6 Sex Positions To Try During The Next New Moon

6 Sex Positions To Try During The Next New Moon

The moon moves in phases, which have been said to sync up with menstruating people – both phases last approximately 29 days. When attuned to the needs of self, menstruation will either sync with the Full Moon (red moon cycle) or the New Moon (white moon cycle). Legend has it that those who are in sync with the white moon cycle are “most fertile” or simply ready to become a parent, while the red moon cycle provides an opportunity or signals your alignment with your passionate, open-minded, and sexual self.

So you can imagine how each might contrast when it comes to the sex you might have at that time, especially because the moon represents not only the mother but the emotional self. I would argue that the New Moon provides an opportunity for a more intimate, traditional loving-making type of sex while the Full Moon provides an opportunity to explore. It is said to be the time when women are the horniest, which makes sense if you’re aligned with a red cycle since the New Moon is also when you’re typically ovulating.

That doesn’t mean that we can’t spice things up a little during the New Moon though. In case you haven't figured it out by now, we thought this might be a good opportunity to give you some sexy, new sex positions for you and your partner to try during the next New Moon and every one that follows.

Here are 5 positions to help you harness that New Moon energy, and have other things realigned.

1. Missionary 

Let's not be quick to dismiss this position as we all too often do (though the girls that get it, get it). Not only does missionary provide intimacy, but it comes highly recommended for those who are indeed ready to have children. The gravitational pull of the position makes it easier for the sperm to get where it needs to be.

2. Legs on Shoulders

Similar to the missionary position, this position increases the odds of pregnancy at an already fertile time (so to speak). However, it’s even better because your legs being raised and the overall slanted position of your body not only further gives the little swimmers an advantage, but it also places you at an angle. It provides a similar impact to having a pillow underneath your back.

3. Spooning

Though this position can be a pain in the ass trying to get into, it’s well worth it once you’re there. It provides slower backshots, forcing your partner to pace themselves and allowing them to trace kisses on your neck and shoulder area.

4. The Laptop

This position combines a sitting position with the legs on the shoulders position, asking you to take things a little higher. You may have already imagined it but just in case – paint this picture. Your partner sits in a chair (most any kind will do) and you will sit in front facing them. You can even start with a little reverse cowgirl while here but to kick things up a notch, you’ll want to reposition your legs to straddle their neck (there should be a bend in your knees).

It does call for some flexibility but there is some wiggle room so you aren’t in such cramped quarters. This also allows for anal play – an added benefit if that’s your yum.

5. Standing

While I personally despise any standing sex position that’s not me bent over (because yes I’m a bit lazy), I do want to focus on face-to-face standing. After all, there is something about a partner who can carry their own weight and yours too! In order to get in this position, it may be easiest to be near a wall when your partner goes to pick you up. Once you’re up there, you won’t want to “stand” tall and erect, instead straddle your partner's waist, allowing them to penetrate you with kisses amongst other things.

6. Lotus Blossom

The lotus blossom is another sitting sex position! But even better than the other, is that it doesn’t require much flexibility. For this position, both partners will need to sit, one will immediately go into a criss-cross-applesauce movement. The other partner will sit on top of the primary partner, straddle, and then wrap their legs around them. Once everything is settled and you are comfortable (you may have to explore this a little), the bottom partner will insert a toy, digits, or their penis.

The face-to-face positioning of (most of) these…positions allows for you to make eye contact and physical contact with your partner. You can pull them in closer for kisses or just generally embrace them. As I mentioned before, there’s a real traditional sense of intimacy to them because as you will know intimacy comes in many forms.

For an added touch of intimacy, try these positions while bathing under the New Moon – if and only if you have the access to privacy underneath the moonlight.

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