Your Weekly Horoscopes: What Venus In Capricorn Says About Your Zodiac Sign


Week of December 25-December 31, 2017

After a fanciful holiday weekend, the heavens start to shift away from the fiery optimistic energy of Sagittarius as the Sun and Venus join Saturn in earthy practical Capricorn.

It's a good time to start seriously thinking about your goals in 2018. Venus, the planet of money, pleasure, and love is a pragmatic girl while she's in the sign of Capricorn until January 17th. That means that focused, methodical, and consistent work will have her in your corner to bless you with abundance.

Find a way to make your actions count in terms of achieving a dream. When dealing with Capricorn energy, it's one foot in front of the other as you steadily climb up towards your vision.

Read your horoscope for the week below.



You're going to be feeling fired up around all things related to your career and reputation over the next few weeks. Look at what you've accomplished thus far with a critical eye. It's time for some renovations before you race up the ladder. Think quality control and refinement. How can you be first, and better than before?



There may be a craving to get away from it all for a while, Taurus, just to recharge your batteries. Try engaging in activities that make you feel connected to your sense of faith.. What do you believe in and how can you manifest those beliefs in your day-to-day? Booking a flight for inspiration would be ideal, but books and peaceful places to meditate can work too.



Hey Twins, Mercury Retrograde had you reviewing all your relationships over the past few weeks but now it's time to take the next step. There's a demand to actually show up and commit to your partnerships and projects. If you play your cards right by opening up and being honest, you may find financial and emotional rewards coming your way.



Venus arrives to sweeten your relationships as you commit to self-discipline and diligence, especially concerning whoever and whatever you choose to partner with. If there have been underlying fears around committing to others, you'll now be given opportunities to nurture yourself and those close to you. Your existing relationships may see a boost of harmony or if you're currently solo, a new love may show up to play.



It's the little things that will be bringing you pleasure while Venus activates your desire to enjoy to your routines and physical health. There's a new story beginning for you regarding your health as well as your skill sets. Be sure to practice your gifts and hobbies or else they can be forgotten like yesterday's chores.



The time has come for the Virgins to play! The surge of energy prompting you to get flirty and creative is clear. A little bit of fun every day adds up, you may even start to enjoy it. Create a schedule of fun things to do throughout Venus' visit through your House of Romance, children, and creativity. Don't be afraid to get messier and childlike, Virgo. When you do, new doors open up in response.



You'll find yourself working harder than before to make your home and private life more comfortable. Could be an excellent time to clean out your closets to toss anything that's no longer to your taste. Beauty can be simple and practical Libra so try not to overthink what it is you need to feel peace on an instinctual level. Remember you don't have to break the bank, as Venus in Capricorn admires frugality.



You're pouring energy into learning new things. Anything that lights up your mind with curiosity is worth spending more time on. Invitations to attend social gatherings, lectures, and neighborhood events deserve your attention. The heavens are urging you to communicate and embrace new ways of perceiving your environment. Take notes, Scorpio, the big picture will reveal itself to you in time.



Hoping you haven't blown your budget on gifts and holiday parties because much of your focus over the next few weeks will be about getting your coins in order. Venus will bring some measure of luck, but not without steady, realistic efforts on your part. Set a big goal, then scale it down a notch. The results rests on just how committed you are to seeing it through.



Happy Solar Return, Sea Goats! It's your season and what a season it is to be! Your home planet Saturn is visiting you for the next 3 years to restructure your world, challenging you to grow up and be an authority on you. Lovely Venus may urge you to refresh your look, beautify, and pamper yourself. Look in the mirror and kiss yourself each day. First step to taking over the world is taking care of and loving the self.



Solitude can be a good thing Water Bearer, even for a social creature like yourself. Consider this sudden love of peace and tranquility a call to get clear with your unconscious desires. Daydream, drift, volunteer to support those in need of your brilliance. Until then, turn up the music, doodle some more, and pay attention to the insights being delivered to you.



Time to fall in love with a new hopeful wish, Pisces. Find a set of like-minded individuals or an organization you can throw your heart into. Anything that allows you to work toward a common interest that benefits everyone. Allow yourself permission to explore new ideas about who you are and what you're willing to create with others.

Was your horoscope on point? Sound off in the comments down below!

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