3 Modern-Day Spiritual Healers Who Embrace Sexuality

3 Modern-Day Spiritual Healers Who Embrace Sexuality

As spiritual woman and lightworker who was raised in a very strict Jehovah's Witness upbringing, it took a lot for me to undo the conditioning that repressed my sexuality outside of spirituality or religion as a whole. Things of a sexual nature were always considered a taboo topic in my household.

Now as a fully grown, and deeply spiritual woman, I have learned that embracing my femininity and my sexuality has no bearing on my ability to heal others, or channel divine information from truth and source. Being spiritual does not have to overshadow being sexy and glowing with the divine feminine energy.

I sat down with three different ethereally divine divas: the Hood Healer, the Trap Witch, and sexual liberation healer Ev'Yan Whitney to break down the spirituality of sexual ownership and healing, the skewed idea of modesty as a virtue, spiritual and religious biases in sexuality, and their own sexual affirmations.

The Trap Witch, @thetrapwitch

The Trap Witch, whose first name is Tatiana, has a very intriguing journey into spirituality, healing, and motivational speaking. Nicknamed the "Card B of consciousness" by her friends, Tatiana is someone who is relatable in an arena where mysticism is overplayed.

"I didn't know that I wanted to be a healer or a motivational speaker until everything I did the 'right way' in my life fell apart. My Master's program fell through, freelance photography and design wasn't going as I had planned, so I jumped into sex work (adult sensual massage) and made that my hustle until I could figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I did that for five years and in the midst of it, my spiritual awakening happened during that time. I found that I liked the healing aspect of massage, but I made the best of the work by actually talking to people. Sex work gets a bad reputation, but that's where I found my confidence to start speaking to people more and understanding more about psychology."

She continued, "After quitting the business with $1000 left to my name, I sat on the porch with my cellphone and some tarot cards and just started to channel my messages into motivational words."

How Sexuality and Spirituality is Linked

"Sexuality is linked to spirituality because we each have masculine and feminine energies within us. We have feminine energy, which is our creative side and how we love, and masculine energy, in how we do things and what we will for our lives. If your dual energies are in balance and you know yourself, then what you are capable of is limitless.

"In our lives, we have to break our own stigmas, that are imposed on us in order to come into our purpose in the world. Being born to a West Indian Christian mother, and then to go on to become a sex worker and then a proclaimed witch, was every stigma my mother was afraid of. My life didn't become fulfilled until I didn't care anymore what anyone thought and because I knew that although sex is often 'taboo,' it's what creates life. Nothing I did in my life worked out for me until I got into the sex industry and understood my raw power to manifest what I needed from nothing but the essence of myself."

What Sexual Healing Means To Her

"Sexuality can be used for healing in many ways. Libido is your sexual desire and is your energy, appetite, and a component of the life instinct. If you look at someone who has a high sex drive, they have a desire to have sex, which is technically used for reproduction and pleasure. Someone with a low libido will be very understimulated and has a lack of excitement. In life, there are some people who have a high drive to be able to reproduce fruits from their labor and creation and to receive pleasure from that, and some people who are the exact opposite. I think we need to look at sexuality as more as a desire to heal our life through creation and how we 'do it' and keeping up the drive to keep doing it over and over again."

Re-evaluating Modesty As Virtue

"Seldom do well-behaved women make history. Women like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B are all very sexually expressive women and it doesn't take away from the things they do for people to either empower, or give back. I don't really condone anyone shrinking themselves in order to be accepted. To me, virtue is in the heart. I have big boobs, but also a big heart and if someone wants to judge me based on the fact I'm not modest enough for them, and they can't see my heart and actions, then they can kick rocks.

"I don't really condone anyone shrinking themselves in order to be accepted."

"I don't feel like you should have to be 'holier than thou' to do God's work. Your work from God is to fulfill your mission to serve yourself and people and maintaining good character while doing it. Sexuality is also not just revealing skin, it's a whole attitude. You can seduce someone with simply words or your mind. Either way, you don't need to be modest about something that is a power, even if others want to hold prejudice."

Bias Against Sexuality in Spiritual Communities

"There is definitely many biases in the spiritual community. I recently have found that with the goddess and divine feminine being trendy, women are embodying that energy, but women who have actually walked the path of sex work often don't get treated with the same respect. I've experienced a lot of hatred too for being an open sexual being from even people with the same spiritual practices as me, especially since I'm supposed to be a 'leader.' I've also found that sometimes, women hide their pain still in expressing sexuality. I used to be a woman who held a lot of pain from my sexuality and what I used it for. Sometimes we have to ask if it's solely attention seeking and that is directly rooted to self-love. I feel like where you channel it and what the intention behind it is, is very important."

Her Affirmation for Sexuality and Embodying The Divine Feminine

"A woman who knows the wealth of her love and power, along with the prosperity of her soul, not allowing anyone to take it for granted, is priceless. Overcome your stigmas and master your self-love, and you will unlock your biggest secret weapon ever."

*Featured Image: @evyan.whitney by @extracelestial

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