking for ways to give your daily life an upgrade in the latter mentions, we’ve provided a list of luxury items and lifestyle additions that you won’t want to live without.

1.Try Monthly Housekeeping 

Despite what the world tried to convince you of, you’re only one person. And sometimes, cleaning, laundry, and decluttering can slip through the cracks. That’s why investing in housekeeping can be the simple luxury your life deserves.

2.Upgrade To Luxury Sheets 

Sleep is by far the most important part of our day, so why not turn your bedroom into a sanctuary? These silky-soft sateen weave duvet covers by ettitude are made to do just that.

3.Post-Shower Towel Warmer 

Imagine stepping out of the shower and being embraced by the soothing warmth of your drying towels. The world is cold enough; your shower time shouldn’t be.

4.Splurge on Hand Cream 

We know it’s just lotion, but there’s something about knowing that your dry skin moments won’t last too long after smearing a lavish cream on your hands. This Nourishing and Protective Shea Butter Hand Cream from L'Occitane has been all the rage online, and we’re sure your skin will thank you.

5.Shop In-Season at The Famer’s Market 

When the seasons change, so does our access to fresh in-season veggies and fruits. But taking your Sunday morning trips to the farmer’s market will give you a first-hand look at what produce to add to your basket for the freshest options available.

6.Lock in On A Personal Trainer 

Sometimes self-motivation to get to the gym just isn’t enough, but a personal trainer can be the extra push you need to meet your fitness goals. Not only can you rely on your trainer to create a workout plan that’s just for you, they can support you with your nutrition and root for you along the way.

7.Find Your Signature Scent 

Don’t be fooled by #purfumtok. Not every fragrance is one-skin-fits-all. That’s why finding the scent that works best for you is not only an exciting moment of self-discovery but will be why you stand out in a crowd. Phlur has tons of scents to choose from and give their Discovery Set a try to see which fits you best.

8.Make a Ritual Out of Your Skincare Routine 

Sometimes, removing our makeup at night can feel like a chore, but why not turn it into a moment of slow, soothing me-time? Spend a full minute washing the day away with your favorite cleanser, douse your face in the best toner and moisturizer, do a facial steamer, and even add a red light therapy session for an extra touch.

9.Get Mood Lighting 

Nothing adds more warmth to your place than mood lighting. If you’re looking to give your harsh overhead lights a break, adding a lamp to a corner or nightstand can take your space’s ambiance to the next level.

10.Simply Ask for Help

If there’s one thing that many of us hyper-independent ladies can do better at, it’s asking for the help we need when we need it.

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