Nicki Minaj Says Motherhood Inspired Her To Be Less Explicit In Her Music
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Nicki Minaj Says Motherhood Inspired Her To Be Less Explicit In Her Music

"I just felt in a very different, new space."

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Nicki Minaj is bouncing back into music after giving birth to her now one-year-old son whom she affectionately calls Papa Bear. However, being a new mother has influenced her to make some changes in her life and her music. While doing a press run for her new single “Do We Have a Problem?” featuring Lil Baby, the “Seeing Green” rapper stopped by The Dana Cortez Showto talk about how motherhood has made her more cognizant about what she raps about.

"There was a song—my label wanted me to go full out with a single and everything, right, when I was pregnant and I couldn't bring myself to put out a song about p–sy and d–ks and sucking and eating," she said. "I couldn't bring myself to put a record out like that while my son was growing in my body. Nothing wrong with anybody that was able to do it, but me, I just felt in a very different, new space."

Nicki was also offered an opportunity to be on Gunna’s song “P Power” which featured her labelmate Drake, but she turned it down due to the song’s explicitness. She said she "couldn't bring [herself]" to hop on the track.”

"It was like, the moaning and groaning on the track," she said. "To me, it felt like, do it or don't do it. So, I knew in order to get on the track, that I would have to be explicit and I would have to really kill it and be explicit and talk that real talk, and I wasn't ready. I just wasn't there."

Nicki is known to have raunchy lyrics in her songs as well as a visual to match, but the self-proclaimed “Queen” has been switching it up, like with her “Do We Have a Problem?” video for example. During her recent appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Nicki shared the concept behind the video and also dished on motherhood. “We just did something that is in my lane. Not me doing anything in anyone else’s lane, and I did not have the desire to bust it open and then drop it like it’s hot and all that stuff. No,” she explained.

She also gushed about being a mother. “When I look at my son, I’m reminded that I am so blessed. We are so blessed, y’all,” she said. “Because I realized, so many women, this is their dream, their dream is to have a child [and] not everybody gets that blessing so when you have a little baby, you’re reminded every day, thank you, God. Thank you for this little gift.”

How cute! Here are some other women in entertainment who shared how motherhood also changed them.

Serena Williams

“We’re not spending a day apart until she’s 18. Now that I’m 36 and I look at my baby, I remember that [becoming a mom] was also one of my goals when I was little, before tennis took over, when I was still kind of a normal girl who played with dolls. … Maybe this goes without saying, but it needs to be said in a powerful way: I absolutely want more Grand Slams. … And actually, I think having a baby might help.

"When I’m too anxious I lose matches, and I feel like a lot of that anxiety disappeared when Olympia was born. Knowing I’ve got this beautiful baby to go home to makes me feel like I don’t have to play another match. I don’t need the money or the titles or the prestige. I want them, but I don’t need them. That’s a different feeling for me,” via Vogue.


“Something cracked open inside of me right after giving birth to my first daughter. From that point on, I truly understood my power, and motherhood has been my biggest inspiration. It became my mission to make sure she lived in a world where she feels truly seen and valued. I was also deeply inspired by my trip to South Africa with my family.

"And, after having my son, Sir Carter, I felt it was important to uplift and praise our boys and to assure that they grow up with enough films, children’s books, and music that promote emotional intelligence, self-value, and our rich history. That’s why the film is dedicated to him," via British Vogue


“Having my son [Future] has just changed my life in such a great way and it's totally inspired me. It kinda grounds you and I’m just so expressive these days and I just feel like, I’m a woman and I’m embracing everything that comes with it. It just has given me a whole ‘nother level of confidence and it definitely has inspired me in such a great way in the recording process,” via Today

Featured image by Rich Fury/Getty Images for Billboard

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