What The Moon Phase Says About You & Your Menstrual Cycle
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What The Moon Phase Says About You & Your Menstrual Cycle

Just like each month you have a cycle, so does the moon.

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For years, well into adulthood, I was horrible at tracking menstruation. The signs would be there but I was not attuned and attentive to what was going on with my body. At some point during the pandemic, I started gardening and using menstrual blood to fertilize my plants. That was the catalyst for my interest in menstruation, but just a mild interest in the way that I tend to live. And during this brief period of piqued interest, I for some reason was prompted to look into tracking my period based on the lunar cycle.

This immediately made sense to me as the moon is often viewed as all things maternal, emotions included, and it works under a similar 28-day cycle (29.5 days to be exact) from the first phase to the last: New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, Last Quarter. Somewhere in between those phases, you also have what is known as Waxing and Waning Moons, which often signify transitional stages in life as you’ll see shortly.

While I’m no expert on this matter, I’m going to do my best to make this all as plain as possible in explaining. I encourage you to do your own research in addition to the information provided here today. Whether you learn to love it or not, I think you might be intrigued to find out if your cycle is white, purple, pink, or red. And the particulars of each.

The White Moon Cycle & Its Meaning

The white moon cycle is the most common type of cycle and it means that your menses flow on or around the New Moon, while ovulation occurs on or around the Full Moon. Since the Full Moon is said to be the most fertile time for planet Earth, this particular phase usually occurs when women are in the role of nurturer to their current children and family or themselves. The other possibility regarding children is that you may feel ready to conceive children and ready to become pregnant. These women tend to be highly favored and revered by the patriarchy as women who gladly step into what is said to be "their place in this world."

The Red Moon Cycle & Its Meaning

It has often been said that women who are on the red moon cycle are healers and witches, at least amongst our dear ancestors of many moons ago. Those who menstruate during this cycle, found less often than the white moon cycle, were said to be focusing creative energy inward. Their cycles begin on or around the Full Moon and conversely they ovulate during the New Moon. Arguably, in my opinion, these women are well-rounded – though they too may be mothers, they are mothers who prioritize self-development, ongoing growth, and community. They look for themselves outside of that one title, mother, and seek out more in life. This is not to say there is anything wrong with wholly fulfilling the role of caregiver, as both require the same amount of commitment and energy.

The Purple Moon Cycle & Its Meaning

Purple moon cycles tend to happen for those who menstruate when the moon is waning – this occurs when the Full Moon is transitioning to the New Moon. If you’re someone who gets your menses during this time of the lunar phase, it is said that you are also in a transitional stage of your life. However, the shift more specifically can mean you’re moving into a place of darkness or rest in the same way that the moon asks each of us to do when we go from a bright New Moon to the darker skies of the Full Moon. Use this time to reflect on what’s not working for you. Reflect, but don’t act quite yet.

The Pink Moon Cycle & Its Meaning

While having your period during the Waxing Moon, also known as a pink moon cycle, is similarly about transitions in your life, it oppositely means you’re leaving a period of rest and rejuvenation and walking into the light so to speak. Once you’ve come out of resting, the idea is that you will walk into strength and power, love and light.

Please note that your “moon day” can be consistent but should it switch to another phase don’t be alarmed, as it’s actually common that it changes based on where you are in life. Instead, use that as a compass to guide you and reveal what type of nurturing advice Mother Moon is attempting to offer you here.

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