7 Dinner Appropriate Holiday Outfits When Visiting Your In-Laws This Christmas

7 Dinner Appropriate Holiday Outfits When Visiting Your In-Laws This Christmas

A glamourous guide to serving looks.


Eating dinner as a family should always be special and even more so as we celebrate the upcoming holiday. Whether spending Christmas with close or extended relatives, ‘tis the season to enjoy quality time with the ones we love while also pulling out the festive winter looks. As the holiday season is in full swing this year, for those who will be spending time with a significant other and their family, it can be stressful putting together the picture-perfect outfit that gives off a great impression while staying true to your personal style.

Here to help, we’re setting the tone for a stylishly modest yet chic dress code consisting of neutrals, knits and bold colors when dining with your in-laws. With all that in mind, staying warm, comfortable and cozy are also must during this cold weather season. Dealing with family pressure can be difficult enough so ease your nerves by scrolling to find a range of top-tier dinner-ready looks you’ll want to wear even after the holidays are over.

1.Sweater Dress but Make it Fashion

If there’s one piece you can count on when deciding what to wear this Christmas, a knit dress is always a quick solution to your wardrobe woes. If you don’t already own one of these winter essentials, I suggest looking out for on-trend colors, textures, and design features. I love this deep green cable knit paired with an oversized buckled belt for a snatched waist complete with contrasting boots for a high fashion outfit. Perfect for chilly holiday weather, this look is super comfortable and easy to put together.

2.Pretty in Red

For the stylishly conservative woman, it's all about showing your best assets in the most flattering way possible. This red body-con knit cut-out dress is perfect for a semi-formal yet casual Christmas dinner. Pair with high-heeled sandals or a sleek black boot to complete this modern holiday look.

3.Fringed Knit

This crochet midi skirt with an exaggerated fringed hem and brown boot is giving a casual yet iconic holiday look. The soft form-fitting material of both the ribbed knit turtleneck and textured knit skirt is key to this chic yet comfortable look. Making a major statement, this is a fashion-forward combination with a creative take on winter’s best styles.

4.Sassy but Classy

For those of us attending cocktail Christmas parties this year, opt for a long-sleeve printed maxi dress for a classy yet dramatic effect. The high side slit along with the one-shoulder detail is a sexy approach to this overall conservative style. Worn with minimal earrings and a matching necklace allows this eye-catching ensemble to speak for itself.

5.Casual Flex

Loving a denim on denim moment 365 days a year, this is the perfect casual combination for a festive evening with your in-laws. If opting for a cropped sweater this Christmas, pair it with high-rise medium wash denim along with a printed faux leopard bootie for a bold pop. Add a long-line jean jacket to stay warm and stylish all night long.

6.The Co-ord Knit

The latest knit trend, co-ords are one of two or more pieces of clothing that are made in matching colors or styles so that they can be worn together. When wearing oversized items, pair a statement belt to show off major curves. For this light brown two-piece set, the contrasting dark textured boot is a chic choice for this standout holiday outfit.

7.Boots with the Fur

If there is a dress that I can wear around the house one day and transition with the swap of a knee-high boot for a cute dinner the next, I’m sold. Thanks to last year's rise in the popularity of loungewear, the cozy trend has continued to sweep the fashion industry by storm leaving no one unaffected. Keeping it cute, this off-white faux fur dress paired with the ultimate brown boot is the perfect holiday look both your man and his family will love.

Featured image courtesy of @caxshe/Instagram


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