Alphabet Dating Is The Trend You Need For A Thriving Love Life

Alphabet Dating Is The Trend You Need For A Thriving Love Life

The joys of being in the dating stages with a new partner are unmatched. Not only are you able to try new foods, activities, and experiences with each other, but you’re deepening your bond and making lasting memories all the while.

The zeal for exploration is still fresh throughout the honeymoon phase, and planning dates comes with the same ease that falling in love did. But there comes a point in every relationship when finding new ways to spend bonding time with bae can feel redundant or even stale — and it’s at that point when it’s time to add a dash of spice back into your date nights.

A new trend called “alphabet dating” is here to rescue couples from the impending boredom in their dating life. As the name implies, this spin on date nights leaves your next outing in the hands of the alphabet. Starting from A and working their way to Z, daters can organize their plans all by associating them with each letter of the alphabet.

The trend first rose in virality in 2022 from creator Abby Benson-Schwallie, who shared her list of ABC-themed dates on TikTok. Since then, the trend has garnered millions of views from hopeless romantics looking for their next sweet move with their sweetheart.

What Is an Alphabet Date?


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The goal of ABC-dating is to re-spark the excitement of a couple’s dating life when the fire hasn’t quite been flaming the same.

Making time for your significant other is essential to maintaining a thriving love life, but it’s not always as easy when responsibilities, children, and major life shifts come into play. Hitting bouts of boredom in your dating life is natural and doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re headed toward “the end” after a couple of nights in.

However, if you feel like you and your lover are approaching a place where the spice of your dating life is no longer hitting the same, it may be a good time to hit the emergency brakes and add a few new ideas to your date nights.

What Are the Rules for the Alphabet Date?


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What makes this trend so appealing is that you can never really run out of ideas as long as you have the creativity to build new concepts around the alphabet.

Maybe you only want to do S-themed dates for one month and then B-themed dates the next. Or perhaps you want to start at the end of the alphabet and work your way up. Maybe you and your beau are the traveling types, and you want to explore cities that only start with M. Whatever you and your partner choose, there will always be an option available to you, and possibly discover a new hobby together while you’re at it.

To get you started, we’ve put together a list of date night ideas that are boo-, BFF-, and solo-girl-friendly.

Alphabet Date Ideas From A-Z

A - Art Museum, Arcade

B - Bowling, Bookstore

C - Concert, Cooking Class

D - Drive-In Movies, Dinner At New Restaurant

E - Exercise Class, Exhibit

F - Flea Market, Festival

G - Game Night, Go-Kart

H - Hiking, Home-Movie Night

I - Ice Skating, Ikea Shopping

J - Jazz Club, Jewelry Making

K - Karaoke, Kite Flying on The Beach

L - Laser Tag, Live Band

M - Movies, Mini Golf

N - Night Club, Netflix & Chill

O - Organize Together, Outdoor Camping

P - Picnic, Paint & Sip

Q - Quick Bite to Eat, Quilting Class

R - Road Trip, Random Act of Kindness

S - Sports Game, Spa

T - Theater, Target Run

U - Unplug, Uncommon Date Night

V - Vineyard, Virtual Reality Game Night

W - Wine Tasting, Waterpark

X - X-plore a New City

Y - Yoga, Yacht Day

Z - Zipline, Zoo

Happy dating!

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