Kerry Washington Opens Up About Neglecting Herself While Portraying Various Characters On Screen
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Kerry Washington Opens Up About Neglecting Herself While Portraying Various Characters On Screen

Actress Kerry Washington recently revealed the effects of neglecting her personal growth while embodying some of the most iconic characters onscreen.

Washington has been a part of the entertainment industry for about 29 years. Throughout her career, the 46-year-old has played in over sixty projects consisting of music videos, television shows, and films.

Washington's most recognizable work includes Save the Last Dance, Ray, Scandal, I Think I Love My Wife,Django Unchained, and many more. To date, the mother of two is currently starring in Hulu's hit series UnPrisioned alongside veteran actor Delroy Lindo.

In the March cover story for Marie Claire magazine, Washington opened up about why she struggled early on to get back to herself after wrapping up various projects and the steps she took over the years to combat those issues

Kerry On Portraying Various Characters 

During the discussion, the Little Fires Everywhere star revealed that she chose acting as a career because she was "comfortable" portraying the lives of others.

However, Washington would add that when the shows and films would end, she found it incredibly difficult to transition back to regular life because she had to find "a self to go back to."

"I've made a career into being other people because being other people is comfortable for me," she said. "Being in myself, being with myself in my own body as myself, is a much newer adventure for me. When the job ends, the movie's over, and the incredible run of the historic TV show ends, it's important to have a self to go back to."

Towards the end of her statement, Washington claimed that with her past struggles, she had taken steps to prioritize herself as "the lead character" of her story.

Kerry On The Steps She Took To Prioritize Her Well-Being

Further into the interview, Washington disclosed that one way she prioritizes herself is by being honest about her journey and trusting that her "best" efforts in life and self-care are enough.

"One is lack of faith that everything's good. This idea that I have to do better or be better to be lovable or acceptable, as opposed to trusting that my best is enough. And then I have a history of healing around body image and perfectionism," she stated.

Washington continued the conversation by sharing that the work she has put in to prioritize her well-being consisted of "prayer, meditation, therapy, journaling, or spending time with other people in growth situations."

The American Son star also mentioned that since incorporating those practices into her life regularly, she could do a "self-inventory," face her issues head-on, and accept who she is as a person without worrying about unnecessary things.

"I have to be doing that work. As an executive, entrepreneur, parent, wife, for me to show up in those places requires that I'm willing to constantly be doing self-inventory and face my stuff," she said. "If I'm in a place of faith, self-love, and radical acceptance, s--t doesn't bother me. I can take a risk, and whether it goes well or doesn't, I'm good. It's about the journey, letting go of the result, and trusting your lane is yours. But if I'm not doing the work to be in a faithful place, then it's much harder."

Washington's recent admission to putting herself first regardless of the situation is a reminder that we all need.

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