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How To Step Into Your Higher Self, Explained By An Expert.

Whenever we reach a roadblock in life, a number of different questions come to mind. Why me? What’s the purpose of this? What is all this trying to teach me? It's during these moments that life has a subtle way of nudging us to pause and listen because a necessary change could be on the horizon.

These inward signs are nothing to brush off as insignificant. In fact, when we see the outward manifestations of our stuckness in the form of hopelessness, purposelessness, and loss of enthusiasm, it’s a signal to acknowledge the unrest stirring beneath the surface.

Thankfully, we’re not just passengers to our journey, we get to be in the driver’s seat of our lives and course correct as we see fit. And amidst our weariness, there’s an even greater opportunity for clarity within the discomfort. By delving deep into our thoughts, emotions, and aspirations, we can transform our situation and become the person we truly desire to be.

To help, we’ve tapped Dr. Dain Heer, author of Being You, for the best questions to ask ourselves to become the fully actualized versions of ourselves that we want (and deserve) to be.

Q: What are some signs that it might be time for introspection in order to become our higher self? 

A: What's true for us always makes us lighter and when we're trying to live according to other people's points of view of what we should be or do, we often get tired and unhappy. These are signs that we need to start looking in a different place for what needs to change.

Some of the warning signs may appear:

  • When you don’t feel like yourself.
  • When you are not happy.
  • When things aren’t “working out” or you feel like you are stuck.
  • When things feel heavy or roadblocks keep coming up.
  • When you feel dissatisfied and in your head, you know that monkey mind voice that keeps coming up.
  • When you are also very tired.

Q: What are a few questions one can ask ourselves to become the person we desire to be? 

A: Firstly, I would find a quiet space and ask: “If I could create anything in my life in the next five years, what would it be?”

You may want to write it down or speak it into a recorder and examine these six areas of life: money and finances, business and work, relationship, body, and location. Get a sense of how it would feel to have these things exactly how you would like them. Then, ask the question: "What can I choose, and what do I need to change to create a life that I love?"

Some other great questions to ask yourself daily are:

  • What else is possible for me that I've never considered?
  • What if none of what I've been living has to be my reality in the future?
  • What will my life be like in five years if I choose this?
  • How does it get better than this?
  • What else is truly possible?
  • What would it take for this to be greater than I ever thought was possible?
  • What's right about me I'm not getting?
  • What limiting beliefs or patterns am I ready to release?
  • Am I being true to myself, or am I living according to others' expectations?

Q: Why are times of introspection and self-reflection important for our overall growth?

A: In today's world, we tend to be very go-go-go — running from one fire to the next. We very seldom have a sense that we are present in our lives and in control. Introspection and self-reflection allow us to gain awareness again of what's actually true for us. Remember, what's true always makes you lighter.

We are capable of miracles and part of what it takes is for us to get presents and ask for what we would truly desire. Introspection and self-reflection [are] so important because [they] get us out of the autopilot that we've been functioning from and get us present in our lives, and when we're present in our lives, we can create our lives.

"When we're present in our lives, we can create our lives."

Q: What habits or behaviors could prevent us from becoming the person we envision, and how can we overcome them?

A: Judgment. It is the biggest killer of possibilities on this planet. Judgment of others and, most importantly, judgment of yourself. When you notice yourself doing self-judgment, ask yourself: "Who does this belong to? Is this mine? Or am I just aware of it?" And if it lightens up at all, it's not yours and returns it to whoever it came from.

Perfection is the highest form of judgment. Practice self-compassion and be your biggest cheerleader. If you are going to be true to yourself, you have to be willing to be you and be willing to disappoint people. When you are connected with you, your life becomes easier, you become happier, and become an invitation for others to be themselves.

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