Venus Is Retrograde: Here's How To Manage Your Feelings & Escape Unscathed

Venus Is Retrograde: Here's How To Manage Your Feelings & Escape Unscathed

By now, some of you may have heard of Mercury retrograde – the nerve-racking three weeks when the planet symbolizing communication and technology goes bonkers, making the simplest things like sending a text message, using a laptop, or stringing together coherent sentences, some of the hardest things to do. Well, you may not know that Mercury isn't the only planet that goes into retrograde. There is such a thing as a Venus retrograde too.

Astrologically speaking, Venus is the planet that symbolizes romance and relationships, as well as self-worth, beauty, pleasure, and money.

And anytime a planet goes retrograde, it's considered to be moving backwards, which means that it's a time for us to go backwards too, reflecting on and reevaluating the areas in our lives that the retrograde planet covers. Between March 4th - April 15th, that planet is Venus.

As a rule, Venus represents what we want when it comes to finances and relationships; the things that bring us security, pleasure, and comfort. For romance and relationships specifically, Venus is also symbolic of our personal magnetism and style of relating. Currently, Venus is moving through the sign of Aries, a sign known for its confidence, passion, and epic clapbacks.

This means that while Venus is in Aries, we may find that we're more passionate about having what we want and who we want.

For many of us, this may mean taking a bold, fearless, or impulsive approach.

On April 2nd, Venus retrogrades into Pisces, which has a very different outlook when it comes to mating and relating. Pisces tends to put others first before its own needs, which makes for a more intuitive and compassionate relationship style. However, trouble can arise with Pisces when it comes to boundaries. Venus in Pisces can sometimes be too accepting or accommodating of others, which can be a recipe for lopsided or one-way relationships. Though over the six-week period that Venus is retrograde, when it comes to our relationships and our overall happiness – the biggest question is: are we getting what we really want? When it comes to Venus, we need to believe that we're worth having it.

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One last thing to note, is that while Venus is retrograde, this is not a good time for starting committed relationships, getting engaged, getting married, or drastically changing our appearance (like a new hair color or cut) as this is a time for taking things slow and getting clear about who and what we want, what we value, and what it means to be in relationship to ourselves, as well as to another human being.

Here's what Venus retrograde means for your sign:


It's time to cool your jets a bit and become more intentional with your desires. Just because something or someone is available, it doesn't mean it's for you. Also, does your personal style align with how you want to be seen?


Deep down, what do you really want? Are you giving yourself space or permission to have it? Money and security are fine, but it's time to honor what your soul needs. With friendships, are you giving more than you're getting back?


When it comes to certain friendships or associations, you may have a sneaking suspicion that you're outgrowing them. Know that as you grow, you need people alongside you that support that growth. Career-wise, are you getting your due?


Are you getting the recognition you deserve in your professional life? Is there something else that you'd rather be doing? The lack of inspiration you feel may be because you're overdue for a new experience. Start with travel.


You don't need messy and dramatic emotional entanglements to make you feel alive. You can get that same thrill and heady rush by following a creative inspiration and daring to go, see, and experience somewhere you've never been.


You don't have to give everyone you meet open access to your heart. Conversely, you don't have to be so guarded either. Find a healthy balance between how much you give and how much you take. Vulnerability can be a strength.


Whether you're single or not, it's time to get clear on what you really want from partnership. If you're not getting what you want, you may need to reevaluate your perceptions/values around love and relationships.


Are you feeling as physically good as you could be? To answer this question, you may have to reassess what your self-care routine looks like. Know that a big part of self-care is knowing when to ask for help and when to say no.


You may find that what you used to be into or who you used to be into, has lost its allure. That's OK because you're becoming more discerning about what and who you give your heart.

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Honoring your feelings and intuition can be tricky for you because you tend to be a “facts-only" kind of person. However, you're starting to find out that you can ignore your heart for too much longer. You deserve to be happy too.


You're known for being rather free-spirited and independent, though you're recognizing that you can't always do it alone. You need people in your corner too. When it comes to your money, are you placing too little value on your worth?


How much do you believe in yourself? Or do you believe in yourself at all? If you're ready to level up, it's time to show others (and the universe) that you're worth it. This means not settling for less than what you deserve.

What has Venus retrograde told you about the kind of changes you need to make in your life?


Mecca Woods is a New York City-based Astrologer and Transformation Coach working to help others to claim and create a life they truly want. You can find her at www.mylifecreated.com




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