5 Signs You're Experiencing A Spiritual Awakening


After you undergo what is called spiritual ascension, or awakening, your eyes are open to a whole new way of seeing the world. The process of ascension is one through which your entire understanding of reality transforms. Through ascension, you open your eyes to your own divine sovereignty with the realization that your physical body is just a vessel for infinite consciousness. It involves unplugging from "The Matrix", a structured system that keeps us trapped in a prison of our own limited conscious awareness.

The matrix is the thing that controls our collective perceptions. It is engineered by social constructs that narrate our entertainment, fashion, education, mobility, culture, and media. All of these systems require a low frequency, or vibrational force. The by-products of these systems include hatred, prejudice, envy, thievery, toxic masculinity, oppression, and corruption.

Anything under the control of the matrix is illusion.

In a nutshell, the reason that the world seems so shitty, even though it is full of such beautiful resources, love, and miraculous oneness, is because it is wired with low vibrational energies and entities that thrive off of the dark side of duality. These entities only exist because the world has existed in low vibrations for centuries, until now. The following 5 things change once you wake up and undergo ascension:

1. You Connect With Your Higher Self

Scientists say that human beings only use up to 10% of our brains, but once you have access to your higher self, you are able to utilize much more of your brain than you ever have.

One of the first signs that you have tapped into your higher self is recognizing the significance of signs and synchronicities through angel numbers, lucid dreams, and other meaningful symbols. You also become cognizant of your ability to co-create your reality through manifestation. You realize that you are capable of manifesting more than just tangible riches.

2. Your Intuition Becomes Your Logic

You go to school, you get a job, you work that job for years, you get hitched, you have a family, and then you retire. Though creative and artistic structures exist, for the most part, the world wants you to follow the more mundane and expected mold of life. Using your intuition or going with your gut feelings are considered more of a risk, when in reality, living by your intuition is actually living in flow. Just like the way everything else in nature works.

Your intuition can never steer you wrong, and cannot be swayed by the illusion of the matrix.

3. You Are Unable To Operate In The Matrix The Way You Used To

As you raise your vibration, you begin to stick out like a sore thumb among people who have not yet begun their own process. Certain people, places, or things no longer resonate with your rising frequency. Your energy alone, might freak people out, or make them "malfunction."

Putting yourself in situations where you are drowned in low vibes will physically drain you, and you may disconnect with friends, and family members as a result. Eventually you learn to deal with this because your vibration will only attract people, places, and things that are vibrating on your same frequency.

4. Your Ego Dies

When your ego dissolves, so does everything attached to it; including things like fear, doubt, and envy. This means that you lose the idea that you are the only thing that is important, and you realize that everyone, and everything is connected.

You lose attachment to a separate sense of self and self-centeredness. You realize that your material and idealistic desires and expectations have been built on false grounds of self-absorption through your limited psyche. When your ego dies, everything you do going forward becomes for the betterment of all that exists.

5. Your Life Becomes Purpose-Driven

Everyone has a purpose. Ultimately, the end goal of enlightenment is to discover what your purpose is and how it contributes to humanity. You begin to do things that you love and are passionate about, versus spending your life devoting yourself to something under duress of fear or need for control.

Your purpose is your soul's highest accomplishment.

Sometimes finding your purpose and ultimately shedding fear takes a long time, even if you have experienced an awakening. Learning never ceases. And self-growth and evolution is as continuous as time itself.

Spiritual awakening is a destructive process in one sense, but it leads to ultimate happiness and divine knowledge and joy. If you got to the end of this article, pat yourself on the back for choosing to "wake up." By doing so, you are living through your purpose, and helping others to do the same.

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