7 Sexy Movies & Shows To Stream As We Spring Into Summer
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7 Sexy Movies & Shows To Stream As We Spring Into Summer

It's getting hot in here... you know the rest.

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Every blue moon a steamy “blockbuster” is released on one of the streaming platforms and it quickly makes its way through the circuit, trending up until each of us has streamed, dissected, and maybe even gotten off to it. Admittedly, I’m always looking for good sex scenes in movies and TV shows to spare me from the traumatic acting in the porn that exists – even in the “Porn for Women” category! And, it’s not like we have anything like Zane's Sex Chronicles (who walked so these other lightweight porn movies could run) anymore. The vivid scenes in these movies are enough to get me where I’m going when it comes to my orgasm.

While we often talk about cult classics such as the 50 Shades trilogy or even Monster’s Ball, we rarely make room for the sexiest yet most underrated content out there. And, let me keep it all the way real – it's the lightweight pornographic content that doesn’t leave much to the imagination. With that in mind, don’t be alarmed when you don’t see the obvious here! Although there isn’t much, there are more than a few hot indie-ish or less known films to go around.

Here are 7 of the movies and TV shows you can stream on either (mostly) Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon the next time you’re in the mood to heat things up and want some decent porn playing in the background.

1. 365 Days


Without saying too much about the plot itself – which I’m surprised I even managed to recall being that I was so caught up in the rapture – I was more afraid of losing the main characters in this erotic thriller because what would I do if they weren’t fucking anymore. Though the sex scenes aren’t quite as frequent in 365 Days, they are lengthy and explicit in all the right places. Thumbs up, Netflix!

2. 365 Days: This Day


365 Days: This Day is the sequel to the previously mentioned steamy entry and can also be found on Netflix. It has the right idea about how porn should be – less scripted talking and more sex scenes set to decent music. Though the sex scenes aren’t as intense as they were in the first film, the sex is more indulgent. Every five minutes there’s music, some raunchy foreplay, and lots of fucking! And the sex scenes are so good and so convincing that I’m not entirely sure that the actors playing Massimo and Laura are actually having sex.

3. The Voyeurs


Watch them watching others do wild things in this racy movie found on Amazon Prime Video. In The Voyeurs, you get a surprisingly secondhand account of what it’s like to watch the sex you fantasize about with Euphoria star, Sydney Sweeney. Within the first five minutes, I was ready to run and retrieve my vibrator.

4. Deep Water


At first, I thought nothing more than, 'Gosh, not Ben Affleck being typecast to the thriller movies where he has a psycho wife.' And though it does appear to be this way, this Hulu Original was no Gone Girl. However, what Deep Water lacks in a decent plot, it makes up for with its intense sex scenes – especially if you’re someone interested in voyeurism.

5. Wild Things


After stumbling across this 1998 psycho-thriller on Netflix, it easily made the cut for its surprisingly erotic nature. Keep in mind, Wild Things is set in the 90s so not quite as pornographic as it might’ve been had it been filmed now. But it was oddly sexy and that infamous threesome scene between Denise Richards, Matt Dillon, and Neve Campbell is iconic for a reason.

6. Bridgerton


The last time I mentioned Netflix’s Bridgerton, I almost got myself in hot water when I suggested that season two was even remotely close to season one. With that in mind, I will specify that season one of this Netflix original provided some hot sex between the main characters, Daphne and the Duke. Don't say I didn't warn you.

7. Sex/Life


Netflix's Sex/Life reminded me of the early 2000s movie Unfaithful with Richard Gere and Diane Lane but it gave so much more. The main character (played by Sarah Shahi), who is a bored housewife, is actually far more developed in that we get to know more of the person she was before marriage. In learning that, we also get glimpses of her free-spirited sex life prior to marriage. What makes this one stand out from the rest of the list is that I was equally invested in the hot sex scenes just as much as the actual plot. Win, win.

With a summer full of heat on this list, be sure to take heed when watching these movies! In fact, do yourself a favor and put your vibrator on the arm of your couch so it’s as easily accessible as it will need to be. Promise!

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