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Unhappy At Work? 6 Signs It’s the Job, Not You, Sis

It's not the playa, it's the game.

Workin' Girl

When you find yourself counting down the number of days you can take PTO or how you can finesse calling off to start looking for another position in your first 90 days, you may be suffering from a case of saying "yes" to the wrong job. Here's an example: During the pandemic, Jorden Patterson, a freelancer in the Midwest, landed the perfect job. After being laid off from her previous gig at an insurance company and spending months surviving off unemployment checks, she happily accepted a call center position.

Her interview process went at the speed of lightning, and she got a call back before she could even get home. When she attended her training on the first day of work, she realized that she made a mistake. "What the trainer shared about the position was not what the recruiter told me in the interview," says Jorden. "Before lunchtime, I knew that the job wasn't for me and I had to have an exit plan."

Jorden is one of the 49 percent of U.S. workers who are not in love with their job according to Forbes. People feel stuck in a company or a position that may pay their bills but doesn't feed their passion to work.

Whether you are looking for a job to fulfill a sense of purpose or just crave a dope work environment until your next professional adventure, you deserve to be at a company that you don't have to resent later.

Here are six warning signs that will help you avoid a work nightmare and steer you toward the job of your dreams:

1. The Job Hired You Very Quickly

Beware of a company that's thirsty to fill a position via a short process. The average hiring turnaround time is 27.5 days because recruiters value finding quality talent. A fast hire may show that the company is looking to fill a role with a warm body by any means necessary. Being placed in a role faster than you can blink can cause anxiety and stress because it is possible that you can inherit problems that haven't been resolved (i.e. lack of processes, distrustful work environment, minimal training; the list can go on!).

2. They've Gotten Trash Reviews From Previous Employees

If you can browse on Indeed.com or Glassdoor on any given day and see more negative employee feedback than positive, you've got yourself a doozie. Researching employee experiences can give you an idea of the company culture and how management treats its employees. While some reviews may have a little bias or exaggeration, the volume of bad reviews might tell you everything you need to know.

3. There's A Misalignment Of Values

As Drake eloquently told us, "Know yourself, know your worth." Quiet as it's kept, what a company stands for can play a part in whether a job is a good fit for you or not. Employees who are satisfied with their company's values report 20 percent higher alignment with work culture. If you find yourself not feeling a company's values, you have to examine your own to make sure the stars are aligned for employment there.

4. The Company Lied In The Job Description

It's been proven time and time again that a job description may not always match the actual duties. If you find yourself often frustrated, bored, or confused in your role, the reality of the job just might not fit what you dreamed it would be. It is important to work in a position that fulfills your expectations so that you can bring your best self to work. Anything less can cause you not perform well and could damage your professional reputation if you don't do well at work.

5. You Don't Have Support From Your Supervisors Or Coworkers

Research shows that 44 percent of women feel unsupported at work. If you hit the ground running with no guidance from your boss or coworkers, that may be a sign that your company is not setting you up for success. Observe who trains you, how they train you, and how confident you feel in the role when (or if) you get any training at all.

6. It's Not The Company, It's The Job

Let's face it - sometimes, it's not the workplace or you. It's the gig itself, sis.

Jorden says that while she thought she was hired too quickly and wanted to skedaddle from her role, she realized that though she liked the company, she just disliked her position.

"After a few weeks on the job, I saw other roles that I got excited about," says Jorden. "My exit plan to leave the company turned into my blueprint to get a promotion to something that I think is a better fit."

Recognize the difference between being unhappy with the duties in your job description and being unhappy with a company. If promotion opportunities are available and you match the company's culture and vibe, stick it out to see if you can get another role. Otherwise, take the red flag for what it is and move on to the next job that's a better fit for your skills, aspirations, and experiences. Period.

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