Know Your Worth: When Is It Time To Walk Away?

Know Your Worth: When Is It Time To Walk Away?

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Ah, the strength to walk away. It's a lot easier said than done, but some situations make it a lot easier than it could be.

Whether it's a job or a relationship, walking away from a place you've already succumbed to as your comfort zone is tough, no matter how obvious it is that it's time. But once you realize there's better out there for you, and you recognize how hard it is to ignore that, it makes the decision not only easier but achievable.

If you're finding yourself asking if it's time to walk away, consider the following questions for further insight on when it's truly time to walk away:

What Do Others In Your Industry/City Make?

If you're considering leaving your job because you aren't getting paid what you're worth, it's really helpful to do a little research in your industry and city first. Check out the salary of other people who have the same title on Google and/or Glassdoor. If you feel comfortable enough, you can even ask some of your coworkers to get a comparison. This will help you have a little leverage if you decide to ask for a raise.

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I did this same type of research with one of my previous jobs that I was at for roughly six years before I had to walk away. Let's just say the average person with my title and in my city (and even in my building) made roughly $10,000 more than I did. But that still didn't help when I got the courage to ask for a raise. I was told "no" multiple times, and it wasn't because I didn't deserve it. Instead, the reason I was given was that I should've negotiated better when I first got the job four years ago. I didn't even know how to do that back then. Still, if nothing else, this was an obvious sign it was time to move on.

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