3 Modern Day Spiritual Healers Who Embrace Sexuality


As spiritual woman and lightworker who was raised in a very strict Jehovah's Witness upbringing, it took a lot for me to undo the conditioning that repressed my sexuality outside of spirituality or religion as a whole. Things of a sexual nature were always considered a taboo topic in my household.

Now as a fully grown, and deeply spiritual woman, I have learned that embracing my femininity and my sexuality has no bearing on my ability to heal others, or channel divine information from truth and source. Being spiritual does not have to overshadow being sexy and glowing with the divine feminine energy.

I sat down with three different ethereally divine divas: the Hood Healer, the Trap Witch, and sexual liberation healer Ev'Yan Whitney to break down the spirituality of sexual ownership and healing, the skewed idea of modesty as a virtue, spiritual and religious biases in sexuality, and their own sexual affirmations.

The Hood Healer, @thehoodhealer

The Hood Healer, who is also known as the Kitchen Goddess and whose first name is Imani, got into spiritual motivation and healing by freely speaking about her experiences.

"Healing is something that occurs naturally within an individual when they come to a point of a great challenge or adversity, whether that is in life, love, relationships, family dynamics, or otherwise. It all begins with one's own journey. As I began to learn about my own truth and embrace it, I began to feel my inner voice reach out and my desire to share increased almost exponentially."

How Sexuality and Spirituality is Linked

"Spirituality is the authentic expression of your own acceptance of yourself and that includes your sexuality or sexual nature, which is apart of your being. To be a spiritual being is to be in touch or aware of all that is, including your sexuality."

What Sexual Healing Means To Her

"Sexual energy is one of the most powerful, loving energies in the universe. Therefore, through its use, you can heal, you can charge, you could manifest all types of things by learning how to channel this energy. Sexual energy is the raw force of creation. This is why many spiritual beings in the world have an issue letting go, or getting over people they have had sexual intimacy with. Again, being a spiritual being is about understanding yourself and the energies you are made of."

"Sexual energy is the raw force of creation."

Re-evaluating Modesty As Virtue

"Modesty has many things to do with virtue in the sense that sexually, one is only modest when you are honoring your body and honoring your body translates into loving yourself. As spiritual beings having a human experience, we are filled with all types of passions and desires and these are complimented or enhanced by our environment. True modesty shows restraint and discipline of oneself. This is the virtue of self-awareness, the virtue of discernment, the virtue of self-control."

"True modesty shows restraint and discipline of oneself."

Bias Against Sexuality in Spiritual Communities

When it comes to sexuality biases in the spiritual community, Imani sees this is something that is more of a hindrance in religious communities. "I don't feel as if there is a bias as much as I would say that sexuality is something that is unspoken in most spiritual communities. I also want to make the clarification that spiritual communities and religious communities are different. I personally feel that the bias you speak of resides in the religious community."

Her Affirmation for Sexuality and Embodying The Divine Feminine

"I can suggest that if you want to explore affirmations, that you do so with intention. Affirmations stated and believed by the individual will be accepted by the subconscious and implemented, especially when there is an emotional charge associated with the subject. Be careful and conscious of what and how you're speaking to yourself. It is your inner voice, which seeds the manifestations."

*Featured Image: @evyan.whitney by @extracelestial

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